COLT Employee radio [Photo]

COLT worker Eric Gooding talks on the radio with the conductor during a freight shipment between Centralia and Columbia on Thursday, May 13. Gooding is the newest employee at COLT, a Columbia owned freight line.

COLT train tracks [Photo]

A freight car passes through Centralia during a shipment to Columbia on Thursday, May 13.

COLT employees talk [Photo]

COLT Railroad employees Shane Riley and Matthew Sabath go through paperwork before heading out for the morning's shipments on Thursday, May 13. COLT employs a small team of 6 full-time and temporary employees to run and maintain the freight rails in Columbia.

COLT Train [Photo]

A COLT Railroad engine awaits the day's shipments on Thursday, May 13. COLT Railroad is a city owned entity that moves freight in and around Columbia and the surrounding communities.

COLT Commodities [Graphic]

GRAPHIC | The COLT has handled more than 20,000 cars since 1999.

COLT railroad map [Graphic]

GRAPHIC | The Columbia Terminal Railroad spans 21 miles between Columbia and Centralia.

COLT traffic [Graphic]

GRAPHIC | Rail traffic on the Columbia Terminal Railroad has increased dramatically since 1998, the first full year of city operation.

SWAT Burton press conference [Photo]

Columbia Chief of Police Kenneth Burton gave a statement to the public and answered questions on Thursday related to SWAT activity earlier this year. The police will invest in eight new helmet cameras costing about $300 each so every future SWAT entry can be reviewed. "We are trying to go above and beyond to make sure this doesn't happen again," Burton said.

City Council approves Farmer's Market expansion [Photo]

Paula Nolan buys strawberries at Thursday's grand opening of a new Columbia Farmers' Market location in the parking lot of Forum Boulevard Christian Church. Nolan said: "I wasn't sure if I was going to come out due to the rain, but it's only three minutes (away from home). It's really great for us over here."

Farmer's Market opens satellite locations [Photo]

Paula Nolan bought her fresh lettuce from Tammy Sellmeyer on the grand opening, Thursday, at Farmers' Market's second location. The new location, at Forum and Nifong, is in the Forum Boulevard Christian Church parking lot.

CPD's summary of what is seen in SWAT video [Document]

Click here to download a minute-by-minute narrative of what is seen in the video of the Columbia SWAT team executing the warrant on Feb. 11. The narrative comes from the Columbia Police Department.

Burton's statement on SWAT investigation [Document]

Click here to download a PDF of Police Chief Ken Burton's statement regarding the internal investigation into the Feb. 11 SWAT raid.

Narcotics Search Warrant Service- Policy Change Updated [Document]

Click here to download a PDF of the Columbia Police Department's changes to how ti serves narcotics search warrants.

Results of internal SWAT investigation [Document]

Click here to download a PDF of the Columbia Police Department's results of the Internal Investigation.

Callaway Nuclear Power Plant safety [Photo]

Since 2005, there have been at least 17 documented cases of alleged discrimination at the Callaway Nuclear Generating plant, according to Nuclear Regulatory Commission documents acquired under the Freedom of Information Act.

Farmers must wait for fields to dry out before planting more [Photo]

Recent rainfall levels have put the corn growth behind schedule because the soil is too saturated. Planting corn from this date on can decrease the overall yield by 25 percent, said Bill Wiebold, MU plant sciences professor. If farmers have to wait until June to plant corn, he said, the yield decreases even more.

Rain might be too much for corn crops [Photo]

This corn, at John Forsee’s farm in Hartsburg has been submerged because of the rising water table from the recent rain. Hartsburg resident Wayne Hilgedick said, "When the river is up a long time, like it has been, then the seep water just comes up." Hilgedick said that some of the corn will drown, and it’s almost too late to replant.

Missionary work in Kazakhstan [Photo]

Scott Parsons dressed like a doctor at the orphanage. "It was flu season, and we had to be extra cautious to make sure that the kids do not get sick," he said.

Pinkel becomes face of motocycle safety [Photo]

MU football coach Gary Pinkel has become the new poster child for motorcycle safety. He will appear in a series of ads for the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety's "Share the Road" campaign.

Rukus Ball roll raises money for gifted program [Photo]

Duncan Galen, 12, climbs out of a Rukus Ball that is held by Scott Troske during a fundraiser for Columbia Public Schools' gifted program Tuesday evening at Cosmo-Bethel Park. After Superintendent Chris Belcher rolled down the hill, children at least 12 years old were able to have a turn.