A League of Their Own [Photo]

After the MU softball doubleheader, assistant coach Phil Bradley, right, poses with Gloria McCloskey Rogers. Rogers was a member of the 1953 Rockford Peaches, the team featured in the movie “A League of Their Own.” She was honored during the game against Missouri S&T on Wednesday at University Field.

MU softball's Lee [Photo]

Junior Catherine Lee slides into second base during the Tigers' game against Evansville.

Cheers from the dugout [Photo]

Members of the MU softball team cheer after junior Abby Vock hit a single in the fifth inning against Missouri S&T.

MU softball's Taylor [Photo]

MU softball player Rhea Taylor slides safely into third base during the Tigers' game against Evansville on Wednesday.

Redburn returns to MU [Photo]

Evansville coach Mark Redburn greets MU senior associate athletic director Tim Hickman before the softball game Wednesday. Redburn is a former assistant coach of the MU softball team.

MU softball's Nottelmann [Photo]

Sophomore Kristin Nottelmann pitches against Missouri S&T on Wednesday at University Field. Nottelmann pitched her first career no-hitter in the Tigers’ win.

Eyes on Nebraska [Photo]

Nebraska fans and Memorial Stadium are reflected in the sunglasses of Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne before the annual Red-White spring football game Saturday in Lincoln, Neb. Coach Bo Pelini declared after the Holiday bowl that "Nebraska's back and we're here to stay." The 78,000 fans who showed up for Saturday's game surely agree with the Cornhuskers' coach, and so do others around the Big 12.

Original Saturday Night Live writer speaks to MU students [Audio]

On Tuesday, MU hosted a presentation by original Saturday Night Live writer Tom Davis about the use of political satire on the show.

Columbia Independent students celebrate Toga Day [Slideshow]

Columbia Independent School celebrated its 12th annual Toga Day on Wednesday. More than 100 students paraded from Harpo’s to Windsor Auditorium at Stephens College, where they performed humorous Roman-themed skits.

Chalking while climbing at Capen Park [Photo]

Michael Diaz reaches for chalk while hanging from the rock at Capen Park. The chalk provides a better grip for climbers.

Rock climbing at Capen Park [Slideshow]

Inexperienced and seasoned rock climbers participate in the sport of rock climbing. Libby Schleider, Jay Dolph and Michael Diaz talk about their experiences with the sport at Capen Park in Columbia.

Clint Zweifel [Photo]

Clint Zweifel is the Missouri state treasurer.

Charles Davis of Global Journalist [Photo]

Charles Davis is the moderator of the weekly radio program "Global Journalist." It airs at 6:30 p.m. Thursdays on KBIA/91.3 FM or at

Skip Walther [Photo]

Skip Walther is president of The Missouri Bar.

Proposal would require city, county to clean up Hinkson Creek [Photo]

John Belaka of Columbia looks for trash while walking in the Hinkson Creek near Walnut Street on Oct. 7, 2006. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources says there is a lack of aquatic life, indicating pollution. It wants Columbia and Boone County to clean up the waterway by reducing the amount of stormwater that drains into the creek by just over 50 percent.

Hickman girls soccer beats visiting Jefferson City [Photo]

Hickman junior midfielder Emily Darter is congratulated by teammate Grace Grigg after scoring Hickman's first goal Tuesday night against visiting Jefferson City.

Hickman soccer player vs. Jefferson City [Photo]

Hickman sophomore midfielder Paige Nelson, left, scored the Kewpies' second goal Tuesday night against visiting Jefferson City.

MAP: Proposal could help polluted Hinkson Creek [Graphic]

GRAPHIC | The Department of Natural Resources presented a proposal Tuesday that would require Columbia and Boone County to reduce stormwater runoff in Hinkson Creek by more than half. The proposal would address pollution in the creek, which has been on the department’s impaired waterways list since 1998.

Total Maximum Daily Load draft proposal for Hinkson Creek [Document]

A draft proposal by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources catalogs the history of research that has been done to address to pollution of Hinkson Creek. This 69-page long document recommends the city and county cut stormwater runoff by 50.5 percent.

GRAPHIC: Making use of animal waste [Graphic]

On Tuesday, the House Committee heard a bill that would allow methane from animal waste to qualify as a source of renewable energy. The process would involve turning methane into carbon dioxide, which proponents say is less harmful to the environment.