Cigarette butts on Stadium Blvd [Photo]

Members of Greek life helped clean dirty portions of Stadium Boulevard as part of their philanthropy on Saturday in Columbia.

Participants in "Cleanup Columbia" pick up trash [Photo]

Members of Delta Upsilon clean the roads of Stadium Boulevard on Saturday in Columbia.

Missouri relief pitcher Phil McCormick shows underhanded technique [Video]

Missouri relief pitcher Phil McCormick shows his pitching mechanics and talks about why he started pitching submarine.
Submarine pitching is pitching underhanded. McCormick had little to no success when he threw overhanded, but he has had success with his new style.
McCormick also talks about the effects the change has had on the way his arm feels.
Missouri coach Tim Jamieson talks about how McCormick’s role has changed and catcher Brett Nicholas talks about the difficulty of catching and hitting McCormick.

Rock Bridge sprinter Lauren Flaker [Photo]

Lauren Flaker, a senior sprinter for Rock Bridge, runs a drill during practice on Friday. Flaker specializes in the 100-meter dash but is also training for the 400-meter dash.

MAP: Community gardens [Graphic]

There are a variety of community gardens available to Columbians. To reserve a spot or to learn more about the gardens, go to the Community Garden Coalition's Web site at

CHART: Recycling volume since 1998 [Graphic]

The amount of recycling in Columbia has increased since the introduction of the blue-bag program.

DIAGRAM: Keeping up the coop [Graphic]

The City Council passed an ordinance in February allowing residents to keep chickens within the city limits following certain parameters.

DIAGRAM: Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain [Graphic]

One way to reduce water consumption is by collecting rainwater into a barrel. The water can then be used for tasks, such as washing your car or watering your lawn.

DIAGRAM: Breaking down compost [Graphic]

Organic matter naturally decays the environment, but the process can take a considerable amount of time. Placing materials in a compost pile can speed up the decomposition process by providing more ideal conditions under which the materials can break down. Composting is an inexact and forgiving process, but the result is a naturally developed fertilizer that can help your garden — rather than the city landfill — grow.

DIAGRAM: Electronics could contain hazardous substances [Graphic]

Manufacturers release new electronic devices regularly, but getting rid of older models can cause problems if done improperly. Electronic waste might contain harmful chemicals that can be released into the environment.

Chelsea Thomas likely to get medical redshirt with MU softball team [Photo]

Chelsea Thomas, who was diagnosed with a stress fracture in her throwing wrist in March, will apply for a medical hardship waiver and an extra season of eligibility.

Columbia children attend 'Adventures in Education' at MU [Photo]

Attendees check out booths in Jesse Hall.

Columbia children attend 'Adventures in Education' at MU [Photo]

Plant Sciences graduate student Deanna Boardman shows students seeds from various crops at MU's "Adventures in Education" fair in Jesse Hall.

Children attend 'Adventures in Education' at MU [Photo]

Brandy Huff, an MU biology undergraduate, helps her daughters Maryssa, 8, and Hannah, 5, make a construction paper caterpillar at a booth during Saturday's "Adventures in Education."

DIAGRAM submarine pitch [Graphic]

The key to being an underhanded thrower is to not overthrow the ball. If pitchers overthrow, they put more strain on their arms. Throwing submarine is actually less strenuous on the arm if the pitcher stays within limits. This diagram shows the effects of a submarine pitch compared to a regular pitch.

Minority Men's Network launches reading program [Photo]

Eliot Battle reads "Buzz Said the Bee" to children on Friday at the Nora Stewart Early Learning Center located at 505 E. Ash St. The Minority Men's Network is launching a reading program for preschoolers to get them interested in reading and also to get men involved in reading to serve as positive role models.

Eliot Battle reads to children at Nora Stewart Early Learning Center [Photo]

Damere Logan, 4, introduces himself to Eliot Battle before Battle read a book to the children on Friday at the Nora Stewart Early Learning Center located at 505 E. Ash St.

How sustainable are you? Our 'e-book' [Document]

Download the "e-book" version of our special section on sustainability in Columbia.

Jonathan Sandys speaks at Westminster College [Photo]

Jonathan Sandys, great-grandson of Winston Churchill and chairman of Churchill’s Britain Foundation, speaks at the National Churchill Museum at Westminster College in Fulton on Friday morning. During his first visit to Fulton, Sandys discussed about his great-grandfather's legacy and his own experience with the organization that helps children struggling with learning disabilities and illiteracy.

A cluster of morels [Photo]

Morel mushrooms, prized for their taste, only appear from early April to early May, and unlike most other mushrooms, they don't come out at the same spots each year.