Firefighters try to contain garage fire [Photo]

Firefighters work to contain a fire at 7555 Fall Creek Drive on Saturday afternoon. Both the Boone County Fire Protection District and the Columbia Fire Departments had firefighters on the scene.

Firefighters battle blaze [Photo]

Firefighters battle a blaze in a detached garage at 7555 Fall Creek Drive in the late afternoon Saturday.

Opening anthem [Photo]

Stephanie Nieman leads the National Anthem at the beginning of graduation on Saturday in Kimball Ballroom at Stephens College.

Symbol of graduation [Photo]

Paulina Ramirez, undergraduate commencement class speaker, moves her tassel from right to left, signifying her graduation from Stephens College on Saturday in the Kimball Ballroom.

Stephens College president offers advice to graduates [Photo]

Stephens College President Dianne M. Lynch gives remarks to the graduating class on Saturday in the Kimball Ballroom. Lynch encouraged students to take a moment to truly listen to their loved ones, and take a break from all the noise.

Gymnast Brittany Bendoff floor routine [Photo]

Mizzou freshman Brittany Bendoff performs her floor routine on Friday night. The gymnastic team's first meet will be against Ohio State on Jan. 8 in Columbia.

Sarah Shire balance beam [Photo]

Senior Sarah Shire performs on the balance beam at the MU's Black and Gold meet on Friday night.

Sarah Shire chalks up [Photo]

Mizzou senior Sarah Shire chalks up for the uneven bars at Friday night's Black and Gold meet.

Danielle Guider - Floor Routine [Photo]

Danielle Guider performs her floor routine Friday night at the Black and Gold meet held at the Hearnes Center.

MU Gymnast Danielle Guider [Photo]

MU senior Danielle Guider prepares for her bars routine at the Black and Gold meet on Friday night at the Hearnes Center.

Checking who is open [Photo]

Lyle Harris looks to pass the ball during a practice session on Thursday in the gymnasium at Hickman High School.

Shooting a free throw [Photo]

Lyle Harris practices his free throws during a practice session on Thursday in the gymnasium at Hickman High School.

Owners of Starr Pines help families choose Christmas tree [Slideshow]

The owners of Starr Pines, Wayne and Annie Harmon, help families choose their perfect tree year after year.

Cheryl Brewer [Photo]

Reading a poem to class [Photo]

Megan Accola reads the poem "Channel" to Ginger Donaldson's class on Nov. 20 at Douglass High School. Douglass is now considered a Title I school through the No Child Left Behind Act.

Class work on computers [Photo]

From left, students Megan Accola, Krista Ward and Lorenzo Estes complete computer class work while their teacher, Ginger Donaldson, takes a moment to instruct Ward about her assignment at Douglass High School on Nov. 20. "Douglass is a unique place that gives kids a second chance," Donaldson said. "Students have smaller classes and can spend more quality time with teachers."

Presenting Tupac to class [Photo]

Lorenzo Estes presents "Jada" by Tupac to Ginger Donaldson's class at Douglass High School on Nov. 20. Douglass is now a Title I school under the No Child Left Behind Act.

Analysis of high school population [Graphic]

The No Child Left Behind Act divides each school’s population into subgroups, including racial and ethnic categories and free and discount lunch, to measure test-score disparities among groups of students. Douglass High School became a Title I school when 78 percent of its population became eligible for free and discount lunch.

Local agencies distribute federal homelessness prevention funds [Video]

Three local groups will help identify homeless people who can be helped by a nearly $400,000 federal stimulus grant given to Columbia. One way the money will be used is to pay security deposits to utility companies, which can keep people from being able to afford to move into apartments.

Hannah Dressler [Photo]

Rock Bridge freshman forward Hannah Dressler guards a Blue Springs player during the Norm Stewart Classic Dec. 5 at Columbia College.