Families gather at park after Eid prayer [Photo]

Amina Abdi, Fatima Mohamed, Mujidat Salau and Fawsia Hassin talk at Cosmo Park after the Eid prayer Friday. The Eid prayer celebrates the end of Ramadan and usually concludes with families gathering to eat and talk.

People congregate during an Eid al-Fitr service [Photo]

A mass of people congregates during an Eid al-Fitr service on Friday at the Windsor Ballroom at the Holiday Inn. Many people who attended reported that it is a day of celebration and enjoyment.

Abdurrahman Alshiha celebrates the end of Ramadan [Photo]

Abdurrahman Alshiha bows his head in prayer during Eid al-Fitr, the celebration of the end of Ramadan, on Friday at the Windsor Ballroom at the Holiday Inn.

2010 Tomato Festival [Video]

Attendees enjoy Tomato Festival on Thursday, Sept. 9, at the MU Bradford Research and Extension Farm.

INTERACTIVE: Where the heck is McNeese State? [Graphic]

It's the 2010 Geography Challenge!

Do you have the latitudinal and longitudinal prowess to locate McNeese State on a map? Check your guess by clicking on the markers below. Don't worry, you get as many attempts as you like and no one will judge you if you're wrong. After all, no one really expects you to know where the blue and gold Cowboys call home.

A mantra to help battle anorexia [Photo]

In this Sept. 2 photo, Alexis Katchuk displays a tattoo on the inside of her left wrist at Shelter Gardens in Columbia. The tattoo, written in Sanskrit, roughly translates to "I acknowledge the divinity within," a personal mantra Katchuk adopted as she battled anorexia. Now, she's a Ph.D. student in nonfiction creative writing at MU.

Missouri running back Kendial Lawrence vs. Illinois [Photo]

Running back Kendial Lawrence finds an opening against Illinois. Lawrence said the Missouri tailbacks have lots of options in the offense the Tigers use. "We just had to figure out where we were and what their defense was doing."

Kentucky Boulevard Boys [Photo]

The Kentucky Boulevard Boys are Missouri football players from Texas who met at South Residence Hall on Kentucky Boulevard. From left to right they are Zaviar Gooden, Jerrell Jackson, Michael Egnew, Marcus Murphy, Jacquies Smith and Kip Edwards.

Rock Bridge volleyball player Elise Meyer vs. Boonville [Photo]

Rock Bridge senior Elise Meyer, right, celebrates a point with senior Emily Holt on Thursday in the Bruins' victory over Boonville. The Bruins improved to 2-1 this season.

Rock Bridge volleyball player Ali Kreklow vs. Boonville [Photo]

Rock Bridge freshman Ali Kreklow sets the ball for a teammate Thursday in the Bruins' win against Boonville.

Rock Bridge volleyball player Kayla Howard vs. Boonville [Photo]

Rock Bridge junior Kayla Howard, right, comes off the bench for the final point of the first game Thursday against Boonville. The game was Howard's first on the Bruins' varsity squad.

Rock Bridge volleyball vs. Boonville [Photo]

Rock Bridge seniors Elise Meyer, left, and Emily Holt reach for a block against Boonville sophomore Samantha Ivy Thursday in the second game of the Bruins' victory.

Hickman soccer player Andy Atkins vs. Raymore-Peculiar [Photo]

Hickman soccer player Andy Atkins watches from the sidelines in the Kewpies' home game Thursday against Raymore-Peculiar.

Rock Bridge football player Mark Pickerel vs. Riverview Gardens [Photo]

Rock Bridge quarterback Mark Pickerel sprints past Riverview Gardens defender Larry Fletcher in a decisive Bruins victory last weekend. It gets tougher for Rock Bridge on Saturday when the Bruins face No.2 Hazelwood Central. "We have high expectations for ourselves.” Pickerel said. “It’s a chance to get Rock Bridge football back on the map.”

Rock Bridge football practice [Photo]

Jamie Scholten, the special teams and wide receivers coach for the Rock Bridge football team shows the Bruins offense how to line up for their next play during practice on Wednesday. The Bruins will square off against Hazelwood Central on Saturday. The No. 2-ranked Hawks have won the past two Class 6 state championships.

GRAPHIC: Understanding Public Safety Pensions [Graphic]

When deciding how much money to save to fully finance the pension fund, the city uses a number of assumptions about its employees and the financial markets. When these assumptions are off, benefits might become unfunded. When these unfunded benefits start to rise dramatically, it is a sign of trouble for the entire pension fund.

Getting a close look at tomato plants [Photo]

Jim Ross, a former MU professor of animal sciences, walks around the tomato field at the MU Bradford Research Extension Center before the sixth annual Tomato Festival on Thursday. Ross, who specialized in beef cattle production during his 37 years at MU, has been retired for 25 years and still lives in Columbia.

Matching peppers with salsa [Photo]

Chocolate habanero peppers lay beside a salsa made from the chili pepper at the sixth annual Tomato Festival at the MU Bradford Research Extension Center.

Salsa maker dresses to match event [Photo]

Salsa creator Steven Kirk of Lincoln University Extension Center speaks to visitors at the sixth annual Tomato Festival at the MU Bradford Research Extension Center. Kirk made 10 salsas for the festival, ranging from the sweet to the very hot. The hottest pepper, the Bhut Jolokia, was recently named the hottest in the world. The salsa Kirk made from the the Bhut Jolokia had three times fewer peppers than the other salsas and was still ranked the hottest. Kirk's shirt reflected the day's event.

Scorecard records favorites [Photo]

A hot pepper incorrectly placed on the "mild" table draws complaints from unsuspecting visitors at the sixth annual Tomato Festival at the MU Bradford Research Extension Center. Organizers had dozens of various peppers and tomatoes set out for visitors to sample.