Hosing off [Photo]

Both of the final teams competing in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Mud Ball Tournament wash down after the championship game on Saturday.

Ready to serve [Photo]

Bladder Splatters team member Greg Link prepares to serve at the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Missouri Mud Ball tournament on Saturday. The Bladder Splatters won the final game 15-8 in the championship match.

Washing up [Photo]

Bladder Splatters team captain Michael Elley washes his face after his team won the Big Brothers Big Sisters Mud Ball tournament on Saturday. His team took second place two years ago, and five of the seven players on the team are family members. "We are a very competitive family," Elley said.

Victory hug [Photo]

Teammates Myles Branch and Hayley Christensen hug after their team wins the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Missouri Mud Ball tournament on Saturday. Twelve teams competed in the tournament that began at 10 a.m. and was held behind the Columbia Career Center.

Post-victory cleanup [Photo]

First-year player Hayley Christensen pulls duct tape off her shoes after her team, The Bladder Splatters, took first place in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Missouri Mud Ball tournament on Saturday. "They [her teammates] said it would keep our feet from slipping out of our shoes," Christensen said.

Columbia tattoo artist talks gender dynamics [Slideshow]

Columbia tattoo artist Katy Raymon discusses her experience in the industry. She focuses on being a female artist in a male-dominated field but also talks about body image and her Women's Studies background. She is shown tattooing a local artist who exchanged a canvas painting for the tattoo.

Mother explains why she came to Summer Welcome [Photo]

Robin Jenkins, left, speaks with Nathan Stephens, director of the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center, at the Mizzou & You dinner during Summer Welcome on Tuesday. "I want to make sure, as a parent, that my son is doing things for the right reasons," Jenkins said of her attendance.

Students take a break from Summer Welcome festivities [Photo]

Xavier Wegmann, left, Tim Gray, center, and Brendan Giljum take a break from their hectic Summer Welcome schedule in the second floor lounge of Hatch Hall. "We're getting the partying out of our systems now," Gray said with a laugh.

Incoming MU freshmen attend orientation [Photo]

Incoming MU freshmen attend the College of Arts and Science's divisional orientation on Tuesday at Conservation Hall during Summer Welcome.

Students tour MU during Summer Welcome [Photo]

Incoming freshmen and their guests walk past the inscribed bricks Tuesday outside the Reynolds Alumni Center during a Summer Welcome campus tour. Tuesday marked the 19th session of the Summer Welcome program, with one final session on Wednesday for freshmen and one on Thursday for transfer students.

MU senior directs Summer Welcome traffic [Photo]

Senior Kenny Wiley directs Summer Welcome traffic into the Virginia Avenue Garage on Tuesday morning. "We dress up in costumes to try to put a smile on their face at 8 a.m.," Wiley said about the incoming students and their guests. Approximately 5,500 freshmen have attended the Summer Welcome program this year.

Summer Welcome Revue introduces students to MU traditions [Photo]

Summer Welcome leaders perform for incoming freshman at the Summer Welcome Revue on Tuesday in Jesse Auditorium. The revue introduces freshman to MU traditions and the college experience through song, dance and humor.

Incoming MU freshmen walk across Carnahan Quadrangle [Photo]

Senior Cole Donelson leads a morning tour of incoming freshmen and their guests Tuesday across the Carnahan Quadrangle during the 19th session of Summer Welcome. According to Jeff Luker, the New Student Programs graduate assistant, 295 students and 400 guests signed in for Tuesday's Summer Welcome session.

MU Summer Welcome tour guide [Graphic]

The MU Summer Welcome tour acclimates incoming students to the campus. Morning tours start at
8:05 and 8:20 a.m. The evening tour is at 5:40 p.m. Both tours take about 40 minutes. At the end of
the tour, parents and students are divided to different welcome sessions. Throughout the tour, stops are
made at various MU landmarks and guides talk about featured facilities and historical sites.

Washington Gikunju [Photo]

Washington Gikunju, a visiting fellow at the Missourian from Kenya

The Week in pictures: July 3 to 9 [Slideshow]

The week in pictures: July 3 to 9.

Obama visits Smith Electric Vehicles in Kansas City [Video]

President Barack Obama paid a visit to Smith Electric Vehicles on Thursday in Kansas City, Mo., to congratulate the plant and its employees on the $32 million Department of Energy grant it received in March. The grant has allowed the small company, which produces electric commercial trucks by hand in its facility, to grow to 50 employees, and in the near future increase production from one to two trucks per day. Obama also took the opportunity to address current political hot topics, such as the economy and jobs, during his presentation to Smith Electric.

Tree branch smolders on power line [Photo]

A branch of an uprooted tree smoldered on a high voltage power line on Redbud Lane Thursday morning in Columbia's Quarry Heights neighborhood. The tree uprooted around 5:30 a.m., knocking down three understory trees and utility lines. The Columbia Fire Department, Water and Light Department and a tree removal service crew cleared debris and restored power to the block by 9 a.m.

Lining up to cheer [Photo]

On their first night with the Lady Bulldogs Cheer and Dance team, Andrianna Walter, 8, and Falen Singleten, 11, learn their first cheer. The group, lead by Sonrisa Wood and Athena Hord, uses dance and cheer routines to build self esteem in young girls.

Big stretch [Photo]

Kyleigh Fuller, 8, warms up for Lady Bulldogs Cheer and Cance practice on Wednesday night with a back-bending stretch called a bridge.