After quirks comes focus [Photo]

Hallsville junior varsity basketball player Josh Grove, second from right, takes a moment to "get rid of everything off the court and focus" in an interesting series of quirky gestures while teammates Gavin Jones, left, Miles Drummond and Tyler Jones listen to their coach's instructions moments before tip-off in Ashland on Thursday.

AUDIO: Hickman Rock da Mic [Audio]

Samples of performances at the 7th annual Rock Da Mic competition at Hickmann High School.

U.N.I.Q -dance 1st place
Nicholas Rodriguez and Atlante Guajardo- bilingual rap
Reuben Smith-poem 1st place
Joe Riley-rap 1st place

Comparing oil collections [Photo]

Scott Schulte holds up two samples of used cooking oil to compare their quality in the garage of his Columbia home on Friday. The clear one on the right is of good quality. The brown one on the left has been used extensively before being exchanged and contains many impurities and solids. "Some restaurants clearly want to make the most out of their oil," Schulte says with a smile.

Keeping a clean record [Photo]

To keep track of where he gets the best oil from, Schulte keeps a collection of samples in his garage. Some restaurants use their oil more extensively than others, leaving it contaminated with many impurities and solids when Schulte picks it up.

Talking business [Photo]

Scott Schulte of Columbia leans against the back of his vegetable oil-fueled truck in the garage of his home on Friday. In January 2008, Schulte, a retired park superintendent of the Rock Bridge State Park and a section of the Katy Trail, started his business called Biofuels, where he sells filtered and purified vegetable oil that can be used as a diesel substitute in specially prepared cars.

Schulte demonstrates homemade filter system [Photo]

Scott Schulte demonstrates his homemade straight vegetable oil filter system in the garage of his Columbia home on Feb. 13. Schulte, a retired park superintendent of the Rock Bridge Memorial State Park and a section of the Katy Trail, buys old cooking oil from restaurants in the area and filters out impurities and solids to fuel his 2006 Chevrolet Duramax pick-up truck. Since January 2008 Schulte has also been running a business called Biofuels, where he sells the purified vegetable oil.

Oil on wheels [Photo]

Scott Schulte equipped the interior of his van with an interconnected array of tanks, pumps and hoses that allows him to collect the used cooking oil from the restaurants in a 100-mile radius around Columbia. "I want that protection," Schulte said about why he built the system in the van. "It's hard to keep your stuff nice and clean when it's exposed to the elements."

Manage the flow of diesel [Photo]

The fuel injection control module and the Pollak 6 port valve are located in the bottom left corner. The control module is the silver block, the valve is the black box attached to it. Both are part of the Golden Fuel system in Schulte's car that manage the flow of diesel and the filtered and heated straight vegetable oil (SVO) stored in the tank on the back of the truck into the engine. When Schulte starts the engine of his Chevrolet, it runs on regular diesel until it reaches operating temperature. The hot coolant can then be used to heat the more viscous vegetable oil in the tank. Once it is heated up properly, Schulte flips a switch on his dashboard and the car runs on SVO.

State wrestling championship [Photo]

Park Hill junior Alan Waters tries to break down Hickman senior Vince Pescaglia in the title match during the MSHSAA state wrestling tournament on Saturday at Mizzou Arena. Waters led throughout the length of the match.

Wrestling reversal [Photo]

Hickman senior Vince Pascaglia attemps a reversal on Park Hill junior Alan Waters in the title match during the MSHSAA state wrestling tournament on Saturday at Mizzou Arena. Pascaglia lost the match 13-5.

Discussing strategy [Photo]

Senior Sofia Ayala exchanges a glance with her doubles partner freshman Danielle Day during the meet against Minnesota on Saturday. Ayala and Day lost the match to Karina Chiarelli and Alessandra Ferrazzi.

Rootin Tootin Chili Cook-off [Video]

Deronne Wilson, Unit Director of the Boys and Girls Club, tells about the fourth annual Rootin’ Tootin’ Chili Cook-off on Saturday.

MU tennis player Jessica Giuggioli [Photo]

Missouri senior Jessica Giuggioli lines up her return in her match against Minnesota sophomore Alessandra Ferrazzi on Feb. 21 at the Green Center.

Hickman wrestler Vince Pescaglia falls in state final [Photo]

Hickman senior Vince Pescaglia winces in pain after Park Hill junior Alan Waters landed on his left foot late in the second period of the Class 4 119-pound title match at the MSHSAA state wrestling tournament on Feb. 21 at Mizzou Arena. Pescaglia lost the match 13-5.

Feeling the pressure [Photo]

Missouri forward Laurence Bowers (21) is pressured by Colorado guard Javon Coney (14) during the second half of the Missouri-Colorado basketball game.

Denmon and Lyons rebound [Photo]

Missouri guard Marcus Denmon (12) and forward Leo Lyons (5) go up for a rebound as Colorado forward Austin Dufault (33) looks on during the second half of the Missouri-Colorado basketball game in Boulder, Colo., on Saturday. Missouri beat Colorado 66-53.

Forsee: Employee assurances [Audio]

Question 6:

What assurance do we have that the money being taken out of our salaries won't go to things like operating costs and building funds? And what assurance do we have that this new plan to have us pay 1 or 2 percent of our pay into our retirement plans doesn't put us on a slippery slope to having to pay 2 or 3 percent?

Forsee: Fairness in furloughs [Audio]

Question 5:

You've said that furloughs, if instituted, would be instituted fairly. But what does that mean? It seems that fairness in furloughs would be hard to determine, since a given number of furlough days would affect some people much more negatively than it would others.

Forsee: Giving surplusses back to employees [Audio]

Question 4:

There has been discussion about the possibility that, given the deductions from salaries, if there are surpluses in retirement funds, building funds, etc., some of that money would be given back to the employees. On the other hand, I'm hearing you say that the money would simply stay in those funds. Is the option of giving it back to employees on the table?

Forsee: Workers' compensation for furloughed employees [Audio]

Question 3:

Suppose a furlough is instituted and a furloughed employee gets hurt while responding to an emergency situation on campus (like an equipment malfunction only he or she can fix). Would that employee still get help, like workers' compensation, from the university?