Constructing an ecovillage community center [Photo]

Elizabeth Stanfill climbs down to take a break while constructing a community center, made of hay bales, at the Plan B Ecovillage near Fulton.

Stuffing straw at ecovillage [Photo]

Elizabeth Stanfill, a co-founder of the Plan B Ecovillage, stuffs loose straw between the cracks of larger hay bales used to construct a community center at the Plan B Ecovillage near Fulton.

Window construction at ecovillage [Photo]

Tao Weilundemo constructs a window frame at the Plan B Ecovillage. Weilundemo, who founded the ecovillage with Elizabeth Stanfill, is building it on land that his family owns near Fulton.

Eco village [Graphic]

Plan B Ecovillage community members Tao Weilundemo and Elizabeth Stanfill have been working on their visitor lodge for the past six months. They have been attempting to use the most environment-friendly means available to them in their construction. They plan to move into the structure before winter and live in it until they’ve built their own home. Eventually the lodge will be available for guests

Map of Eco village [Graphic]

Approximately 35 minutes from Columbia, Plan B Ecovillage is located near Calwood.

Pumping iron [Photo]

Mandy Schick, a personal trainer of three years, watches her client, Andrew Bach do reps in the gym. Schick says she never wanted an office job and prefers to teach individuals about fitness. "I like building those relationships," she says. "When you are done training people they are very sincere about thanking you, and they really honestly feel like they got something out of it."

Waiting to workout [Photo]

While waiting in the gym lobby Mandy Schick calls a client who is running late on Thursday. Schick's schedule as a personal trainer is largely determined by the needs of her clients. She works 40 hours in a typical work week. "I always have my watch on," Schick says.

EcoArtFest at Cooper's Landing [Video]

EcoArtFest was a huge hit, said music coordinator Mike Robertson. See some of the entertainment that took place Saturday and Sunday at Cooper's Landing.

Galena and Hawthorn Residence Halls at MU [Photo]

Galena, left, and Hawthorn, right, Residence Halls are viewed from the 4th floor of Dogwood Residence Hall at MU. Hawthorn Residence Hall is designed to have multipurpose and study rooms and be a meeting point for the students of all three residence halls.

Student passes Hawthorn Residence Hall at MU [Photo]

Kyle Harison, 18, passes in front of the Hawthorn Residence Hall at MU. Hawthorn Residence Hall is designed to have multipurpose and study rooms and be a meeting point for the students of Dogwood and Galena residence halls.

Cancer survivor ran the Heart of America Marathon for the second year [Video]

Cancer survivor Sarah Breier decided to run the Heart of America Marathon for the second year in a row. After overcoming cancer six years ago, Breier has become an avid runner and often competes in marathons. Breier enjoys the difficulty of the race, as well as the scenery.

Tour races through Kansas City [Photo]

The peloton is a blur as it passes by Union Station in Kansas City during final stage of the Tour of Missouri on Sunday.

Tour of Missouri winner [Photo]

David Zabriskie celebrates after winning the Tour of Missouri cycling race Sunday.

Tour of Missouri stage four winner [Photo]

Juan Jose Haedo of Argentina, raises his arms in celebration of his victory Thursday in the fourth stage of the Tour of Missouri cycling race.

Paws in the Park - Hug [Photo]

During the Paws in the Park Festival, organized by Columbia's Second Chance at Stephens Lake Park on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009, visitors show their affection to dogs waiting for adoption. 4-year-old Ryley cuddles Roxy. During the event, Ryley's parents, Ryan and Stacy, adopted a dog - but not Roxy, who has been waiting to be adopted for three years. "I love dog," Ryley said as she hugs Roxy.

Paws in the Park - Belly rub [Photo]

Four-year-old cocker spaniel Cesar enjoys a belly rub from volunteer Cathy Murphy at the Paws in the Park Festival, organized by Columbia's Second Chance on Saturday, Sept. 13.

Paws in the Park - Kim Foster [Photo]

Columbia's Second Chance organized the Paws in the Park Festival on Saturday, Sept. 12th, 2009. Kim Foster, a volunteer since 2002, pets Roxy. "Roxy is very docile and needs someone who can sit quietly with her," Kim says while patting the dog, who has been waiting to be adopted for three years. "As we look for adoption, we try to match the need of a person and dog's character," Kim says. "When these two factors match, they become life-long companions." Kim says Paws in the Park is community education. "Current owners reinforce their sense of responsibility and soon-to-be onwers learn responsible ownership," she says. Kim and other volunteers emphasize the importance of responsibility. "A dog loves you unconditionally no matter who you are, but a person can just walk away."

Huey Lewis and the News [Photo]

Huey Lewis and the News will be performing on Monday, Sept. 14 at 7 p.m.

Southeast Regional Park master plan [Graphic]

The proposed Southeast Regional Park includes A. Perry Philips Park properties and the Gans Creek Recreation Center. Once completed, the park will be the second-largest in Columbia.

Area bike event aims to beat MS [Video]

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Gateway Area Chapter, based in St. Louis, held the first day of their Bike MS, an annual fundraising event Saturday at the Boone County Fairgrounds. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system. According to event organizers, more than 3,400 cyclists — mainly from Missouri and Illinois — participated in the bike ride this year, the most since the program began 25 years ago. The riders could choose between three routes of different lengths, which the organizers said were 40 miles, 75 miles and 100 miles. All the routes began and ended at the fairgrounds.