Locally Grown: Closing the loop [Slideshow]

Locally grown columnist Michael Burden invites you over for dinner — virtually. Burden explains the benefits of growing your own food in the front yard and making compost in the back.
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Autism Bill signed [Photo]

Gov. Jay Nixon signs legislation that requires insurers to cover autism treatment for children up to 19 years old at the Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders at MU on Thursday. Insurers would be required to cover up to $40,000 of care effective August 20, 2010. In the background, left, Tammy Maasen, an activist for the legislation and a mother of an autistic child, and William and Nancy Thompson, founding donors to the center, watch the signing. Maasen and William Thompson spoke at the signing event.

MAP: Charette [Graphic]

City officials, the Downtown Columbia Leadership Council and H3 Studios began a three-phase, four-week
series of planning sessions on Thursday. Designated stakeholders were invited to participate in specific meetings; public forums and lectures, open to all, are scheduled throughout the series to present ideas and to receive feedback.
These series of meetings aim to develop a vision and implementation strategy for two key areas identified as priorities in the May 2009 Downtown Columbia Leadership Council Interim Report.

Gov. Signs Autism Legislation [Photo]

Gov. Jay Nixon greets Madeleine Carter, age 7, who has autism, after signing legislation that requires insurers to cover the treatment of autism in children 19 years old and younger on Thursday at Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders at MU. "It's a joyous day," Paula Carter, Madeleine's mother, said. "It means that autism counts."

Nick Schneider soapbox derby car [Photo]

Nick Schneider applies a shark decal to the side of a soapbox derby car. "I used to race. I kept doing it as long as I could, and went to nationals in Akron, Ohio three times. A few years ago I bought a vinyl cutter for an outside business, and got recruited to do decals," he said.

Dylan Soper soapbox derby car [Photo]

Dylan Soper, 9, of Columbia, Mo. works on his soapbox derby car with his father *Matt Soper at the Soapbox Construction Clinic held at the Downtown Optimist Club on Tuesday, June 8, 2010.

Finding her children [Photo]

In this photo taken on Wednesday, Jun. 9, 2010, Prince Sagala covers her face as she arrives at her home in Montclair, Calif. Prince Sagala's first husband, Faustino Utrera, kidnapped their children 15 years ago: a daughter who was 3-years-old, at the time, and their son 2-years-old. Sagala found them on Facebook. Utrera has been arrested in Florida, and their children are now in protective custody.

YouZeum for sale [Photo]

The Routine Maintenance section of the YouZeum shows visitors why exercise is important, different ways to exercise and shows different types of bones and muscles and how they work. The locker room set up with videos makes this room interactive for children to learn about their bodies. Similar setups can be found throughout the YouZeum.

Street performer plays the violin for a living [Slideshow]

Lee Wenzbauer refuses to live a conventional lifestyle. He makes his living by playing the violin day in and day out and occasionally collaborates with other local artists.

Molly Harbarger mug [Photo]

Molly Harbarger is a columnist for the Missourian.

Reginald Robinson plays piano [Photo]

Composer and musician Reginald Robinson plays a piano piece titled "Freedom Dance" at the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts on Wednesday. Robinson also held a short seminar discussing the documentary he is making, and he also talked about the contributions of performers like Scott Joplin.

Virtuosi String Trio performs at jazz festival [Photo]

San Francisco-based guitarist Craig Ventresco was joined on stage by bassist Svein Aarbostad and guitarist Johnnie Harper for the debut of the Virtuosi String Trio. The spontaneously created stringed instrument trio, borne of a Bay Area gig, performed Wednesday during the J. W. "Blind" Boone Ragtime and Early Jazz Festival at the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts.

Reginald Robinson describes his documentary [Photo]

Reginald Robinson speaks about the documentary he is making at the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts on Wednesday. Robinson, a composer and musician, is in Columbia to participate in the J.W. "Blind" Boone Ragtime and Early Jazz Festival.

Teen enjoys playing at J. W. 'Blind' Boone Ragtime and Early Jazz Festival [Photo]

Thirteen-year-old Benjamin Anderson peruses a table of ragtime books and CDs in the lobby of the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts where he performed earlier in the day as part of the J. W. "Blind" Boone Ragtime and Early Jazz Festival. This year marks Anderson's third year performing at the festival with a promotion to official performer status. "I'm going to keep playing in this as long as they let me," Anderson said. In addition to piano, Anderson plays the violin and clarinet.

Volunteers collect tickets at jazz festival [Photo]

Volunteers Pat Lawnick-Ritchie and Dave Phillippe greet music lovers and collect tickets during the J.W. "Blind" Boone Ragtime and Early Jazz Festival at the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts on Wednesday. The two-day festival closes with late-night with jam sessions located at the Regency Hotel Downtown.

Greg Williams [Photo]

Greg Williams is the new director of University of Missouri System research parks.

Evangelical Fellowship of West Ohio letter [Document]

Click here to read a letter from the leadership of Evangelical Fellowship of West Ohio regarding Brownson's nomination.

West Ohio Conference announces CFO position [Document]

Click here to read the announcement that Bill Brownson had been nominated to be the next chief financial officer for the West Ohio Conference.

Resumes for Water and Light director candidates [Document]

Click here to download the resumes of Tad A. Johnsen, Timothy G. Luchsinger and Mack Thompson, candidates to become the new director at Columbia Water and Light.

John Williamson [Photo]

File photo from April 3, 2008 of John Sam Williamson.