Tad Johnsen selected as new Water and Light director [Photo]

Columbia Water and Light director candidate Tad Johnsen poses for a portrait at a meet and greet reception for the public held on Friday, June 11, at City Hall.

Line between residence and business [Photo]

A short wooden fence divides the family and business sides of Heather Linneman's backyard. Linneman operates Little Wonders Preschool out of her home. The Vanderveen Crossing homeowner's association covenants, however, say that no individual may run a day care or preschool from their house.

Honor Flight Crowd [Photo]

Community members welcome the 87 veterans returning home from the Central Missouri Honor Flight. The veterans were scheduled to arrive at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, but there was an hour delay. The crowd cheered and applauded when the veterans' bus was in sight.

Honor Flight Shipley [Photo]

Staff Sgt. James Shipley is escorted through the cheering crowd Wednesday at 12:50 a.m. One volunteer shouted that it was Shipley's birthday, and the crowd began to sing. Shipley was escorted by two community members and Honor Flight volunteer Doc Kritzer, at right.

Honor Flight Handshake [Photo]

Lieutenant j.g. Dabney Doty shakes strangers' hands Wednesday at 1 a.m. People gathered to thank veterans like Doty for their service.

LOCALLY GROWN: Sealing the air leaks [Photo]

Barbara Buffaloe demonstrates how to apply weather stripping to the windows in her home.

Barbara Buffaloe plugs air leaks in her house [Slideshow]

Fields Murder Trial Ends [Photo]

Tracy Kemp, brother of murder victim Mitchell Kemp, talks to reporters with family members Tuesday night after a jury took nearly nine hours to convict Tausha Fields in the shooting death of her former husband Mitchell Kemp. Fields was convicted of first-degree murder and armed criminal action.

Rios Appeal Denied [Photo]

Steven Rios, pictured here in May 2005, describes where he was sitting on the roof of the police station with other officers after his shift ended the night Jesse Valencia was killed. Rios says he went home from the stations but prosecutors say he drove to Valencia's house.

0629 Standoff arrest [Photo]

Duran Goto Pipes is arrested by officers from the Columbia Police Department at the corner of West Broadway and McBaine Avenue after a standoff during which a woman and child were held hostage Tuesday evening.

0629 Standoff [Photo]

Officers from the Columbia Police Department wait behind squad cars and riot shields during a standoff Tuesday with Duran Goto Pipes at the corner of West Broadway and McBaine Avenue.

VIDEO: A passion for fireworks [Video]

Bob Gerau of Deer Park has been selling fireworks for 45 years. "It's a passion for some of us," he said.

St. Charles Road Development Agreement [Document]

The agreement between the district and the St. Charles Development Co. finalizes the plans for an auxiliary, or access, road west of the high school. The agreement also addressed the purchase of another 4.2 acreage for stormwater runoff detention ponds.

Defense attorney offers business records [Photo]

Defense attorney Paul Hood (left) offers up business records as proof to Judge Oxenhandler while court reporter Kristal Murphy enters the information into official record on June 29 at the Boone County Courthouse during jury deliberation for Tausha Fields' trial. She is charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action in the death of her ex-husband Mitchell Kemp in 2004.

Attorneys inspect evidence photographs [Photo]

Attorneys Richard Hicks (left) and Paul Hood (right) inspect evidence photographs at the jury's request for images that show Lexi, Tausha Fields' daughter, in August 2004 during jury deliberations for Fields' trial on June 29 at the Boone County Courthouse.

Fields listens to closing arguments [Photo]

Tausha Fields listens as her attorney, Paul Hood, delivers his closing argument to the jury during Fields's first-degree murder trial June 29 at the Boone County Courthouse.

Windows blown out in blast [Photo]

An anaerobic hood exploded and blew out the top windows of Schweitzer Hall on Monday.

Checking out the damages [Photo]

Medical and fire personnel are investigating an explosion that took place in Schweitzer Hall on Monday. Four people were injured, one critically, in the explosion and taken to University Hospital.

GRAPHIC: IBM Contractors [Graphic]

The IBM building at 2810 LeMone Industrial Blvd. will undergo an estimated $10 million in building improvements. More than $7.1 million in hard costs is estimated for contractors working on exterior and interior renovations.

Making way for IBM [Photo]

Construction workers attend to their work at the IBM construction site on LeMone Industrial Boulevard. Originally a rundown manufacturing building, the site is currently being torn down to its metal skeleton to be transformed into a new site for IBM.