Election judges make voting possible [Photo]

Tom Adams is an election judge at Missouri's Cattlemen Foundation polling location this election day. The Cattlemen Foundation is one of the many polling places in Boone County.

Election Judges [Slideshow]

Residents talk about what it is like to work at polling locations on Election Day, including what their day is like and why they got involved in the Election Day process.

Robin Carnahan visits the polls [Photo]

Robin Carnahan waits outside the no electioneering line to shake hands with Columbia voters as a last push in her race for the Senate seat against Roy Blunt at the Unity Center on Tuesday.

Polls are open [Photo]

A sign outside Fairview United Methodist Church alerts passers-by to the voting going on at the church on Tuesday.

Who did you vote for, Mom? [Photo]

Election volunteer Sandy Edlund, left, helps Alyssa Tauber and her daughter Erica Tauber, 6, with the voting machine at Fairview United Methodist Church on Tuesday. Tauber said that the ban on Tasers is an important issue for her because her husband works in law enforcement.

Checking in [Photo]

Erica Tauber, 6, waits while her mom, Alyssa Tauber, signs in with election worker Larry Wittenberger before voting at Fairview United Methodist Church on Tuesday.

Casting the vote [Photo]

Dak Ariyaratne votes at Fairview United Methodist Church before going to work on Tuesday. Blue tape marks off the voting area in which people are not allowed to cross while someone is voting.

Waiting for voters [Photo]

Election workers Larry Wittenberger, left, and Diane Booth wait to give voters their ballots at Fairview United Methodist Church on Tuesday.

Checking ballots [Photo]

Election worker Larry Wittenberger initials ballots at Fairview United Methodist Church on Tuesday. Wittenberger said all ballots must be initialed by a member of both political parties.

Voters make it to the polls early [Photo]

Diane Booth, left, has Lisa Richardson sign to receive her ballot at Fairview United Methodist Church on Tuesday. "There was no one particular issue, but I always make it a point to vote," said Richardson, who came in early before going to work.

Voters hit the polls at dawn [Photo]

Jodi Penfield holds the door open for Robert Penfield on their way in to vote at Fairview United Methodist Church in the early morning on Tuesday. Polls opened at 6 a.m.

Stickers ready for voters [Photo]

"I Voted" stickers are set out for voters at the Columbia Public Library on Tuesday morning. Polling opened at 6 a.m.

Sunrise on Election Day [Photo]

The sunrise reflects in the windows of the Missouri's Cattlemen Foundation on Tuesday morning. The Cattlemen Foundation is one of many polling places in Boone County.

Artwork commissioned by Columbia City Council [Photo]

This mockup of artwork, designed by Lampo Leong, was commissioned by the Columbia City Council and will be showcased on the second floor of the new Daniel Boone City Building. The artwork was part of a proposal heard by the council from the Cultural Affairs Commission Monday night.

Bronze statues included in proposed artwork [Photo]

The Cultural Affairs Commission delivered proposals for artwork to be placed in the new Daniel Boone City Building at the Columbia City Council's meeting Monday. Local artist Chris Morrey designed the two bronze statues staring at the bronze bird perched in the lit trace ceiling. The art will be placed on the third floor of the building.

Texas tripped up [Photo]

Texas quarterback Garrett Gilbert is tripped up by Baylor linebacker Antonio Johnson, bottom left, in the first half of Saturday's game. The Longhorns' chances of gaining bowl eligibility might also be slipping through their fingers.

Columbia's new high school gets a name recommendation [Graphic]

The recommendation is Muriel Battle High School. The Columbia School Board will vote on the name next week.

Missouri River project for endangered species habitat halted in 2007 due to pollution concerns [Photo]

The Missouri River is home to several endangered species. The Fish and Wildlife Service and the Army Corps of Engineers were working on a project to create habitat for the species, but in 2007, the Clean Water Commission halted the project due to pollution concerns. After a review by the National Academy of Sciences, the project was cleared to continue.

Project to reclaim part of the Missouri River for endangered species habitat has resumed [Photo]

The Fish and Wildlife Service, in conjunction with the Army Corps of Engineers, has been working on a project to reclaim part of the Missouri River to form a channel for an endangered species habitat. The project was halted in 2007, but has since resumed, after a National Academy of Sciences reported dumping sediment was not a problem for the area.

Jameson Island on Missouri River [Photo]

Jameson Island is located on the Missouri River near Arrow Rock State Park. The Big Muddy National Fish and Wildlife Refuge is trying to reclaim parts of the river to create habits for endangered species.