Explaining streetlight repairs [Photo]

Columbia Water and Light store clerk Brandon Gibson explains some of the common malfunctions that may require repair in a 250-watt high-pressure sodium luminaire streetlight.

Two types of streetlight bulbs [Photo]

Columbia Water and Light store clerk Brandon Gibson holds two of the high-pressure sodium bulbs used by the city of Columbia. The city is considering a proposal to replace some 250-watt bulbs with 100-watt bulbs as a cost-cutting measure.

Checking the streetlights [Photo]

Columbia Water and Light lineman Mike Mastin prepares to examine a streetlight on 7th Street in Columbia.
On average, 12 lights are repaired per week during both day and night shifts, said Dan Stokes, Water and Light electric distribution manager.

Fixing the streetlights [Photo]

Columbia Water and Light lineman Mike Mastin replaces the cover of a 250-watt streetlight in Columbia after repairing it.

Baseball Card History [Graphic]

A history of baseball card collecting and manufacturing.

Mike French owns Dugout Sports Cards in Columbia [Photo]

Mike French operates Dugout Sports Cards in Columbia, which specializes in lower priced sports memorabilia.

Accepting sexuality in the church [Photo]

Doug Stone, left, and partner Tim Root have both been active members of the Missouri United Methodist Church for over a year. "It's one thing being kind of accepted by your family and community," said Root. "It's another thing to be accepted in our church."

the beat 7/07 [Audio]

Janet Saidi of KBIA/91.3 FM talks with Missourian city editor Scott Swafford and reporter Abby Rogers about how Thumper Entertainment, the company that runs, manages and operates the Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival, has paid back the debt it owed the city for the 2008 festival.

Cherry Hill Summer Fest and Art Show [Slideshow]

Complete with music, games and food, the Cherry Hill neighborhood held its annual Summer Fest and Art Show on June 13. Festival organizers added a parade with neighborhood children on bikes and scooters to open the morning.

A full docket at the courthouse [Photo]

The number of cases on Circuit Judge Gene Hamilton's docket filled nearly 13 pages outside his courtroom at the Boone County Courthouse on July 6.

Nancy Jones outside her home [Photo]

Nancy Jones stands outside her house in the Clearview subdivision of north Columbia where she has lived since it was constructed in 1971. A credit card company threatened to take her house after Jones fell behind on her payments. Jones went to court three times against the company until it was dismissed Thursday. "I might not have fought so hard if they hadn't threatened my home — this is all I have," Jones said.

A shelf of files at the Boone County Courthouse [Photo]

Civil court clerk Sheri Vanderhoof retrieves a file for court in the circuit court office of the Boone County Courthouse on Monday. Shown in this photograph are files for civil court cases that are currently pending.

More cases, fewer employees [Graphic]

Clerks keep track of nearly everything that comes through the Boone County Courthouse. As the worsening economy drives case numbers up, the number of clerks available to handle such cases remains unchanged.

MU Health Care vehicles given new certification [Photo]

Dan Lund, left, ambulance supervisor for MU Health Care, displays a pediatric immobilization board as he and Eric Mills, assistant manager of ambulance services at University Hospital, discuss the service's recent state certification for pediatric care. "We've always had this equipment, but the certification is new. It keeps the ambulances up to speed," Lund said.

Columbia residents in Honduras during coup [Graphic]

Kevin Denson was one of 26 Columbia residents on a service trip in El Pital, Honduras, during last week’s coup.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this map showed the location of the wrong El Pital village. The El Pital village the group visited is in the north, near the city of La Ceiba, as shown here.

Missouri task force leader unloads equipment [Photo]

Doug Westhoff, Missouri Task Force One leader, unloads equipment after returning from Louisiana in 2008. Westhoff is one of 80 members from the Missouri Task Force One, a division of the Boone County Fire Protection District that went to help with Hurricane Ike destruction.

Technical search, rescue specialists return from deployment [Photo]

Technical search specialist John Sweet, back center, and rescue specialist John Rieth, right, both of Missouri Task Force One, unload a bus in September 2006 after returning from recent deployment. Task Force One participated in relief efforts for Sept. 11, 2001, and during Hurricane Katrina.

Boone County Circuit Clerk among state's most overworked [Graphic]

A state survey has found a significant disparity between the number of employees the Boone County Circuit Clerk has and the number needed to handle the court’s workload.

Task force checks houses after Katrina [Photo]

Members of the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Missouri Task Force check houses impacted by Hurricane Katrina on Aug. 31, 2005, in New Orleans. The members are taking off vents and cutting holes in the roof to search for people stuck in their attics.

Behind the scenes, clerks make court tick [Graphic]

Each of the hundreds of court appearances that take place in the Boone County Courthouse is made possible by the efforts of the circuit clerk and staff, who take care of most administrative tasks. A quick look at the work that goes into one consumer debt case illustrates their central role. Each step often involves numerous phone calls and minor steps too convoluted to picture here.