West Ohio Conference announces CFO position [Document]

Click here to read the announcement that Bill Brownson had been nominated to be the next chief financial officer for the West Ohio Conference.

Resumes for Water and Light director candidates [Document]

Click here to download the resumes of Tad A. Johnsen, Timothy G. Luchsinger and Mack Thompson, candidates to become the new director at Columbia Water and Light.

John Williamson [Photo]

File photo from April 3, 2008 of John Sam Williamson.

Column work done to sustain bases [Photo]

Workers perform repairs to the six bases of the columns, wrapped in plastic, on Francis Quadrangle on Tuesday. A fence was erected to enclose the area on Monday.

Repairs made to MU Columns [Photo]

A worker repairs cracks in the base of a column, wrapped in plastic, on Francis Quadrangle on Tuesday. A fence was erected on Monday to enclose the area.

Raised beds improve plant growth [Video]

Flooding in Columbia’s early summer weeks has been a problem for many community gardens. The Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture has a way of keeping its plants healthy despite the heavy rainwater.

Daniel Soetaert, a member of the center’s board of directors, said the raised beds in their gardens both retain rainwater through droughts and protect them from floods. The beds are raised above ground level in a domed shape to promote plants’ deep-root development, which sustains their growth.

The raised-beds approach to gardening is successful in Columbia, where plants are subject to regular rainfall. A different approach is a reversed pattern where the beds are lower than ground level to maximize rainwater exposure. Soetaert said gardens like these are more common in desert areas.

The center’s mission is to promote local urban food growth and education. The center maintains a garden on the corner of Ash and St. Joseph streets in Columbia.

Boone County National Bank Evacuation [Photo]

Firefighters Samanta Lamp and Kyle Fansler leave Boone County National Bank after a small fire in an elevator caused the building to be evacuated around 5 p.m on Tuesday. A man was trapped in the elevator at the time of the fire but was unharmed, according to Jim Weaver, a public information officer for the Columbia Fire Department. Weaver said that elevator doors are designed to close when smoke is detected in order to protect occupants from smoke and flames.

Fire at Academic Hall [Photo]

The MU Columns were originally part of Academic Hall, which burned down in an electrical fire Jan. 9, 1892.

TIMELINE: Columbia's tornado history [Graphic]

Since 1913, Columbia and surrounding towns have seen 12 tornadoes strike, one of which resulted in 20 deaths. Others have caused no severe human injury and minimal structural damage. Tornado season in the Midwest is typically between the months of April and July.

Charlotte H. Hall mug [Photo]

Charlotte H. Hall is senior vice president and editor of the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel.

Voicing concern over search warrants [Photo]

Donald Warren speaks to the Columbia City Council about the non-necessity for search warrants for nonviolent crimes at the council meeting on Monday. His appearance comes after the Columbia Police executed a search warrant on the house of Jonathan Whitworth, a Columbia resident who was suspected to be in possession of marijuana. Warren said that the execution of a search warrant is inherently violent and quoted from publications of the Cato Institute to support his statements.

Prof of year Adams [Photo]

Chemistry professor John Adams poses for a portrait in his office on June 4. Adams is one of three University of Missouri Professor of the Year award nominees.

Prof of Year Sims2 [Photo]

Wendy Sims is a University of Missouri professor and director of music education. Sims has been nominated for the United States Professor of the Year Award. To be nominated for this award she had to have around six letters of recommendation submitted by colleagues and former students as well as preparing a packet of her work. The award will be given out in August.

Prof of Year Sims1 [Photo]

Professor and director of music education, Wendy Sims looked over some work students Bryan Koermer and Ryan McLouth are doing while joking with them. Sims has been working at the University for 25 years and has been nominated for the United States Professor of the Year award.

Prof of Year Lupo2 [Photo]

Dr. Anthony Lupo assisted atmospheric science student Eric Weber with his Ph.D project on air pollution dispertion modeling in MU's Agricultural building on Monday morning June 7.

Prof of Year Lupo1 [Photo]

Dr. Anthony Lupo taught his first Numerical Methods in the Atmospheric Sciences and Natural Resources class for the summer in MU's Agricultural building on Monday morning June 7. Lupo is holding up “punch cards,” which, before the late 1970s, were used to create a computer program. Lupo "wanted to show the students that computing has advanced much since then." The class consists of three graduate students who learn programming skills ultimately applied to weather forecasting and research.

Prof of Year THREE [Photo]

MU faculty nominated Anthony Lupo, John Adams and Wendy Sims for the U.S. Professor of the Year. The award is sponsored by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education and the Carnegie Foundation.

Riders compete in state barrel horse riding championship [Video]

The 2010 Missouri National Barrel Horse Association State Championship was held Friday through Sunday. More than 200 riders participated in the competition, which was held at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

Emery Lovett performs at Art in the Park [Photo]

Singer Emery Lovett, backed by Big Babe & the Chump Change Band, sings Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” during Art in the Park on Sunday.

Jason & the Scorchers lead singer performs at Art in the Park [Photo]

Jason Ringenberg, under the name Farmer Jason, puts on a children's show during Art in the Park on Sunday. Ringenberg is widely known as the lead singer of Jason & the Scorchers, an alt-country band that was especially influential in the 1980s.