Tackle from behind against Bowling Green [Photo]

Linebacker Joe Plevel tackles Bowling Green wide receiver Freddie Barnes during a second-half play.

Grace Turney's overturned van [Photo]

Grace Turney's overturned vehicle on I-70. Turney, of St. Louis, was traveling eastbound Saturday when she swerved to avoid a car pulling toward her from the right. She received only minor injuries.

Students cheering against Bowling Green [Photo]

Students in the Tiger's Lair cheer on the Tigers after a come-from-behind victory.

Gabbert looks downfield against Bowling Green [Photo]

Quarterback Blaine Gabbert looks downfield for an open receiver late in the first half of Saturday's Tigers victory.

Gabbert rolling out against Bowling Green [Photo]

Quarterback Blaine Gabbert runs out of the pocket while trying to find an open receiver Saturday against Bowling Green.

New Faurot Field scoreboard [Photo]

Faurot Field's new scoreboard made its debut on Saturday during Missouri's 27-20 win over Bowling Green.

Washington running against Bowling Green [Photo]

Missouri tailback Derrick Washington tries to fight his way through the Bowling Green defense in the first half of Saturday's Tigers victory.

Pile up against Bowling Green [Photo]

Derrick Washington gets crushed by the Bowling Green defense during the second quarter of the Tigers' victory on Saturday.

Gabbert hands off against Bowling Green [Photo]

Blaine Gabbert hands off to Derrick Washington in the first half of the Tigers' victory against Bowling Green on Saturday.

Tour of Missouri stage six winner [Photo]

Francesco Chicchi celebrates as he crosses the finish line to win Stage 6 of the Tour of Missouri on Saturday in St. Joseph.

Tour of Missouri comes to Jefferson City [Video]

On Thursday, bicyclists from around the world rode into Jefferson City for the fourth stage of the Tour of Missouri. Juan Jose Haedo of Team Saco finished first. The seventh and final stage will take place on Sunday in Kansas City.

9/11 Memorial - Imagine Peace [Photo]

Shelly La Fata of Mid-Missouri Peaceworks lifts an "Imagine Peace" sign inside the Firestone Baars Chapel at Stephens College in Columbia on Friday night. La Fata carried the sign supporting peace onto Broadway to remember the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks and support peace in the world.

9/11 Memorial - Imam [Photo]

Imam Abdullah Smith of the Islamic Center of Central Missouri speaks inside of the Firestone-Baar Chapel at Stephens College in Columbia on Friday night. The imam spoke in support of peace in the world and in remembrance of the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks eight years ago.

9/11 Memorial on Broadway [Photo]

Robin Remington holds a peace sign and candle Friday night over Broadway to remember the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks and support peace in the world.

Arthritis Walk [Photo]

Susan Hughes walks around the track Friday night at MU's Stankowski Field for the Let's Move Together Arthritis Walk. Hughes suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and walks between five to six days a week to help with the pain. The walk was hosted by the Arthritis Foundation's Eastern Missouri Chapter.

Tour of Missouri fifth stage winner [Photo]

David Zabriskie with team Garmin-Slipstream shows his winning form Friday, Sept. 11, 2009 as competes during stage 5 of the Tour of Missouri individual time trials in Sedalia, Mo.

It's football time [Photo]

Students stand in line as they wait to pick up their tickets for the 2009 football season on Friday. Some waited over 45 minutes to reach the ticket window. Many waited in line to get tickets for parents weekend.

Starting from scratch at Ecovillage [Graphic]

Plan B Ecovillage community members Tao Weilundemo and Elizabeth Stanfill have been working on their visitor lodge for the past six months. They have attempted to use the most environmental-friendly means available to them in their construction. They plan to move into the structure before winter and live in it until they’ve built their own home. Eventually the lodge will be available for guests.

Visitor Lodge Overhead View [Graphic]

An aerial view of Plan B Ecovillage's Visitor Lodge shows that it measures about 740 square feet.

Plan B Ecovillage Map [Graphic]

Approximately 35 minutes from Columbia, Plan B Ecovillage is located near Calwood.