Lab explosion blows out windows in Schweitzer Hall [Photo]

A lab explosion blew out the windows of Schweitzer Hall on Monday afternoon. The explosion injured four people, one critically.

Pink Promise Tea held Saturday night [Photo]

Mary Muscato attended Saturday's Pink Promise Tea for cancer survivors. Muscato discusses what it was like to go through cancer and how a support group of family and friends helped her find the support she needed.

Pink Promise Tea [Slideshow]

Mary Muscato discusses what it was like to go through cancer treatment.

Facebook reunions reunite old friends [Photo]

In this June 19 photo, members of the Parkway North High School Class of 2000 visit during their class reunion at the Sheraton Westport Plaza in Maryland Heights.

Embracing an old friend [Photo]

In this June 19 photo, Blake Hamilton and Adrienne Saxe, members of the Parkway North High School Class of 2000, embrace during their class reunion at the Sheraton Westport Plaza in Maryland Heights.

Taking a peek at the past [Photo]

In this June 19 photo, Parkway North High School graduates Erin Seltzer and her husband Kevin Seltzer look for themselves and friends in a class photograph taken in their senior year at the school during the Class of 2000 reunion at the Sheraton Westport Plaza in Maryland Heights.

Dog days in Washington [Photo]

In this photo taken May 12, Rep. Linda Sanchez, right, D-Calif., plays with Chavo, a male beagle adopted from a shelter, as he sits at his favorite spot on the couch during a meeting at the congresswoman's office in Washington. Like several other lawmakers, Chavez brings her dog to the office every day which tends to lighten up what can be an intense environment on the Hill.

Bold statement in car color [Photo]

Bold colors and detailing brought visual variety to the 71 vehicles that entered the 2010 Mustang and Ford Car Show, held at Parkade Center on Sunday. This show was sponsored by the Central Missouri Mustang and Ford Club and was the fourth show in mid-Missouri since May 1. Car collectors and enthusiasts alike came from Missouri, Iowa and Illinois to participate in the competition, and although some drove through rain storms to reach Columbia the weather at the car show remained dry and sunny.

Checking out the details [Photo]

Dave Hetzler, left, and Scott Tiffany judge one of 71 vehicles that participated in the Mustang and Ford Car Show. The vehicles were judged in four categories that included paint and finish, wheels and undercarriage, upholstery and interior, and engine detailing.

A close-up view of older car [Photo]

Ethan and Logan Kilgore examine a scale model of a Rousch Mustang that sits near the engine of its full-size counterpart while at the Mustang and Ford Car Show, held at Parkade Center on Sunday. Rousch is a company that retrofits select Ford vehicles with high-quality replacement parts, and this car competed against other performance vehicles from companies such as Saleen. A total of 71 cars and trucks entered the judged competition, and plaques were given in a variety of classes as determined by the vehicles' model and age.

Remembering when about old cars [Photo]

Clifton Woods, left, and Jim Beckett, both of Columbia, reminisce about the cars they have owned while at a Mustang and Ford Car Show, sponsored by the Central Missouri Mustang and Ford Club, at Parkade Center on Sunday. Beckett has collected cars, such as this 1956 Ford Thunderbird, for 30 years. Woods described Beckett as a "legend" in the auto show circuit. The two first met in 1980, when Woods was 16, and have remained friends ever since.

A soldier's new home [Video]

Volunteers gathered Friday to do a final cleanup for the new home for Staff Sgt. Robert Canine, who lost both of his legs during an explosion in Baghdad. The house was built by Homes for Our Troops, an organization that builds homes for veterans with severe injuries from war.

Marching to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS [Photo]

Volunteers and participants walk from the columns at the Boone County Courthouse to the columns on the Francis Quadrangle at MU for the 17th Annual Salute for Life Walk in support of HIV/AIDS awareness on Sunday. In all, about 25 people participated in the walk.

Demolition set for Monday [Photo]

Six houses, all more than 80 years old, are still standing on Walnut Street but are scheduled to be demolished Monday. Stephens College owns the homes, and administrator Doug Lange said their condition was such that they needed to be torn down. The Historic Preservation Commission tried to intervene, but Stephens said the cost of restoration was too high and demolition is the best option.

Set for demolition [Photo]

The Craftsman style bungalow at 1500 Walnut St. is one of six with peeling paint, leaky roofs and cracked foundations set for demolition on Monday. The houses have been sitting empty without maintenance for more than a decade.

Karen Edison [Photo]

Karen E. Edison is the director of the Center for Health Policy at MU.

Historic bungalows in bad shape [Video]

Brent Gardner, vice chair of Columbia’s Historic Preservation Commission, discusses the condition and architecture of six bungalows on Walnut Street, which are scheduled for demolition on Monday, June 28. Stephens College owns the properties and decided that demolition was cheaper than restoration or moving the houses.

Columbia Swim Club Coach Phil Garverick [Photo]

Phil Garverick has been the head coach of the Columbia Swim Club for 11 of the 14 years he coached for them.

Columbia Swim Club coach oversees practice [Photo]

Phil Garverick, head coach of the Columbia Swim Club, instructs his swimmers at practice. "It's very fun working with Coach Phil," assistant coach Lauren Cooper said. "He's a lot of entertainment, and the kids are great."

Cheers and disappointment [Photo]

Ghana fans cheer while U.S. fans groan in agony as the U.S. narrowly misses a goal during the first half of the World Cup game on Saturday at Ragtag Cinema.