Kitchen fire damages home [Photo]

Columbia Firefighters emerge from 504 Rogers St. on Saturday. They were called to the scene because of a small kitchen fire. Damage is estimated at $5,000. There were no injuries.

Hickman High School football players begin first practice of season [Photo]

Hickman High School football coach Jason Wright speaks to his players at the beginning of the team's first practice on Monday at the school's football stadium. Wright gave an outline of what practice would consist of and emphasized the importance of the team's energy.

The Week in Pictures: Aug. 7-13 [Slideshow]

This week's pictures include high school football practices, wildfires in Moscow and miners in China and Chile.

Michael York sorts recycling at fairgrounds [Photo]

Michael York stands in front of a portion of the recyclable goods he has collected by hand on the Boone County Fairgrounds on Thursday. York, who is 15, is completing the long-term recycling in part as a Boy Scout project.

Scout sorts recycling [Photo]

Michael York separates aluminum from cardboard in the large pile of recycling he's amassed on the Boone County Fairgrounds on Thursday. York has collected three tons of recycling.

Meteor shower visible from Columbia early Friday morning [Photo]

A cropped photo of Perseid as seen from Columbia made just after midnight Friday morning. The constellation at left is Cygnus, part of the Milky Way seen that night.

Kezer ruling [Document]

Former Cole County Circuit Judge Richard Callahan's ruling exonerating Joshua Kezer.

Barn design, option B [Document]

In this design, the barn is moved northwest of its original location and the overhang covers the entire stage.

Barn design, option A [Document]

In this design, the barn maintains its original location and the overhang partially covers the stage.

Daniel Schatz [Photo]

This Aug. 3, 2010, photo provided by the Sullivan Journal shows Daniel Schatz, 19, in Sullivan, Mo. Schatz was killed Thursday, Aug. 5, 2010, when the pickup he was driving was involved in an accident involving several other vehicles near Gray Summit. One other person was killed in the accident.

Missouri receiver T.J. Moe [Photo]

Freshman receiver L'Damian Washington, left, looks on as sophomore T.J. Moe, right, prepares to haul in a pass during practice last Friday. Moe is taking over for first-stringer Jerrell Jackson, who broke a bone in his left wrist Wednesday.

Women's football player Jacki Ray [Photo]

Jacki Ray works to get around a blocker at a Columbia Enforcers practice last Sunday. Ray, who is from Jefferson City, used to have to travel to St. Louis or Kansas City to play football. But joining the Enforcers has made her trips much shorter.

Food banks help reduce child hunger in Boone County [Graphic]

Feeding America, a network of food banks, ranked Missouri fifth worst in terms of child hunger, which measures how many households with children worry about where the next meal is going to come from. Boone County has fewer households (19.1 percent) with children who are hungry than the state (23.4 percent) average. The national average is 18.9 percent.

According to the 2010 Missouri Hunger Atlas, food banks annually distributed more than 5 million pounds to hungry Boone County residents. This is one of the reasons Boone County has lower levels of child hunger than the state average. Programs like Buddy Packs, provided by the Central and Northeast Food Bank, help feed children in particular.

Horticulture specialist discusses plant types [Photo]

Rebecca Spicer, left, watches as Catherine Bohnert, horticulture specialist at Jefferson Farm and Gardens, talks about examples of each plant in the rain gardens and plants native to the area on Thursday.

Jefferson Farm and Gardens offers walking tour [Photo]

Participants in a walking tour climb aboard a hay wagon that took them to various parts of Jefferson Farm and Gardens on Thursday. The tour stopped at various locations for a speaker to talk about aspects of the farm and why it was constructed as it is.

Jefferson Farm director guides attendees on tour of farm [Photo]

Rob Myers, director of programs for Jefferson Farm and Gardens, signals towards the pond to point out the boardwalk and water lilies surrounding it on Thursday. While the majority of the information given was done by speakers at different stops along the route, Myers acted as the general guide for the tour.

Chicken processing workshop to be held Aug. 21 [Photo]

If you attend the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture's chicken processing workshop on Aug. 21, one of these chickens could be an honored guest at your first tailgate.

Chickens await processing workshop [Photo]

The Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture is raising these chickens for their first chicken processing workshop, which is scheduled for Aug. 21. CCUA board member Billy Polansky built the movable chicken tractor for the group's garden site at Smith and Fay streets.

Chickens snack at lunchtime [Photo]

The Sims' chickens enjoy a lunchtime snack on Wednesday. In the 18 months they've had chickens, they have spent between $30-$50 on feed for the birds. They feed them food scraps and also let the birds scavenge for bugs and weeds in their backyard. They used an old light fixture as a feeding trough.

Letting a hen go [Photo]

Hannah Sims lets Florentine go after a brief lunchtime caress on Wednesday. Sims comes home at lunch to let the chickens run in the yard each day.