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Senate results Democrat [Graphic]

Proposition C results [Graphic]

The Iron Souls [Photo]

Richard "Gil" Gilbert, left, one of the original members of the Iron Souls motorcycle club from Oakland, Calif., peruses the display motorcycles in front of the Harley Davidson demo area. Gilbert stands with Leonard "Truck" White, right, a road captain. The road captain, White explains, is responsible for organizing the details of a club's ride and ensuring their safety. When asked what Gilbert's responsibilities were, Gilbert said that as a senior member that they were to "just sit back and enjoy the ride. I've already done all of that. Now I just have to sit back and enjoy myself."

Tent for hogs [Photo]

Harley Davidson, the American Motorcycle manufacturer, brought a demo area for test-riding new bikes to the National Bikers Roundup in Columbia. New models were lined up for interested bikers to check out on Monday.

God's Wheels Inc. [Photo]

Jerry Lindley, group member of the God's Wheels Motorcycle Ministry, peeks behind the group's tent banner at the 33rd Annual National Bikers Roundup on Tuesday, where they are collecting canned food and other donations. Lindley says that God's Wheels chose a Missouri food bank as the recipient.

Big blue bike [Photo]

Owner Joseph Hathaway loves his Honda bike because it rides very smoothly and has a six-disc CD changer.

Rows of new bikes [Photo]

Motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson has already unloaded an 18-wheel semi filled with new bikes that patrons will be allowed to test ride during the rally.

Columbia gymnast Whitnee Johnson [Photo]

In July, Kent State offered a full athletic scholarship to Whitnee Johnson, a 17-year-old senior at Rock Bridge High School. She will be the first gymnast from Show-Me Gymnastics in Columbia to move on to college competition.

Road projects for proposed TDD [Document]

Here is a breakdown of the nine road projects for the proposed Grindstone Plaza Drive at Columbia TDD.

Working at the polls [Video]

At 4:30 a.m., MU student Joanna Witte, 21, and Bob Boston, 67, began setting up the polling station at the Columbia Public Library. The poll workers are expected to stay until their ballots are turned in to the county clerk sometime after 7 p.m. Despite the generation gap, these veteran poll workers said they put in the long hours at the polls for the same reason: to serve the public.

Heat - the enemy of hockey [Photo]

Naymon Holliman cleans the windows on the ice rink Tuesday morning at the Washington Park Ice Arena in Jefferson City.

The best prize? Air conditioning [Photo]

Melissa Pierce helps children pick out prizes in exchange for tickets on Tuesday at Going Bonkers Family Fun Center.

Going Bonkers [Photo]

Parents and children beat the heat by spending the afternoon on Tuesday at Going Bonkers Family Fun Center. High temperatures for Tuesday are expected to be near 100 degrees.

Drive through ice cream [Photo]

Harison Pitchford serves a custard sundae to a drive-through customer on Tuesday at Andy's Frozen Custard. Pitchford keeps cool at work while Columbia is under an excessive heat warning through Wednesday evening.

Scooping ice cream [Photo]

Scott Trotske scoops frozen custard for a customer Tuesday at Andy's Frozen Custard.

As the dragon perches on his previous prey [Photo]

A bearded dragon enjoys the sun at the Columbia Pet Center on Tuesday. Josh Hendren, who works at the store, said the lizard hails from Australia's outback and is no stranger to temperature extremes. "There, it's as hot as can be during the day, and as cold as can be during the night," he said.

How to train your dragon [Photo]

Beth Kiburz lifts a bearded dragon at Columbia Pet Center on Tuesday. Kiburz said she enjoys reptiles like the four-year-old dragon because they have a lot of personality.

Turtles go swimming [Photo]

A rescued red-eared slider turtle warms up on a rock at the Columbia Pet Center on Tuesday. Beth Kiburz, an employee at CPC, said the turtles are native to Missouri. "The heat's part of their digestive process," Kiburz said. "But when it's this hot they'll get back in the water to cool off."

Even bikes need shade [Photo]

A motorcycle sits in the shade across from the historic J.W. "Blind" Boone home at Fourth Street and Broadway on Tuesday.