Discussion with the defense team [Photo]

Tausha Fields talks to her defense team during witness testimony in her first-degree murder trial on Thursday at the Boone County Courthouse.

testing, testing, testing [Document]

Working with the patient's family [Photo]

As a volunteer, Glen Sapp provides a listening ear for the family of his patient, Harry Simons. “I can talk to Glen; he is ‘our Glen,’” said his daughter Alisa Calvert.

Harry Simons remains home for hospice care [Photo]

Harry Simons gets a visit from Hospice Compassus volunteer Glen Sapp about once a week. When a patient is put on hospice service, aggressive treatment is no longer attempted. The purpose of hospice service is to keep patients comfortable.

Hospice care extends to patient's family [Photo]

Sapp’s visits can be 20 minutes or several hours. He talks to Harry Simons and his wife and caregiver, Zelmajoyce Simons.

Visiting a patient at home [Photo]

Glen Sapp, a volunteer for Hospice Compassus in Columbia, visits patient Harry Simons in his home. Simons has Alzheimer’s disease and has problem with short-term memory. He doesn’t know Sapp’s name, but he enjoys the visits, said Alisa Calvert, Simons’ daughter.

Hospice Compassus provides end-of-life care [Audio]

Glen Sapp, a volunteer with Hospice Compassus in Columbia, visits Harry Simons about once a week at his home. Because Simons suffers from Alzheimer's, he doesn't remember Sapp, but Simons' daughter says he enjoys Sapp's visits.

Brian C. Young [Photo]

Brian C. Young

Fans discuss the World Cup [Audio]

Ragtag Cinema, located on Hitt Street, is broadcasting every match of the FIFA World Cup live. These showings are free and are almost always packed. The U.S. vs. Algeria game took place Wednesday and marked the first win for the U.S. in the tournament.

Surveillance photos of robbery suspect [Photo]

Two banks robberies in the last week, one in Jefferson City and one in Columbia, may have been committed by the same individual. The photo on the left shows the suspect in the Friday robbery of Landmark Bank in Columbia. The photo on the right shows the suspect in Wednesday's robbery at River Region Credit Union in Jefferson City.

Katy Trail Ride [Photo]

Wet riding cloths dangle off clotheslines strung between rows of grapes Wednesday at Les Bourgeois Vineyard in Rocheport after cyclists completed their third day of the 10th annual Katy Trail Ride.

Tausha Fields listens to testimony during trial [Photo]

Tausha Fields listens to the testimony of Gregory Morton during the Fields' murder trial Wednesday at the Boone County Courthouse.

Judge speaks with attorneys during Fields' trial [Photo]

Judge Gary Oxenhandler speaks with defense and prosecuting attorneys about an objection during the Fields' murder trial on Wednesday at the Boone County Courthouse.

Centro Latino to create diner [Photo]

Centro Latino plans to create a diner at 609 Garth Ave, where they recently received a construction permit. Centro Latino, which assists immigrants adjusting to life in Mid-Missouri, also plans to move their office to this site from their current location on Austin Ave, a few blocks away. In the past three weeks, the organization has hosted a farmers market on Tuesday evenings on the building's parking lot at the corner of Garth Ave and Lynn St.

Japanese beatles eat leaves [Photo]

Gary Miller, an attendee of the berry growing and marketing workshop sponsored by the Beginning Farmer Program, displays two Japanese beetles munching away at a Foch grape leaf on Tuesday at Jefferson Farm and Gardens. Although the beetles had not been a major problem in the past, according to Jefferson Farm's horticulture specialist Catherine Bohnert, they have been slowly showing up more this year.

Growing berries to perfection [Photo]

Almost-ripe arapaho blackberries glisten in the hot sun at Jefferson Farm and Gardens. The Beginning Farmer Program sponsored a workshop on berry growing and marketing. Attendees of the workshop came from all corners of Missouri and even Illinois, as Dale Getty traveled from Chester, Ill., about 60 miles south of St. Louis. "I'm trying to find a way to maximize my return," Getty said about adding berries to his 200 acre farm.

Discovering the wonder of fresh berries [Photo]

Margaret Scott, left, inspects another berry bush at the Jefferson Farm and Gardens while Lonnie Overby tastes some of the Cara's Choice blueberries growing on Tuesday as part of a workshop on berry growing and marketing for new farmers sponsored by the Beginning Farmer Program. Overby has not grown berries on her farm before, but traveled from Oldfield, Mo., to attend the workshop. "So far, this is my favorite," she said about the Cara's Choice blueberries, "but I liked the Patriot, too."

Teaching the public about growing berries [Photo]

Patrick Byers, horticulture specialist for the University of Missouri Extension, explains to participants in the berry growing and marketing workshop sponsored by the Beginning Farmers Program the difference between the way various kinds of blueberries grow. He focused specifically on the ratio of leaves to flowers - and eventually fruit - in order to balance yield with retention of the plant for the next season.

Missouri Theatre patrons wait for doors to open [Photo]

Patrons wait outside the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts for the doors to open for its Grand Opening Gala, which featured singer Tony Bennett, on May 21, 2008.

Blueberry bush entered in workshop [Photo]

Participants in a berry growing and marketing workshop sponsored by the Beginning Farmer Program listen to Jefferson Farm's horticulture specialist Catherine Bohnert give a brief lecture about growing blueberries on Tuesday at the Jefferson Farm and Gardens in Columbia. Bohnert explained that the bushes on display at the farm are of varying sizes because of the plant's age at original planting, as well as some that needed to be replaced in the last year. "Some plants heaved out of the ground in the winter and dried up," she said, "so we had to replant." The new bushes are notably smaller than the older, more hearty ones.