Dirt pile is near Taco Bueno [Photo]

A large dirt pile sits off the side of Grindstone Parkway across from the Walmart shopping center, as seen on July 13. Dirt piles such as this one are the subject of a new city ordinance still in draft form. Officials hope to see the ordinance by August.

Acosta release from University Hospital [Photo]

Eddie Acosta walks through the halls of University Hospital on May 28, where Columbia Police Department believes he left around 10 P.M. Acosta left the hospital with no transportation back to his home in Laquey. What are believed to be his remains were found in a wooded area behind Rock Quarry Road on July 2.
This photo was courtesy of the "Bring Eddie Acosta Home" Facebook group. It was confirmed to be authentic by Matt Splett, media coordinator for MU Health Care.

Acosta disappearance questions arise [Photo]

Family and friends of Edward Acosta, who went missing May 28, question the few details that are available about the night of his disappearance. He left the University Hospital without transportation back to Pulaski County, and remains found July 2 in a wooded area behind Rock Quarry Road are likely his.

Kickin' The Tires [Photo]

Buddy Bell, a two year veteran driver of the Pastors for Peace Caravan bus, checks his tires during a Caravan stop in Columbia on Tuesday. Bell, a Chicago school bus driver during the school year, will help load aid supplies onto cargo ships in Mexico, but will not travel on to Cuba. "The whole trip isn't for everyone. There is a lot of legal pressure put on us by the government, and sometimes they even stop us at the border if they know we are bringing aid headed for Cuba," he said.

Bearded Man on Scooter [Photo]

Jonathan Lessing happily tries out a PET scooter at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Columbia on Tuesday. The scooter is one of ten that the Pastors For Peace Caravan will hopefully deliver to Cuba in an act of civil disobedience later this summer. The hand-powered scooters are designed to provide mobility to victims of land mines and diseases like polio in regions where medical care is poor or unavailable.

Bus Drivers [Photo]

Buddy Bell, left, driver of the Pastors for Peace Caravan bus, chats with Jeff Stack of the Columbia Peace Coalition. Stack, a long-time Columbia social activist, helped organize the caravan stop at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Columbia on Tuesday. "You have to support people like this, who see a wrong in the world a feel like they have to do something," he said.

Pastors for Peace Bus [Photo]

A Pastors For Peace Caravan bus sits outside the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Columbia. The bus is one of twelve currently traveling the country collecting medical supplies, educational materials, and other humanitarian aid items. The approximately 100 volunteers plan to cross the US border into Mexico on July 23, and from there enter Cuba via cargo ships, in violation of the US trade embargo.

Winning mural designs [Document]

The Basics of Wheelchair Basketball [Graphic]

From July 11 to 15, MU is hosting a national wheelchair basketball camp for players 12 to 19 with permanent disability of the lower body. The five-day workshop, taking place at the MU Student Recreation Center and led by MU wheelchair basketball coach Ron Lykins, develops skills and strategies in team play with daily drills and controlled scrimmages and games. The game and the equipment is only slightly modified from traditional basketball, while maintaining the integrity and the intensity of the game.

Dirt Stockpile Ordinance [Document]

Help with curriculum for home schooling [Photo]

Visitors to the Christian Home Educators Fellowship Conference and Curriculum Fair look over study aids on June 22, 2010, in St. Charles, Mo. Many home-school associations hold conferences that include exhibits on curriculum and a variety of workshops.

50 years of marriage: Ron and Annette Smull [Photo]

Ron and Annette Smull will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on July 24, 2010.

Sample screen from MU iPhone app [Photo]

Missouri Students Association President Tim Noce provided this image of what the MU iPhone app will look like.

Columbia couple seeks to be more self-sufficient [Slideshow]

Annette and Charlie Triplett of Columbia are "urban homesteaders." They are attempting to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle in the city by using things such as raised gardens and a worm composting system.

Urban homesteader frustrated about bugs in garden [Photo]

Charlie Triplett clenches his hands in exaggerated anger after his wife, Annette, showed him the bugs she had found on the newly bloomed flowers of their melon plants on Sunday at their home in Columbia.

Turtle race for charity [Video]

Despite the World Cup finals and the dreary weather, the turtle race at Stephens Lake Park on Sunday brought about 30 people together for the Donald Howard Scholarship Fundraiser. For the main event, about 10 turtles were entered in a turtle race. Lunch was $5 and all proceeds went to the scholarship fund, said Nancy Howard, the event coordinator. The $1,000 scholarship is handed out twice a year to recovering drug addicts and goes toward their educational or vocational endeavors. Howard said she was pleased with the event and plans to have the turtle race again next year.

Missouri Heart Gallery [Photo]

Jamila Gray, 17, and her sister, Elianna Gray, 11, play with some rubber bands that Elianna Gray was given as a gift earlier that day Monday July 12. Elianna Gray was officially adopted by Sarah Gray today who had already adopted her older sister Jamila. Jamila was in foster care with Sarah at the age of 12. "We're a permanent family now," said Sarah Gray. The family came to the Daniel Boone Regional Library in order to attend the opening of the Missouri Heart Gallery, which is a traveling exhibit of photos of foster children in Missouri who are in need of adoptive families.

Using the diamond blade [Photo]

Tyris Williams uses a diamond blade saw to cut concrete on Appalachian Drive on Tuesday. Williams is part of Job Point’s Highway/Heavy Construction Program that offers vocational training to participants for entry into advanced construction jobs. The crew of participants removed sections of curb where water began to build up in expanding cracks.

Cutting concrete [Photo]

Ronail Freelon uses a diamond blade saw to cut concrete on Appalachian Drive. on Tuesday. Freelon is part of Job Point’s Highway/Heavy Construction Program that offers vocational training to participants for entry into advanced construction jobs.

First lady is introduced [Photo]

First lady Michelle Obama, right, is introduced by NAACP Chair Roslyn Brock, before delivering remarks at the 101st annual NAACP convention.