Cougars' Reyna on a roll [Photo]

Columbia College’s Edgar Reyna dribbles downfield with Harris-Stowe's Leonardo Paterno in pursuit. After scoring game-winner twice last week, Reyna scored three goals in the Cougars' 5-1 victory on Wednesday night.

Rock Bridge edges Hickman boys soccer [Photo]

Rock Bridge defender Patrick Bromstedt, left, tries to prevent Hickman forward Spencer Miller from getting the ball in Rock Bridge's victory Wednesday night at Hickman.

Columbia College soccer player Jimmy Herrman [Photo]

Columbia College senior midfielder Jimmy Herrman sends the ball downfield in the Cougars' 1-0 victory Saturday over Friends University. Herrman's teammates call him "The Body," a nickname he earned for the model-like appearance he has obtained from a regular work-out routine.

3M Urban Ecology Restoration Project restoration site on MKT trail [Slideshow]

The Columbia 3M plant is working with the city on the 3M Urban Ecology Restoration Project that includes a new trail that would parallel the existing MKT Nature/Fitness Trail.

GRAPHIC: Percentage of incarcerated nonviolent offenders on June 30, 2009 [Graphic]

As the result of two revisions, judges in Missouri will have the knowledge of how much it will cost to imprison a person prior to sentencing as well as a formula to predict the likelihood of an inmate being arrested after release. Ultimately, these revisions are being used to create consistent punishments across counties. This map details the differences that existed in 2009 across counties in percentage of nonviolent offenders in prison.

Man finishes rappel [Photo]

Participant Jerry Cupp (left) high-fives his belayer, Marcus Floyd, (right) after touching down to the ground level for the Over the Edge fundraiser on Wednesday. Special Olympic athlete and friend Shirlene Treadwell asked Cupp to participate in the event.

MAP: Road Closing and Parking For Roots ‘N’ Blues [Graphic]

The closest available parking garages for the event in downtown Columbia are located at Eighth and Cherry streets, Sixth and Cherry streets, and Eighth and Walnut streets. The marked streets will be closed from 9 a.m. until 2 a.m. from Friday through Sunday. Shuttle service will run from Reactor Field and the Columbia Convention & Visitors Bureau on Providence Road to Elm Street. The cost for adults is $3, and kids ride for free. The shuttles will run from 4 to 11:45 p.m. on Friday and from 10 a.m. to 11:45 p.m. on Saturday.

Participants raised at least $1,000 [Photo]

Cecily Dallar rappels off the top level of the Tiger Hotel on Wednesday morning. Each participant had to raise at least $1,000, which will be donated to Special Olympics Missouri athletes.

Equipment ready to go [Photo]

A series of belay devices are set up for a practice rappel on top of the third level of the Tiger Hotel during the Over the Edge fundraiser on Wednesday. Twenty-two participated in the event, and over $22,000 has been collected thus far.

Dorm room charred remnants [Photo]

The charred remnants of the replica dorm room sit on display after the live burn Fire Factor event. This display is to show students what could happen to an average dorm room three minutes after the fire alarm goes off. Steven Sapp, fire marshal for the Columbia Fire Department, said that on average the Fire Department won't arrive at the scene until five minutes after the alarm sounds.

Participant prepares to rappel [Photo]

CORRECTED CAPTION: Belayer Caleb Bentsen, left, slowly lowers an Over the Edge participant, Valerie Metherne, during the practice run three stories up at the Tiger Hotel on Wednesday. Participants who raised more than $1,000 for the Special Olympics were able to rappel off the building. An earlier version of this caption misidentified Metherne.

Battling a live burn [Photo]

Firefighters Joel Pauley, left, and Klif Bullard of the Columbia Fire Department spray down the flames of a replica dorm room Wednesday at Speakers Circle. The goal of the live burn was to show the speed at which fire spreads and the unpredictability of its nature.

Mussels eating up carps' food supplies [Photo]

In this July 2009 file photo, invasive quagga mussels cover this formerly sunken boat in Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nev. Even if dreaded Asian carp elude barriers and make their way into Lake Michigan, their spread may be limited because there won't be much for them to eat. Scientists are reporting that another invasive species, the tiny quagga mussel, is causing profound changes in the lake's food web and has gobbled up much of the plankton that the carp would need to survive.

Participating in the firefighter challenge [Photo]

Caroline Dobrez, 19, an MU sophomore, hoists a fire hose over her shoulder while Lt. Ron Fisher, assistant fire marshal of the Columbia Fire Department, gives her instructions in preparation for the firefighter challenge Wednesday. The firefighter challenge was part of Fire Factor, an event put on by both the Fire Department and MU to raise fire safety awareness among college students.

A hug for a brother [Photo]

Kidney transplant patient Ethan Russell, 8, gets a hug from his sister, Emma Russell, 10, following a press conference at University Hospital on Wednesday. Nancy Russell, Ethan's mother, donated the kidney for his transplant, which was the hospital's 1,000th performed. The first transplant at the hospital was in 1972.

University Hospital completes 1,000th kidney transplant [Photo]

Kidney transplant patient Ethan Russell, 8, gets a hug from his sister Emma Russell, 10, following a press conference at University Hospital on Wednesday. Nancy Russell, Ethan's mother, donated the kidney for his transplant, which was the hospital's 1,000th performed. The first transplant at the hospital was in 1972.

Vocabulary hat parade shows fourth-graders' creativity [Photo]

Sally Kim, a Paxton Keeley Elementary fourth-grader, watches her classmates parade throughout the school for the fourth-grade vocabulary word parade on Wednesday. Each fourth-grade student picked a vocabulary word that was new to them and decorated a hat to illustrate that word for the parade.

Vocabulary Day at Paxton Keeley [Photo]

Paxton Keeley Elementary School fourth-grade teacher Kristin Nies asks her students to raise their hands if they had fun during their vocabulary word parade on Wednesday. The school’s fourth-graders decorated hats illustrating a vocabulary word of their choice, with many getting their inspiration from books the class was reading or from their parent’s suggestions. After two weeks of preparation, the students paraded around the school showing the other classes their decorated hats.

Happy Vocabulary Day [Document]

These were some of the words 92 fourth-graders at Paxton Keeley Elementary School chose to represent with paper, duct tape, cotton balls and pipe cleaners. The words with the children beneath them formed a parade in the school's hallways Wednesday as the students wished each other “Happy Vocabulary Day.”

SLIDESHOW: Plans for MKT trail restoration [Slideshow]

Columbia Parks and Recreation natural resources supervisor Brett O’Brien explains the plans for the 3M Urban Ecology Restoration Project. Plans for the 25-acre area next to a stretch of the MKT trail include a new bike trail, cells to control floodwater and a friendlier environment for wildlife.