MAP: Location of Fatal Shooting in Columbia [Graphic]

Police responded to 911 calls shortly after 11 a.m. Monday
morning regarding a shooting at 219 Anita Court. Officials
have confirmed one fatality.

Checking the math [Photo]

Chief Museum Preparator Greig Thompson rechecks his math for a mat frame on Friday Sept. 3, 2010. Thompson's previous job was with the Museum of art and archeology at MU and he described his responsibilities as "caring and feeding" the art work.

Scherzer faces White Sox [Photo]

Detroit Tigers starter Max Scherzer pitches against the Chicago White Sox in the second inning Monday in Detroit.

Jumping into the lake [Photo]

Caeleb Rutter, 12, coaxes the family dog, Bella, into the water on Labor Day at Twin Lakes Recreation Area. Bella was rescued by the Rutters when she was three months old from the Humane Society as an early Christmas present for Caeleb and his sister, Karmen.

Ready to slide [Photo]

Cayden McCool, 3, prepares to fly down the slide on Monday at Twin Lakes Park. Cayden and his mother, Candice, fished and played on the playground during their time together.

Swinging on Labor Day [Photo]

Eva Brinkerhoff, 5, swings on the jungle gym on Monday at Twin Lakes Park. Eva and her mother, Joy, joined Eva's friend, Aysha Palmero, 6, and Aysha's father, Michael, at the park on Labor Day.

Gill looks to refocus Kansas [Photo]

Turner Gill had a frustrating first game as Kansas' football coach, losing to North Dakota State on Saturday in Lawrence, Kan.

Schwartz illustrations for exhibit [Photo]

Joan Stack, Curator of Art Collections at the State Historical Society of Missouri, takes notes as she observes an illustration by Charles Schwartz on Friday, September 3, 2010. Stack is preparing for the Charles Schwartz exhibit, “Missouri’s Audubon: An Artist in Nature,” which will open at a special event at the Columbia Bass Pro Sportsman’s Center on Friday, September 10, 2010. Stack said the idea for the collaboration came when she saw some of Schwartz’s murals in the store.

Schwartz illustrations of beaver [Photo]

Illustrations of a beaver by Charles Schwartz in the State Historical Society of Missouri storeroom Friday, September 3, 2010. More of Schwartz’s work will be on display at the Columbia Bass Pro Sportsman’s Center September 10-12, 2010. The collection will then be moved to the State Historical Society of Missouri where it will be on display through January 2011.

Doing some fishing [Photo]

Garrison Fisher, 6, fishes with his father Jack Fisher on Labor Day at Stephens Lake Park. Fishing has become a recent hobby for the pair, Jack said.

Enjoying the fountains [Photo]

Brett Muller, Majie Muller, and their father Tim Muller play in the fountains on Labor Day at Stephens Lake Park. The Muller family was one of many who decided to go to the park to enjoy the weather on their day off.

Waiting on a line [Photo]

Garrison Fisher, 6, and his father Jack Fisher take advantage of the weather on Labor Day at Stephens Lake Park. Jack said that Garrison has recently developed an interest in fishing, "I guess this beats the Wii," he said.

Taking a break [Photo]

Majie Muller, 1, takes a break from splashing in the fountains at Stephens Lake Park on Labor Day. Majie, and her brother Brett were just two of many children taking advantage of the warm weather in the fountains.

Police officers at Anita Court [Photo]

Columbia Police officers stand in front of a residence on Anita Court where one person was fatally shot and another was wounded on Monday morning.

Kung Pao Peppers [Photo]

Kung Pao peppers are among the varieties grown on MU's Bradford Research and Extension Center.

A Striped Stuffer Tomato [Photo]

Tim Reinbott, supervisor of MU's Bradford Research and Extension Center, displays a Striped Stuffer Tomato on Friday. The Center is part of MU's Agricultural Experiment Station and was established in 1888.

At the scene [Photo]

A shooting on Anita Court in East Columbia left one dead and one wounded on Monday. Police responded to the scene at around 11 a.m. Monday.

Checking on some Caribbean Reds [Photo]

Lincoln University Extension horticulturalist Steven Kirk examines some Caribbean Red peppers on Friday. The red peppers are considered twice as hot as traditional habanero peppers and are great for use in salsas and marinades.

Budget Amendments Page 1 [Document]

Here's the first of two pages of budget amendments being considered by the Columbia City Council.

Budget Amendments Page 2 [Document]

Here is the second of two pages of budget amendments being considered by the Columbia City Council.