Aaron Johnson stands with a sign draped over his shoulders [Photo]

Aaron Johnson of Grass Roots Organizing stands with a sign draped over his shoulders Thursday outside the Boone County Courthouse, where a rally in support of Michael Brown was held. "I appreciate how diverse the crowd was," Johnson said. "I want people to know that this shouldn't end today."

Speakers at Michael Brown rally sing [Photo]

Speakers sing on stage Thursday during a rally in support of Michael Brown outside the Boone County Courthouse.

Speakers at Michael Brown rally join in 'Hands Up' statement [Photo]

The Rev. C.W. Dawson Jr., front, and fellow speakers join in a "Hands Up" statement during a rally in support of Michael Brown on Thursday outside the Boone County Courthouse. "I was encouraged," Dawson said. "Now the question is, what shall we do after this, and where do we go after here?"

Derrick Washington in court [File Image]

Derrick Washington exits the courtroom during a break on the first day of his trial in Columbia in 2011. Washington, a former Missouri football player who was convicted of deviate sexual assault, is featured in a report by ESPN's "Outside the Lines."

Maty Mauk throws pass at Thursday's scrimmage [Photo]

Mizzou quarterback Maty Mauk gets ready to throw a pass while warming up for a team scrimmage at Faurot Field on Thursday morning.

Freshman wide receiver Lawrence Lee returns a punt at scrimmage [Photo]

Freshman wide receiver Lawrence Lee returns a punt before the final scrimmage of MU football's summer training at Faurot Field on Thursday.

Missouri tailback Tyler Hunt carries the ball during scrimmage [Photo]

Missouri tailback Tyler Hunt, center, rushes downfield Thursday while the team warms up at Faurot Field before the beginning of the final scrimmage of summer football training camp.

Brooklyn Pizzeria site to become Pizza Tree [Photo]

Yula Brusova walks by 909 Cherry St., the future location of Pizza Tree, on Wednesday. Another pizza joint, Brooklyn Pizzeria, used to operate at the location.

Pizza Tree moving to 909 Cherry [Photo]

A decal advertising the soon-to-be-opened Pizza Tree restaurant is displayed Wednesday on the front door of 909 Cherry St.

Johnny Manziel looks on during practice [Photo]

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, right talks with Brian Hoyer during practice at the NFL team's facility in Berea, Ohio, on Wednesday. Hoyer will begin the season as the team's starter when the Browns take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Chiefs corners work on technique [Photo]

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Sean Smith breaks up a pass intended for running back De'Anthony Thomas during training camp Aug. 4 in St. Joseph. Smith and other physical defensive backs like him are having difficulty adjusting to the NFL's update to the defensive holding rules.

ESPN report revisits Derrick Washington case [Photo]

Derrick Washington shown in a courtroom in September 2011. Washington was found guilty of deviate sexual assault and pleaded guilty to third-degree assault. An ESPN Outside the Lines report identifies two additional allegations against the former Missouri football player and says MU mishandled the investigation of the incidents.

Vacant house at 512 Mary St. [Photo]

A vacant house on 512 Mary St. in Columbia was approved for purchase by the city early Tuesday morning and is slated to be torn down and rebuilt. The city's final bid on the home was $8,315.

Vacant house at 903 N. Garth purchased by city [Photo]

A house at 903 N. Garth Ave. was one of three approved for purchase by the city council early Tuesday morning as part of the Columbia's Neighborhood Stabilization Program.

Trash litters vacant house at 903 N. Garth [Photo]

Trash piles litter the area around the entrance of 903 N. Garth Ave. on Wednesday. Neighbors said that some of the vacant houses in the area are subject to squatters, especially in the winter months.

Home at 13 E. Forest that was rebuilt by the city [Photo]

A house at 13 E. Forest is one of five homes the city already purchased and rebuilt under its affordable housing program. The program has found success in neighborhoods, according to Alesia Young, a current resident of a rebuilt home.

PHOTO GALLERY: Affordable housing program [Gallery]

The Columbia City Council approved the purchase of three vacant houses early Tuesday morning. All three have been deemed unlivable and will be rebuilt under the city's affordable housing program. Vacant houses are bought and rebuilt under the program.

Map shows path of total solar eclipse in 2017 [File Image]

This map shows the path of the total solar eclipse that will travel from the West to East coast on Aug. 21, 2017.

Map shows visibility times expected during solar eclipse in 2017 [File Image]

This map, courtesy of Michael Zeiler, shows the length of time a total solar eclipse is expected to be visible on Aug. 21, 2017.

Students chat at Midnight BBQ [Photo]

MU students chat Wednesday night in front of the disc jockey's table at the annual Midnight BBQ along Rollins Street.