Alisa Maier [Photo]

This photo provided from the Missouri State Highway Patrol shows 4-year-old eastern Missouri girl Alisa Maier, who was playing with her brother on July 5, 2010, when a car pulled up and took her away.

Marquez L. Lawhorn [Photo]

The FBI Task Force located and arrested Marquez L. Lawhorn for first-degree assault on July 6. Bond is set at $250,000. Investigators from the Columbia Police Department interviewed Lawhorn in Kansas City, Kan.

Adult scarab beetle [Photo]

The adult scarab bettle, popillia japonica, is commonly known as the Japanese Beetle as photographed at the Schulenberg Prairie restoration at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Ill.

Gregory Morton [Photo]

Gregory Morton examines a photograph during his testimony in the first-degree murder trial of Tausha Fields on June 23 at the Boone County Courthouse. Morton, Fields' ex-husband, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in 2009 in the death of Fields' prior husband, Mitchell Kemp.

Blueprint for Zootoo renovations [Graphic]

After the Central Missouri Human Society won the Zootoo $1 million makeover contest, plans were put in place to renovate the shelter. Renovations should be complete by the third week of July.

Painter depicts colorful view of Providence [Slideshow]

Jacob Crook, 25, can often be found painting on the side of Providence Road north of Columbia. Crook received his Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting last December from MU.

Skateboarder Deron Rehma from St. Louis goes low [Photo]

Skateboarder Deron Rehma from St. Louis crouches down to steer his board along a sidewalk Sunday at MU. Rehma has been skating with his friend Jason Zoellers of Columbia for about two and half years.

Skateboarder Jason Zoellers adjusts his wheels [Photo]

Jason Zoellers checks his wheels on a skateboarding outing Sunday at MU.

Pilots N Paws [Photo]

Laura Holloway, left, and Julie Adams of the SEMO Animal Rescue Alliance in Lilbourn help Don Rieser of Antioch, Ill., load puppies bound for new homes on June 28 at the Sikeston Memorial Airport in Sikeston.

Skateboarders go around the bend [Photo]

Jason Zoellers and Deron Rehma lean into a curve while skating a sidewalk Sunday at MU.

Planning their skateboard route [Photo]

Jason Zoellers, left, and Deron Rehma plan their route on a skateboarding outing Sunday at MU. Rehma is from St. Louis but often comes to Columbia to skate with Zoellers.

Columbia skateboarder Jason Zoellers [Photo]

Columbia's Jason Zoellers, a 36-year-old counselor, skateboards Sunday at MU's Turner Avenue parking garage on a longboard, a type of board that doesn't work well for tricks, but allows surfing-like movements on wheels.

Tabletizer compacts biomass for fuel [Graphic]

The experimental machine compacts dried corn stalks into dense pellets for thermal energy generation. The tabletizer uses a piston and a mold and consumes less energy than other compacting methods that involve rollers.

MU, local business demonstrate biomass compactor [Photo]

Jesse VanEngelenhoven pours corn stalks into a biomass compactor during a demonstration of the machine Wednesday at MU's Bradford Research and Extension Center.

Biomass compactor produces fuel tablets [Photo]

A biomass compactor compresses biomass fuels such as switchgrass into tablets. This tablet was created during a demonstration of the compactor on Wednesday at MU's Bradford Research and Extension Center.

Local business demonstrates biomass compactor [Photo]

Ecologic Tech research director Jesse VanEngelenhoven demonstrates how the company's new biomass compacter works as the machine compresses corn stalks on Wednesday.

Repairing tombstones at Goshen Primitive Baptist Church cemetery [Photo]

Harold Nichols looks over a repaired tombstone at the Goshen Primitive Baptist Church cemetery on Sunday. Nichols and 11 other church members have spent about 45 hours for the past few days to make repairs on more than 80 tombstones that were toppled over and damaged last weekend.

Disgarded fireworks [Photo]

John Gerau, son of Bob Gerau owner of Bob's Fireworks, hauled a truck-load of spent fireworks from his July 4th celebration into the store on the 5th for disposal. John spent 4 hours setting up his display, which lasted 30 minutes and rung up a bill of $1,500. Each year his fireworks are sorted by size and speed, then glued to a board and lit with a single fuse. Last night's show entertained upwards of 400 eager attendees.

Fireworks in the family [Photo]

Bob Gerau, owner of Bob's Fireworks and self-proclaimed "Man Who Takes the Aspirin", passes the time with son, John Gerau inside the family firework stand on July 5. Bob Gerau opened his first firework stand on July 4th, 1965, the day after John Gerau was born. Bob Gerau mans the stand on 63 in Deer Park year round and a sign out front says, "CALL TO OPEN". When asked which fireworks are his favorite, Bob responds, "Anything that's got a fuse."

Spirit of 76 [Photo]

Wholesale fireworks dealer, Spirit of 76, discounted all retail fireworks sold at their tent starting on July 5 after a full night demonstrating fireworks for customers in the parking lot. Of the one or two dozen, July 5 customers, several are still celebrating, but one man bought bottle rockets for a unique reason: to scare off geese.