American flags to honor Pfc. Fingar [Photo]

U.S. flags hang at the neighborhood of Pfc. Jason D. Fingar in Columbia on May 25. Pfc. Fingar, 24, died in Afghanistan of wounds after his military vehicle was attacked by an IED (improvised explosive device).

Knedler home [Photo]

Danette Knedler sits on the bench at her house across the street from Jason D. Fingar's house in Columbia on May 25. PFC Fingar, 24, died in Afghanistan of wounds after his military vehicle was attacked by an improvised explosive device.

World War I veteran interred 82 years after his death [Slideshow]

Sgt. Donald Wylie died on June 7, 1928 in St. Louis. His domestic military papers were lost when he joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the war, so he, at first, could not receive a military burial.

Former Missouri men's basketball player Tyler Stone [Photo]

Tyler Stone saw limited action last season as a freshman on the Missouri men's basketball team, and when the season ended, the team announced that Stone and sophomore guard Miguel Paul were transferring to seek more playing time. Two days later, the Tigers signed a pair of the country's top-rated junior college transfers.

KCOU Rally [Photo]

Courtesy of KCOU
KCOU general manager Jonathan Hutcheson encourages students and residents to support the radio station at a rally in Speaker's Circle on MU's campus in October 2009.

McDavid listens to question about taxes related to IBM deal [Photo]

Mayor Bob McDavid fields a question from Councilman Jason Thornhill about the type and allocation of taxes related to the recently-announced IBM deal during Monday's special council meeting. The project will bring a new IBM facility to Columbia with a projection of new jobs and increase in tax revenues for the city, all of which were under scrutiny during the public forum.

Skala addresses the council [Photo]

Former councilman Karl Skala addresses the council and audience during Monday's public forum held to discuss concerns and sing praise for the IBM deal announced on May 17 that will bring at least 600 jobs to a new facility in Columbia.

Resident voices concerns about new project [Photo]

Columbia resident Joan Beard voiced her concerns about the new IBM project coming to Columbia, including cost for the city, property taxes, the $1 proposed rent and the lack of transparency on the deal. "I'm glad IBM is coming," Beard said, "but is this the way?"

Business director organizes CDs at KCOU [Photo]

Chase Rother, business director of KCOU, organizes CDs at the radio station. KCOU is currently located in the basement of Pershing Hall but is moving to the new MU student center in December.

Hip-hop artist Brother Ali performs [Photo]

Hip-hop artist Brother Ali performs at KCOU on April 29.

Brother Ali performs at KCOU [Photo]

Hip-hop artist Brother Ali performs at KCOU radio station April 29. KCOU is a student-owned and operated radio station that has been broadcasting at MU since 1963.

Bridge construction on the MKT Trail [Photo]

Construction on Bridges 12 and 13 of the MKT Trail has been delayed at least two to four weeks due to rainy weather.

Mother mourns daughter's overdose [Photo]

Sue Tayon poses for a photo on April 22 in her home holding an urn containing her daughter Nikki Tayon's ashes in Overland, Mo. Tayon's 28-year-old daughter, Nikki, died of an overdose on heroin that was 90 percent pure, her mother said.

Mexican tar heroin [Photo]

Mexican tar heroin seized in different raid operations is seen during a news conference by the County of Ventura District Attorney's officials on March 29 at the Ventura County Sheriff's Department Jail Annex Building, in Ventura, Calif.

Woman dies of heroin overdose [Photo]

Nikki Tayon died last April of an overdose on heroin that was 90 percent pure. A decade ago, she helped lead the high school softball team from Winfield to second place in the state. But it wasn't long after high school that she began using drugs such as marijuana and meth. A couple of years ago, she turned to heroin. She was 28 when she died.

Father dies of heroin overdose [Photo]

William Henderson, a 29-year-old welder from rural Missouri, left his wife Amanda and three small boys destitute in 2009 when he died in his sleep hours after snorting heroin.

Missouri softball players leave field after defeating Illinois [Photo]

MU junior Rhea Taylor, left, and freshman Ashlie Ortega celebrate with teammates while walking off the field after playing against Illinois on Sunday. Missouri beat Illinois 4-2.

Taylor slips past Illinois player [Photo]

MU junior Rhea Taylor slips by Illinois sophomore Kelley Wedel in the first of three runs in the third inning of Sunday's softball game. Missouri beat Illinois 4-2.

Missouri softball beats Illinois 4-2 [Photo]

MU softball sophomore Kristin Nottelmann pitches another full game against Illinois on Sunday. Nottelmann has pitched 13 games this season and in all three games of this weekend's NCAA Regional event. Missouri beat Illinois 4-2.

Ground broken for new regional Catholic high school [Photo]

The new regional Catholic high school broke ground Sunday at the new site off Gans Road. Students are scheduled to start at the new school in the fall of 2011.