Rock Bridge soccer player Ryan Taylor [Photo]

Rock Bridge coach Kyle Austin says senior Ryan Taylor has the ability to lead people. "People are naturally drawn to him, he is very charismatic and when he talks people listen,” Austin said.

Former K-State volleyball player Helen Buchanan [Photo]

Helen Buchanan, the mother of MU volleyball player Paige Buchanan, knocks down a spike for Kansas State. Buchanan (then Helen Bundy) played for the Wildcats from 1983 to 1986.

Aerial view of Battle High School construction site [Photo]

The footprint for the new Muriel Williams Battle High School takes shape along St. Charles Road in this aerial image taken Oct. 23. Battle, along with her husband, Eliot, served Columbia's community for many years and were two individuals instrumental in the integration of Columbia's schools.

Missouri volleyball player Paige Buchanan [Photo]

Missouri volleyball player Paige Buchanan started playing volleyball when she was in fourth grade for the church team in St. Lous that her mother coached.

GRAPH: Big 12 Professor Salaries [Graphic]

These figures are measured for full-time staff members of the university or college shown
with the exception of medical school staff.

Pinnacles Youth Park trip [Photo]

Clayton Schutz, left, and Chad LaRoche stand atop a thin strip of rock above Pinnacles Youth Park, about 15 miles north of Columbia, on Monday. They called this trip "the redemption" because the last time they went to the park, recent heavy rains swelled the creek and prevented their exploration.

Regency Hotel redevelopment plan [Document]

Regency Hotel Redevelopment Project and Plan prepared for the City of Columbia.

Regency Hotel cost-benefit analysis [Document]

Cost-benefit analysis for the Regency Hotel redevelopment plan, prepared for Broadway Lodging.

Frustrated Pinkel [Photo]

A frustrated Gary Pinkel talks on his headset during the first half of Missouri's game against Nebraska. The head coach has spoken with a good amount of jargon after the Tigers' past two losses.

Regency Hotel application for Tax Increment Financing [Document]

Regency Hotel's application for tax increment financing.

Facing a block [Photo]

MU forward Christine Flores attempts a shot while Oklahoma City guard Donica Cosby tries to block her at the game against Oklahoma City at Mizzou Arena on Sunday. MU beat Oklahoma City 68-66.

Helping her teammate [Photo]

MU Bailey Gee helps her teammate, forward Christine Flores, up off the ground after an Oklahoma City player pushed Flores during a play.

Coaching from the sidelines [Photo]

MU Head Coach Robin Pingeton shouts to her players from the bench at the game against Oklahoma City at Mizzou Arena on Sunday. MU beat Oklahoma City 68-66.

Driving down the court [Photo]

MU guard Bekah Mills drives the ball down the court pass Oklahoma City forward Desiree Jeffries, left, and guard Emily Davis at the game against Oklahoma City at the Mizzou Arena on Sunday.

Muriel Battle portrait [Photo]

Muriel Battle, in a portrait that hangs in the Battle home.

Mike Patel drives at A.L. Gustin Golf Course [Photo]

Mike Patel of Columbia enjoys Monday evening's warm weather by practicing on the driving range at A.L. Gustin Golf Course.

Smashing pumpkins [Slideshow]

The Columbia Farmers' Market held its third annual pumpkin smash at 9 a.m. Oct. 30 on the west end of the market. Members from the Agriculture Education Leadership class managed the project, and Columbia residents were able to participate in catapulting donated pumpkins into an open field.

Rebecca Wippold reads in Peace Park [Photo]

Rebecca Wippold, an MU senior, reads for her Spanish class in Peace Park on Monday. It was unseasonably warm in Columbia, and the high temperature reached 75 degrees. The forecast calls for highs in the 70s and upper 60s through Thursday. Thursday and Friday could see rain.

Muriel and Eliot Battle together. [Photo]

Muriel and Eliot Battle together. A committee has recommended, "Muriel Williams Battle" as the name for the new high school.

Rev. Patricia McCarty at the James T. Scott Benefit Program [Photo]

Rev. Patricia McCarty delivers the benediction at the James T. Scott Benefit Program at Second Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday.