Site blessed for new regional Catholic high school [Photo]

Members of the Executive Committee of Father Augustine Tolton Regional Catholic High School and prominent members of Columbia listen as the Rev. Thomas Saucier blesses the site where ground was broken Sunday for the new school.

Cable TV providers try to improve customer service [Photo]

In this Feb. 2, 2009 file photo, a Time Warner Cable truck is parked in New York. Facing increased competition from other subscription TV services and online video, some cable companies are trying to improve customer service to retain subscribers.

Five-year study to cover management of Missouri River system [Photo]

This Sept. 18, 1946 aerial view taken from a U.S. Army airplane flying over Fort Peck Lake, near Glasgow, Mont. shows operational tests of the mile-long concrete lined spillway of the Fort Peck Dam, the first of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' dams to be completed in the Missouri River basin. Congress authorized a $25 million, five-year study to determine whether changes need to be made in the 1944 law that sets eight purposes for the dams, reservoirs and lower free-flowing river.

Summer school endangered by state budget woes [Photo]

A student waits at the front doors of Raymore-Peculiar High School in Peculiar. About 2,500 of the Raymore-Peculiar district's 6,000 students enrolled in a free summer school program last year that combined traditional subjects with enrichment classes such as music. Now, with state funding uncertain, the district will focus on about 800 students who need to make up credits to graduate or are struggling to keep up with classmates.

Congress authorizes five-year study of Missouri River system [Photo]

In this March 29, 2005 file photo, Joe Gill throws out a line on the Missouri River below Hauser Dam near Helena, Mont. Congress authorized a $25 million, five-year study to determine whether changes need to be made in the 1944 law that sets eight purposes for the dams, reservoirs and lower free-flowing river: flood control, navigation, hydropower, irrigation, water supply, recreation, water quality, and fish and wildlife.

Misses the tag [Photo]

MU sophomore Conner Mach misses the tag at second on Texas junior Tant Shepherd while MU freshman Eric Garcia watches on May 22. Mizzou lost to Texas 4-6.

Caught in the middle [Photo]

MU freshman Eric Garcia (center) and junior Kelly Fick catch Texas junior Tant Sheperd in a pickle on May 22. Mizzou lost to Texas 4-6.

Hudson's home run celebration [Photo]

Freshman Nicole Hudson runs to home plate after hitting a home run for the Mizzou softball team on May 22. Mizzou beat Illinois 3-1.

North terrace [Photo]

Artist renderings of the new Ellis Fischel building's North Terrace courtesy of MU Health Care.

Force out at first [Photo]

MU junior Shana White runs to first base where Illinois sophomore Meredith Hackett makes the catch to force the out on May 22. Missouri beat Illinois 3-1.

Stopping at second [Photo]

East drop-off area [Photo]

Artist renderings of the new Ellis Fischel building's East drop-off area courtesy of MU Health Care.

Nottelmann pitches complete game [Photo]

MU sophomore Kristin Nottelmann pitched the entire game against Illinois on May 22. Nottelmann allowed only seven hits out of 120 pitches and she struck out eight batters to help Mizzou beat Illinois 3-1.

Ball bounce [Photo]

Memorial with flowers [Photo]

Flowers were handed out to those who had lost loved ones to cancer at the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center on May 22.

Backstage joking [Photo]

Dr. Einstein's makeup [Photo]

Alex Hoge has his makeup done by Mary Shaw in preparation to play "Dr. Einstein", a plastic surgeon specializing in transforming the faces of criminals, on May 21. Alex's transformation took at least 15 minutes, which he believes is a consequence of his youth.

Cast and crew prepare [Photo]

Maplewood Barn Community Theatre cast and crew prepared for the first full performance of "Arsenic and Old Lace" on May 21. Set creation lasted until 8 p.m. when the show started. All props and materials are now stored in a single storage container on the foundation where the Maplewood Barn once stood.

Maplewood remains [Photo]

All that remains of the Maplewood Barn Theater after an April 5, 2010 fire is a burnt foundation. Two trailers now stand on the foundation serving as storage and dressing room space for the cast. Prior to the first performance of the season, the cast of "Arsenic and Old Lace" moved props from the storage container to prepare the set.

Remembering loved ones lost to cancer [Photo]

Joyce Caraker, right, speaks with Dale Cunningham, center, while her daughter, Mary Cunningham, looks on at the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center Memorial. "This service is wonderful; we make friends and it transcends cancer," Dale said. "Grief and the need to remember are universal regardless of the reason."