Consulting the map [Photo]

MU senior Jen Stem pauses to check a campus map on Monday morning in front of Jesse Hall. Stem thought her psychology class was located south of campus by Trowbridge but was relieved to find out that it was on the white campus instead.

Alexander tripped up by Navy [Photo]

Navy linebacker Ross Pospisil wraps up Missouri wide receiver Danario Alexander after a catch at the Texas Bowl in Houston, Dec. 31, 2009. The Tigers lost to the Midshipmen 35-13.

TIger Walk crowd [Photo]

Members of the Class of 2014 crowd Francis Quadrangle in front of Jesse Hall during the annual Tiger Walk on Sunday. The class is a record size for MU, exceeding last year's freshmen enrollment of 5,589 students.

Tiger Walk jumpers [Photo]

Incoming freshmen run, walk and jump through the columns toward Jesse Hall as part of the traditional Tiger Walk on Sunday on the Francis Quadrangle. At the end of quad, the students were greeted with tables full of Tiger Stripe ice cream, another MU tradition.

Tiger Walk observers [Photo]

From left, MU seniors Cyreia Sandlin, Camila Gumati and Kelsey Mirando greet incoming freshmen as they head through the Columns on Sunday as part of the annual Tiger Walk. While the first students ran across the quadrangle, the back of the large crowd could only manage to walk through.

Tiger Walk runners [Photo]

Incoming freshmen run across the Francis Quadrangle as part of the annual Tiger Walk ceremony on Sunday. Tradition has new freshmen walk - and run - through the Columns toward Jesse Hall to signify the start of their careers at MU.

Trash gets emptied at Columbia landfill [Photo]

Ted White Jr. [Photo]

In this July 22 photo, Ted White Jr. looks around at the dozens of his supporters at City Hall in Lee's Summit, near Kansas City. White spent five years in prison on child sexual abuse charges before being acquitted in 2005. He was awarded $16 million in 2008 after a federal jury determined a Lee's Summit police detective lied and manipulated evidence in the case because he was the secret lover of White's estranged wife. However, the city of Lee's Summit hasn't paid the judgment, as it originally agreed to.

Columbia billionaire Stan Kroenke [Photo]

Stan Kroenke of Columbia is a real estate developer and the owner or part-owner of several sports teams, including the NFL's St. Louis Rams, the NBA's Denver Nuggets, the NHL's Colorado Avalanche and the English Premier League soccer club Arsenal.

Jared Culver's high scool cheerleading squad [Photo]

Jared Culver, third from the left in the back row, poses for a group shot with the Downers Grove South High School cheerleading squad.

Missouri running back Jared Culver at practice [Photo]

Missouri's Jared Culver says he never thought of cheerleading as a sport until he got involved as a sophomore in high school. "What they do is very hard," Culver said. "You’ve got to run around and scream, pick people up, do flips and everything else ... It was pretty tough.”

Chicken hangs upside down after being culled [Photo]

A chicken hangs upside down from a rope after being slaughtered during first "From Yard to Skillet" workshop at the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture on Saturday. The chickens were hung up on the rope after they had already been culled.

Participants remove chickens feathers, rinse chickens for storage [Photo]

A processed chicken gets a quick rinse to clean it before going into a cooler during the first "Farm to Skillet" workshop at the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture on Saturday. The chicken were stripped of feathers and cleaned by participants of the workshop after slaughtering them as humanely as possible.

Urban farmers process chickens [Photo]

Jordan Dawdy demonstrates how to process the chicken once the feathers have been removed to participants of the first "Yard to Skillet" workshop at the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture on Saturday. Dawdy, who is a Ph.D. candidate in rural sociology at MU, led the workshop that morning.

Workshop attendees cull chickens [Photo]

Attendees of the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture's first "Yard to Skillet" workshop survey the chickens before beginning the workshop on the Center's property on Saturday. The chickens that were culled during the workshop had been raised by the Center's urban farmers.

New sorority members rush to houses [Photo]

Right after opening their envelopes, a crowd of new sorority members run to their respective sororities to celebrate on Saturday on Francis Quadrangle at MU.

Potential sorority members wait to open envelopes [Photo]

Two MU freshmen face the column with envelopes in hand on bid day Saturday on Francis Quadrangle on campus. The potential new members were required to keep the envelopes, which contained the name of the sorority that gave them a bid, behind their back until all of new members opened the envelopes simultaneously before rushing to their respective houses.

Sorority members hold up banners during bid day [Photo]

Members of the Delta Delta Delta sorority hold up their letters and a banner as they chant during bid day Saturday on Francis Quadrangle on campus.

Adding some glitz to his ride [Photo]

Daniel Beerman decorates his bike with streamers on Saturday at Shiloh Bar & Grill before departing on the Boone Dawdle bike ride to Les Bourgeois winery in Rocheport. The bike ride was part of the first annual Boone Dawdle, which was sponsored by True/False and Off the Track Events as a fundraiser for the True/False Film Festival. Once at the winery, ticket holders for the event had a list of activities including a picnic style dinner, a concert, and a movie showing. True/False also provided shuttles back to Columbia throughout the evening.

Pedestrians argue with ground zero mosque supporters [Photo]

In this Aug. 19, 2010, file photo, pedestrians stop to argue with Abu Rahman, right, Matt Sky, second from right, and Julia Lundy, third from right, as they stand in front of the site of a proposed mosque near ground zero in New York. As rancor swirls around the issue of whether a mosque and Islamic cultural center should be built two blocks from the New York site where the destroyed Twin Towers stood, Americans are being forced to examine just how tolerant they are — or are not.