Suiting up for the sprint [Photo]

Ethan Ott of Hedrick's Racing Pigs puts a racing silk on a piglet at the Boone County Fair on Wednesday.

Racing pigs at Boone County Fair [Slideshow]

The Boone County Fair has been hosting Hedrick's Racing Pigs, with shows scheduled through Saturday. The pigs perform three times each day, racing around a track for a succulent Oreo cookie.

Water vapor rises over nuclear plant [Photo]

Water vapor rises from the cooling tower of the Callaway County nuclear plant. "Many people think we're polluting the air, but it's actually just water vapor that is generated from the process of cooling the plant's water supply," said communications coordinator John Bassford.

Turbine building at Callaway County nuclear plant [Photo]

The cooling tower, at left, and the turbine building are parts of the Callaway County nuclear plant.

Switchyard at Callaway County nuclear plant [Photo]

The switchyard distributes power generated at the Callaway plant to transmission lines, providing electricity to area homes and businesses.

Showing off her stuff [Photo]

Hailey Teeple smiles big for the judges and crowd during the Boone County Fair's Baby Contest. Teeple has been in the competition four years placing two years ago in 4th Place.

Giving mom a kiss [Photo]

Vinae Buford-Stillman kisses her mother Natalie Stillman during the final round of the 3-year-old division. This year was her fourth year of competition.

First Boone County appearance gets first place [Photo]

Aryah NayShawn Moore wins in the 3-year-old category during the Boone County Fair girls baby contest on Thursday. Her mother, LaTonya Douglas, had Moore compete in the Cooper County competition before, and on her first Boone County appearance took home first place.

Carrying the crown [Photo]

Isabel Nichols is greeted by her parents, Adam and Jenny, during the final round of the Boone County Fair Cutest Baby Girl Contest on Thursday.

Boone County Fair baby contest [Photo]

More than 90 baby girls competed in this years Boone County Cutest Baby Competition. Screaming grandparents, siblings and fathers lit the room up with cheers for their young ones.

Punching practice [Photo]

Luis Duran practices his punches against a punching bad at Dojo Studio on July 20, 2009. Duran is preparing for a match in August.

Kickboxer and trainer [Photo]

Luis Duran, left, practices with trainer Bill Rastorfer at Dojo Studio on July 20, 2009. Duran has been working with Rastorfer for seven months.

Kickboxer in training [Photo]

Luis Duran shadowboxes at Dojo Studio on July 20, 2009. Duran is preparing for a match in August.

Fiddler's Frolic [Video]

Fiddlers from the Boone County area perform as members of the Mid-Missouri Traditional Dancers and audience members dance along at the Boone County Fair on Wednesday night.

Carnival games [Photo]

A group of people play carnival games during wristband night at the Boone County Fair on Wednesday. Wristband night is the most popular evening at the carnival, many more people come out to experience the carnival rides on wristband night because the wristband costs only $10 for unlimited rides until 10 p.m.

Carnival lights up the fair [Video]

Prize goats, pageants, tractor pulls and country cured ham competitions are all popular events at the Boone County Fair. One of the more popular evenings at the fair this year was wristband night on Wednesday. It was an evening when families, lovers and friends could get together for an inexpensive evening of adrenaline, fair games and good family fun.

PACE's 'West Side Story' [Slideshow]

The Performing Arts in Children’s Education theater group on Thursday is to debut its version of "West Side Story." This is the group's second musical for 2009. The show is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and at 2 p.m. Sunday in Jesse Hall Auditorium.

Scrubbing the wool [Photo]

Ashley McKinlay-Remus, 17, scrubs down Agneaux, a market lamb, before entering the Junior Market Lamb competition at the Boone County Fair on Tuesday. Though Agneaux did not place, she will be auctioned along with the rest of the competing field during the Junior Livestock Auction at 6 p.m. on Friday.

Dad's work is never done [Photo]

Chad West of Hallsville does touch-up shearing on his son's lamb before the Junior Market Lamb competition on Tuesday at the Boone County Fair. Lambs are shorn the day of the event, and washed and groomed prior to entry.

Raising meat goats [Video]

Although Jeff and Glenda DeShon share decades of farming experience between them, this is only the second year they have been raising goats. Hoping to take advantage of spare pasture lands and the growing popularity of goat meat, the Columbia couple started their venture with 26 goats. They now have 120 head of the bleating, charismatic animals and have learned a lot along the way.