Nonprofit status [Document]

This is a list of more than 7,300 Missouri nonprofits in danger of losing their tax-exempt status, including more than 175 organizations in Columbia.

New residence buildings at MU [Graphic]

Because of a larger than anticipated MU freshmen class, Residential Life has made available an unoccupied Stephens College dorm and the former Liahona House as options for the coming school year.

Packing up [Photo]

Rachel Prevette and Esperance Nantore pack up after cleaning the Williams' house on Zoe Lane on July 2.

Cleaning the house [Photo]

Esperance Nantore, an African refugee, cleans a house on July 2. Nantore is an employee for a cleaning company called Safi Sana. Safi Sana was started with the objective of helping refugees find work. Nantore has been in Columbia for nearly two years.

Cleaning checklist [Photo]

Rachel Prevette and Esperance Nantore discuss the cleaning checklist for a house on July 2. Prevette, Nantore and their boss, Jen Wheeler, all attend the Christian Fellowship church. Prevette says she enjoys being paired with Nantore, who is nice and with whom she practices her Swahili.

Artrageous Fridays [Slideshow]

Ragtag Cinema and Lee Elementary school combined forces to host a children's art exhibition as part of Artrageous Fridays. The exhibit was part of a children's film festival Ragtag is currently screening.

Missouri nonprofits in danger of losing tax exemption [Document]

This is a list of more than 7,300 Missouri nonprofits in danger of losing their tax-exempt status, including more than 175 organizations in Columbia. It's a long document, so try searching for Columbia, or for a specific name.

Novice riders find start at their own horse show [Video]

The novice youth and amateur horse show had approximately 20 participants in over more than 40 different shows at the Midway Exposition Center on Saturday and Sunday. Participants vied for the ultimate prize — a belt buckle worth over $150, according to Janice Klenke, the show secretary.

Keeping on course [Photo]

Dale Carrol keeps his horses on course Monday in the Boone County Fair horse pull event.

Attaching the horses [Photo]

Nicholas Eckman, left, and Caleb Vaughn, right, help Charlie Kane attach his horses to the sled Monday before his team's run in the Boone County Fair's horse pull.

Pulling to second place [Photo]

Tom Miller steers his horses, Frank and Marty, to a second-place finish Monday at the Boone County Fair horse pull. Nine different horse teams competed in the farm teamcompetition, in which they pulled up to 12,000 pounds of cinderblocks up to 20 feet.

Shearing sheep [Photo]

Will Garrett, left, helps Brendan Rost, right, shear his sheep for the weigh for the breeding sheep show at the Boone County Fair on Monday. The breeding sheep show is scheduled to take place on Wednesday.

Waiting to open [Photo]

Storm clouds roll in over the the Boone County Fairgrounds on Monday before the rides officially opened for the day.

Dripping with watermelon [Photo]

Abby Miller, 7, of Columbia, reduces a slice of watermelon to its rind during Family Fun Night Monday at the Boone County Fair. Rain and clouds persisted throughout the day, but three-legged races, water balloon tosses, and watermelon eating competitions gave visiting families ample reasons to enjoy their night.

Watermelon eating contest [Photo]

Lainey Gussman, 3, Noah Wilson, 4, and Adam Wilson, 5, attend to their watermelon slices with varying degrees of determination during the Family Fun Night watermelon eating contest on Monday night at the Boone County Fair.

Finishing the rind [Photo]

Garrett Snow, 4, left, watches his brother, Hunter Snow, 5, cruise to a first-place victory during the Under-6 watermelon eating competition at the Boone County Fair on Monday night. Hunter, who showed his pig in the Pee Wee competition, said that the watermelon topped off an "awesome" day.

Proposed 2010 park sales tax breakdown [Document]

Nebraska footbal coach Bo Pelini [Photo]

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini answers reporters' questions Monday at the 2010 Big 12 Football Media Day in Irving, Texas.

Raptors sign Kleiza [Photo]

Former Missouri player Linas Kleiza answers reporters' questions last month in Toronto after the Raptors extended him an offer. Toronto signed Kleiza to a multi-year contract on Monday.

Taking a call at Joint Communications [Photo]

Suzanne Fred, an operator at the Office of Emergency Management and Public Safety Joint Communications takes a call on July 15. Fred, an employee there for 25 years, said that the recent increase in cell phone use has doubled her office's workload. She said she is concerned that people use the 911 line for legitimate calls and not frivolous ones. "We ask that folks use a non-emergency number for things that are not life and death," she said. "I've had calls from people who wanted the score from the Mizzou game."