An avalanche of bricks [Photo]

Bricks, wires and mortar come tumbling down as the demolition of Stafford Hall began Thursday. The hall, built in 1947, is being cleared for a new hospital building.

Location of The Shack in new student center [Graphic]

Pieces of the original hangout known as The Shack will be included in part of the new MU Student Center.

Saying good-bye to dorm room [Photo]

Erich Arvidson, 21, of Cape Girardeau watches from inside Pershing Commons on Hitt Street as demolition begins on his old residence hall, Stafford Hall. Arvidson lived in Stafford Hall for the 2009-10 school year and said that he had stopped by to see if demolition had begun. "They're working their way toward my room," said Arvidson as the large backhoe ripped though Stafford's walls, from the top floor towards the bottom. Arvidson lived on the ground floor.

Building named for Marine [Photo]

Construction workers from Spirtas Wrecking Co. continue to tear down Stafford Hall. The residence hall was named after MU graduate Richard Yeater Stafford. Stafford was killed at Guadalcanal where he was serving as a captain in the Marine Corps during World War II. In 1943 a U.S. Navy destroyer was also named after Stafford.

Elizabeth Ann Gill [Photo]

Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" Gill was 2 1/2-years-old when she disappeared from her Cape Girardeau home in 1965 and was never found.

Premium Standard Farms [Photo]

No trespassing signs at the entrance to a Premium Standard hog operation near Berlin, Mo., are shown.

The walls come down [Photo]

Construction equipment rips out the walls of Stafford Hall on Thursday. The demolition of the 63-year-old residence hall is expected to be completed in September. Then work will begin on the leveling of neighboring Cramer Hall.

Stafford demolition under way [Photo]

Demolition of Stafford Hall began Thursday. The hall, built in 1947, is being cleared to make room for a new hospital building.

Map of Campus View Apartments [Graphic]

Proposed Convention and Visitor's Bureau funds [Document]

Here is the proposed 2011 fiscal year budget for Columbia's Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Car sharing comes to MU [Photo]

A new Toyota Prius in the Memorial Union parking lot, one of four cars available for rental at MU.

Kuettel outside Stafford Hall [Photo]

Marissa Kuettel poses in the courtyard between Stafford and Cramer halls in 2006.

Stafford Hall Valentine's Day [Photo]

First floor Stafford Hall residents gather in the corridor for a Valentine's Day dinner.

Stafford Hall 1970s [Photo]

Kent Heitholt, former Columbia Daily Tribune sports editor, lived on the ground floor of Stafford Hall in the early 1970s.

Stafford Hall corridor [Photo]

An inside corridor of Stafford Hall in 2007.

Stafford Hall 2007 [Photo]

Spencer Ernst and friends play Catan in the 2nd floor lounge of Stafford Hall in November 2007.

Stafford Hall 2007 [Photo]

The outside of Stafford Hall in 2007.

Stafford Hall room [Photo]

This is a typical women's room in Stafford Hall in 2006.

Demolition begins on Stafford Hall [Photo]

A backhoe rips into the third floor of Stafford Hall on Thursday morning as demolition begins on the first of two dormitories this year. Stafford Hall will be replaced by University Hospital's new patient care tower. Spirtas Wrecking Company is the demolition company. Stafford was built in 1947 at the same time as three other dormitories: Johnston, Graham and Cramer halls.

Mort Walker essay about Beetle Bailey [Document]

In this 1984 letter from King Features, a newspaper syndication service, Mort Walker writes about the creation of his Beetle Bailey comic strip. This letter comes from the Columbia Missourian archive.