Getting the kinks out [Photo]

Tom Brinker, right, helps Daniel Leeman assess what problems his bike was having and how to fix them before Leeman began his bike ride on Saturday at Shiloh Bar & Grill, the starting point for The Boone Dawdle. The bike ride from Shiloh's in Columbia to Les Bourgeois winery in Rocheport was part of the first annual Boone Dawdle, a ride sponsored by True/False and Off the Track Events as a fundraiser for the True/False Film Festival.

Interstate 70 accident [Photo]

Furnishings from an RV litter the side of Interstate 70 after a multi-vehicle pileup on Aug. 20.

Family reacts to Interstate 70 pileup [Photo]

Joan Baer holds her children, Charlotte and Will, after being involved in the multiple car pileup on Interstate 70 Friday evening.

What to do with Columbia's trash [Video]

The big M picture [Photo]

MU students form a line to pass rocks from a truck in order to fill in empty spaces in the M before it is painted on Aug. 20 at Faurot Field.

Line of rocks [Photo]

Austin Nichols hands a rock across a fence to Amber Honig on Aug. 20. Students formed long lines to pass rocks to strategic places in the M where rocks were missing or had been weathered.

Kissing the 50 yard line [Photo]

A pair of MU freshmen pose for a picture as they lie on the ground and kiss the fifty yard line of Faurot Field, one of the seven MU traditions, on Aug. 20.

Repainting the tunnel [Photo]

MU students repaint the tunnel under Stadium Boulevard leading to Faurot field on Aug. 20.

Whitewashing the M [Photo]

Margaret Bedwell slops paint out of a bucket while whitewashing the rocks that make up the M on Aug. 20 at Faurot Field.

Pictures of the week: Aug. 15-20 [Slideshow]

Pictures of the week from Aug. 15-20.

Paddling the dragon boat [Photo]

Christina Glauner paddles near the front of the dragon boat during a trial run on June 26 at Creve Coeur Lake in Creve Coeur, Mo. Glauner and a handful of other paddlers first came up with the idea to race the Missouri River 340 in a dragon boat during the safety meeting of the 2009 race.

First day at Lange [Photo]

Avrian Moreno, left, and Jessica Gomez walk Gomez’ younger sister Rocio Gomez to Lange Middle School for the first day of school on Aug. Laurie Milburn, a sixth grade math teacher at Lange, greeted families and students as they arrived.

Walking to Derby Ridge [Photo]

Samantha Baker forms a train as she holds hands with her son Joshua Fitzmorris, 5, and daughter McKenzie Baker Aug. 19 on their way to Derby Ridge Elementary School. Baker said her son, who is entering Kindergarten, was excited for his first day of school.

Proposed Land Acquisition Scoring Matrix [Document]

A proposed land preservation scoring matrix is up for review by several City departments. Recommendations will be considered by the City Commission before a final draft is created.

Missouri cornerback Carl Gettis at practice [Photo]

The Tigers return their top five defensive backs from 2009, including Carl Gettis, who is entering his fourth season as a starter.

Welcome Back 2010 e-book cover [Photo]

The cover of the e-book edition of the Welcome Back 2010 special section of the Missourian.

Welcome Back 2010: Download the e-book [Document]

Download our specially formatted e-book edition of Welcome Back 2010, our special section updating students on important news they might have missed while away from Columbia for the summer.

MU running backs Marcus Murphy and Henry Josey [Photo]

Missouri freshmen running backs Marcus Murphy, left, and Henry Josey have formed a close friendship since they started playing for the Tigers.

Back to School [Slideshow]

Missourian reporters hit the streets on the first day of public school in Columbia to ask students: "What do you hope to learn in this school year?"

FIve-year-old high-fives crossing guard [Photo]

Skyler Roberts, 5, high-fives crossing guard Ralph Bowers as he crosses the street with Cassie Sapp and Zach Green at Russell Boulevard Elementary on Thursday. The first day of school began Bowers' 14th year as a crossing guard.