J. Scott Christianson [Photo]

J. Scott Christianson

John Sam Williamson [Photo]

John Sam Williamson

Jerry Beck [Photo]

Jerry Beck, Constitution

Cooling things off [Photo]

Aaron Boone dumps ice into kiddie pools swimming with a variety of drinks for the riders coming back from their 40-mile ride to support the grand opening of the Multiple Sclerosis Society's new office on Saturday.

Joe Martellaro [Photo]

Joe Martellaro

Jonathan Dine [Photo]

Jonathan Dine, Libertarian

Reaching for volleyball at Show-Me State Games [Photo]

Rachael Oziomek, left, and Emily Carr of the Kansas City Forbes volleyball team block the ball against Sara Lowe, far right, of the Waynesville YaYa's during the Show-Me State Games on Saturday at Columbia College.

After the ride [Photo]

Adam Lefler, left, returns with Jarrod Schwartz after riding 40 miles, which was part of the grand opening for the Multiple Sclerosis Society's new office in Columbia on Saturday. A family friend of Lefler was diagnosed with MS eight years ago, and one of Schwartz's co-workers was diagnosed.

Cisse Spragins [Photo]

Cisse Spragins

Mike Vontz [Photo]

Mike Vontz

Deborah Solomon [Photo]

Deborah Solomon

At the refreshments table [Photo]

From left Jordan Alexander, Hank Schneider and Steve Weddle gather around the water jugs after finishing their 40-mile bike ride as part of the grand opening for the new Multiple Sclerosis office in Columbia. The 40-mile bike ride was a training ride for the 150-mile ride, which will be held on September 11 and 12 to raise money to learn more about MS.

Bob Praprotnik [Photo]

Bob Praprotnik

Kristi Nichols [Photo]

Kristi Nichols

Hector Maldonado [Photo]

Hector Maldonado

Davis Conway [Photo]

Davis Conway

Roy Blunt [Photo]

Roy Blunt, Republican

Francis Vangeli [Photo]

Francis Vangeli

Charles Baum [Photo]

Charles Baum

Susan Montee [Photo]

Susan Montee