Speaking out against abuse [Photo]

From left, David Clohessy, Don Asbee, Steve McAllister and Mary McAllister speak before a small crowd during a news conference in front of the St. Thomas More Newman Center on Tuesday. Steve McAllister called for the Catholic Church to cleanse itself and make all church sexual-abuse records public.

Discussing abuse [Photo]

From left, Don Manson, Don Asbee, Mary McAllister, Steve McAllister and David Clohessy discuss wanting to put the Rev. Gerald Howard behind bars after a news conference outside the St. Thomas More Newman Center on Tuesday. Steve McAllister confirmed that his son Mark McAllister was abused by Howard in the 1980s.

0809EngagingPeople_JerryRowden1 [Photo]

Jerry Rowden removes the keys from a saxophone during a repair job on July 24. "I always have something disassembled sitting around," he says. "People are kind of fascinated by it."

0809EngagingPeople_JerryRowden2 [Photo]

Jerry Rowden works the keys of a clarinet off the instrument during a repair session on July 14. Rowden specializes in woodwind repair.

0809EngagingPeople_JerryRowden3 [Photo]

Jerry Rowden, owner and sole employee of Jerry's Instrument Repair in Columbia, Mo., begins a repair at his workbench on July 24. Rowden opened the repair shop, which also sells and rents used instruments, in May of 2007.

0809EngagingPeople_JerryRowden4 [Photo]

Jerry Rowden watches as regular customers Lisa Thill Franck and daughter Kristina, 2, "test" a flute on July 18. Franck is a private flute instructor in Columbia and "sends all [her] students to Jerry."

Columbia College welcomes a variety of students [Photo]

Miranda Brinsa, 19, left, greets her friends after purchasing supplies at the bookstore in the Atkins-Holman Student Commons on the Columbia College campus on Monday. Brinsa and her friends, from left, Jillian Rathert, 20; Keriann Russell, 21; Chris Hawkins, 20; and Jamila Kerr, 21, chose to attend Columbia College because of its smaller size. "The professors know who I am; I'm not just a face in the crowd," Brinsa said.

Early bird textbooks at MU bookstore [Photo]

Elliott Cade helps incoming freshman Amanda Meyer find her box of "early bird" textbooks at the MU bookstore on Monday. Students can reserve textbooks online and pick them up in a box at the start of the school year.

Students swarm outside Middlebush at MU [Photo]

A mass of students swarm the entrances to Middlebush, an MU arts and sciences building, as morning classes let out on Monday.

Searching for books at MU bookstore [Photo]

Amanda Chandler, a senior art student, searches the shelves for books on fibers at the MU bookstore on Monday.

Lines at MU bookstore [Photo]

Students shuffle up the stairs of the MU bookstore to reach the back of the line to purchase textbooks on Monday, the first day of classes. Two separate lines for students making purchases and returning textbooks snaked through the aisles of MU-branded merchandise.

Chase Daniel lifts Redskins [Photo]

Redskins quarterback Chase Daniel, right, takes the ball from Redskins center Will Montgomery in Friday's preseason victory over the Steelers. Daniel, a former Missouri standout, threw two touchdowns in the game.

Missouri offensive lineman J.T. Beasley [Photo]

Missouri offensive lineman J.T. Beasley (No. 67) says switching roles on the offensive line hasn't been a problem. "A little more tiring, but other than that, it's the same old, same old," he said.

Walking home from the first day of school [Photo]

Scott Southwick walks home with his children Linus right, 5, and Polly, 7, at the end of their first day of school on Monday. While Scott was picking up the kids from Lee Elementary School, his wife had started her first day back to classes as a professor at MU.

Recalling the first day of school [Photo]

Linus Southwick, right, 5, takes a moment to tell his father, Scott Southwick about his first day of school at Lee Elementary School on Monday. Linus started kindergarten today.

Columbia schools' enrollment [Document]

Download this file to see a summary of enrollments for the new school year.

Waiting for sister after first day of school [Photo]

Dane Horn, 3, right, waits in the shade with his mother Sarah Horn outside of Lee Elementary School for his big sister to finish her first day of school on Monday.

Families move in to Stephens dorms [Photo]

Sarah Vincent, 20 and a senior at Stephens majoring in theater, and her father Darrell Vincent rearrange a chest of drawers after thinking long about where it should go. Sarah is concerned about her dad's movement. "Clumsiness runs through our family," Sarah said.

Stephens students move in [Photo]

Having unpacked their stuff in a dorm room at Stephens College, Victoria Hambrick, left, and Whitney Anderson have a conversation about what they did during the summer. Whitney is a 19-year-old sophomore majoring in psychology. "I like to advise and help people," she said. "My aunt is schizophrenic, so I want to help her too." Victoria is a 19-year-old sophomore student majoring in legal studies.

Columbia Public Schools first-day enrollment [Graphic]

First-day enrollment figures for Columbia Public Schools.