Clemson senior Trevor Booker looks to leave a legacy [Photo]

Clemson senior Trevor Booker looks to make the Tigers contenders in the NCAA Tournament.

GRAPH: Budget Recommendations [Graphic]

The House Budget Committee began discussion Monday about the budget proposals from Chairman Allen Icet, R-Wildwood, for the 2011 fiscal year.

Rick Buford answers 11 questions [Video]

Rick Buford discusses transportation. Watch Buford answer 11 questions on issues of importance to the city.

Rick Buford: Transportation [Video]

Rick Buford answers: What do you think are the most important issues related to transportation in Columbia?

Rick Buford: Government transparency [Video]

Rick Buford answers: How would you rate city government in terms of transparency, and what, if anything, would you do to improve it?

Rick Buford: Sustainability [Video]

Rick Buford answers: What do you think the primary goals of the city's new sustainability director should be?

Rick Buford: Ward reapportionment [Video]

Rick Buford answers: Columbia's population now exceeds 100,000, and ward boundaries will have to be redrawn after the 2010 census. Do you believe the city should add more wards and council members?

Rick Buford: Parks [Video]

Rick Buford answers: Would you vote to put a renewal of the city's sales tax for parks on the November ballot?

Rick Buford: Growth management [Video]

Rick Buford answers: What are your thoughts on comprehensive growth management planning now under way?

Rick Buford: Economy [Video]

Rick Buford answers: What incentives, if any, should the city offer to bring in new businesses?

Rick Buford: Downtown cameras [Video]

Rick Buford answers: Do you support the ballot issue calling for the city to place security cameras downtown?

Rick Buford: Crime [Video]

Rick Buford answers: Is crime a problem in Columbia? If so, what do you believe to be the best way to curb crime in the city?

RIck Buford: Budget [Video]

Rick Buford answers: Should the city be looking at new sources of revenue in tight economic times? If so, what are the best options?

Rick Buford: Balance of Power [Video]

Rick Buford answers: There's been quite a bit of debate on the balance of power between the City Council and city manager. Do you think council members should have more input in executive decisions?

2010 NAIA women's basketball tournament bracket [Document]

Bracket for 2010 NAIA women's basketball tournament

Colonial style homes suffered [Photo]

A homeowner looks at the damages to his home following the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile on Feb. 27. Many homes in Chile are built colonial style and suffered damage because they are made of mud and clay materials.

A break in the land [Photo]

A Chilean walks across a crack formed by the 8.8 magnitude earthquake which caused devastation to a large part of Chile on Feb. 27.

Surveying the damage [Photo]

A Chilean homeowner assesses the infrastructure damage to his home after the 8.8 magnitude earthquake which devastated parts of Chile.

Conrad named new principal for Hickman [Photo]

Tracey Conrad was selected as Hickman High School's new principal. She will begin her new role on July 1.

Broadway area moves closer to historic designation [Document]

A section of Broadway in Columbia has been endorsed by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to be included in the National Register of Historic Places.