Whitt is sworn in [Photo]

Jim Whitt is sworn into the Columbia School Board by Lynn Barnett, assistant superintendent and secretary of the board, during the School Board meeting on Thursday.

Whitt teaches values through sports [Photo]

James Whitt, new member of the Columbia School Board, practices with participants of the cPhase Sports Association. Whitt is the executive director of cPhase, a nonprofit that aims to provide middle school and high school boys with athletic, educational, social and spiritual support. “I’ve been a basketball fanatic all my life, and I’ve always been interested in working with youth. It’s a labor of love,” he said Wednesday.

Hults takes the stage [Photo]

LR Hults, founder of Theatre NXS, plays the lead role of "Event Horizon," one of four short plays that the company will perform for their next production, which begins June 19. All four plays were written by Don Nigro, with whom Hults attended school in Massachusetts.

Richland Road project revisited [Graphic]

Columbia School Board budget [Graphic]

Calf roping at the Missouri High School Rodeo [Photo]

Justin Becker flips his target during the Missouri State Final Calf Roping event on Thursday. The goal of the event was to first rope then tie up the calf's legs during a timed trial.

Photo illustration: Columbia chefs at work [Photo]

Chef Zia Matoori, left, of Churchill's restaurant creating side garnishes from olives, rosemary and lemon, and Chef Trey Quinlan of Bleu Restaurant and Wine Bar preparing salmon and steak filets. Both chefs are among the many scheduled to participate in Columbia's Wine and Food Festival, set to begin Saturday.

Chef Trey Quinlan at Bleu [Photo]

Chef Trey Quinlan prepares salmon and steak filets on Thursday in the kitchen at Bleu Restaurant and Wine Bar in Columbia. Quinlan is one of several local chefs set to participate in this years Columbia Wine and Food Festival, set to begin Saturday and run through June 27

Chef Zia Matoori at Churchill's [Photo]

Chef Zia Matoori creates side garnishes from olives, rosemary and lemon in the kitchen at Churchill's restaurant Wednesday in Columbia. Matoori is one of several local chefs scheduled to participate in this year's Columbia Wine and Food Festival, set to begin Saturday and run through June 27.

Gun club court ruling [Document]

According to the injunction against Cedar Creek Rod and Gun Club, which was the legal entity operating the range prior to the formation of Prairie Grove, the gun club was to operate on Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon to 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. A Nov. 12, 2008, Boone County Circuit Court ruling on motions related to the case can be downloaded as a PDF file here.

Getting ready to ride [Photo]

Jenahlyn Felten, 15, of New Cambria, prepares her horse Montana for the Missouri High School Rodeo’s Barrel Jackpot on Wednesday at the Boone County Fairgrounds. She’s been riding since she was 7 years old and has been competing for a few years. “It’s hard work, but I like the training,” Felton said.

Riders wait their turn at 2009 Missouri High School Rodeo [Photo]

Sara Duncan, 15, of Rocheport, left, waits under threatening skies with other contestants during the Missouri High School Rodeo’s Barrel Jackpot on Wednesday at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

Some Ashland teens agree with curfew [Photo]

Anthony Chavez, 12, and Alex Terrell, 13, live in Ashland, where children under 17 cannot be in public between midnight and 5 a.m. The two agree with the curfew, saying it keeps teens safe.

Teens unsure of potential curfew [Photo]

Joseph Boettcher, 12, left, and Hayden Mahieu, 15, play video games at the Virtual Arena. The two are neutral about a potential curfew for teens in Columbia. The curfew would likely apply to teens younger than 17 after 11 p.m. on weekdays and Sundays and after midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

Teen disagrees with curfew [Photo]

Larry Green, 15, says there should be no curfew in Columbia.

Park Avenue teens against curfew [Photo]

Jakeyla Prowell, 15, says she does not want a curfew for teens in Columbia. She was spending time with friends on Park Avenue.

Some Park Avenue teens against curfew [Photo]

James Pollard, 16, says he does not want a curfew for teens in Columbia. He was hanging with friends on Park Ave.

Weather ends concerts of Meiko, Hutchinson [Photo]

Meiko, right, performed two songs Wednesday night in Heinkel parking lot, Elm and Sixth streets, at MU's free outdoor summer concert before lightning and a Boone County tornado watch forced the singer/songwriter to delay her set, as well as that of Eric Hutchinson, the concert headliner.

Maguire Boulevard extension site investigated [Photo]

The Maguire Boulevard extension site was investigated Wednesday after complaints of a Columbia resident of "extreme erosion" in the construction area. The site is part of a city project to extend Maguire, which involves building bridges over both the north and south forks of Grindstone Creek.

Public Works inspectors investigate BMPs [Photo]

Also present at the Maguire Boulevard extension site during the investigation on Wednesday were, from left, construction project manager David Bugg and Public Works inspectors Jim Thaxter and Veneet Kapila. Visible in many of the photographs are elements of what Bugg describes as BMPs, or best management practices, construction strategies used to control water flow and silt runoff, such as silt fences (black plastic barriers), rock berms (rock levees layered with dirt and straw) and sediment basins, where eroded silt is able to settle into controlled pools of water.