Hickman High School graduate gathers with family [Photo]

Luam Ghirmazion, center, fans herself with her hand while waiting for her family and friends to gather for a picture following the commencement ceremony for Hickman High School on Saturday. After the ceremony Ghirmazion, her family and friends all went outside to take pictures together. Ghirmazion complained of being hot after having to take a multitude of photos with her more than 25 family members that attended.

A final song [Audio]

Forty-five seniors in the Hickman High School choir sing their last song "That Lonesome Road" during the graduation at Mizzou Arena on Saturday.

Sitting at graduation [Photo]

Hickman High School choir members, front row, at graduation. The ceremony was held on Saturday at Mizzou Arena.

The last performance [Photo]

Forty-five seniors in the Hickman High School choir sing their last song "That Lonesome Road" during graduation on Saturday at Mizzou Arena.

Giving a high-five [Photo]

Hickman High School choir director Matt Felts, right, shares a high-five with senior choir member Matt Howard during the graduation rehearsal on Friday at Mizzou Area. Forty-five seniors in the choir graduated on Saturday.

Art in the Park showcases artists from across the country [Photo]

Susie and Steve Hoskinson pose for a portrait in front of their miniature hot air balloons during the Art in the Park festival on Saturday. The miniature hot air balloons are made of recycled light bulbs.

Caricaturist draws Art in the Park festivalgoers [Photo]

From left, Glenda Bell and her granddaughter Brianna Brinkman, 10, sit to have their caricature drawn by James Dyke during the Art in the Park festival at Stephens Lake Park on Saturday.

Art in the Park showcases art made from metal, glass [Photo]

Ornaments made out of metal are displayed outside Amy Ludwig's booth at the Art in the Park festival at Stephens Lake Park on Saturday.

Art in the Park participants make miniature hot air balloons from recycled glass [Photo]

Steve Hoskinson holds one of his miniature hot air balloons at the Art in the Park festival, which was held in Stevens Lake Park on Saturday. Steve and Susie Hoskinson have been turning recycled light bulbs into miniature hot air balloons for four years.

Cobalt rollover on East State Highway WW west [Photo]

On Saturday a black Chevrolet Cobalt rolled over on East State Highway WW west in Columbia. State trooper Gary Gundy was the only officer at the accident site. According to the Gundy, Jennifer Sapp, who is pictured wearing a white shirt, failed to notice Stacy Taylor's, right, red Mercury Sable that was stopped in front of her to make a left turn, resulting in a collision that turned Sapp's car over.

Proposed route changes [Document]

These maps show Columbia Transit's existing routes and the proposed changes to be enacted in the fall. These documents were pulled from a Columbia Public Works Department proposal presented to the Columbia City Council at their 2010 retreat.

SLIDESHOW: Texas painter shows colorful style at Art in the Park [Slideshow]

Andy Quaglino of Austin, Texas, showed his colorful line design style at Art in the Park at Stephens Lake Park on Saturday.

What Columbia students learned this summer [Photo]

Samaranjay Goyal, 7, attended Mrs. Krumm's first-grade class at Grant Elementary this year.

Pictures of the Week [Photo]

National Doughnut Day [Slideshow]

Friday was National Doughnut Day, and the owners of Columbia's Dixie Cream Donuts found themselves in a pickle: they ran low on doughnuts.

Kevin Hicks and his wife, Cindy, have owned the shop on Nifong Boulevard for the past three years, and Friday marked the first time they needed to fire up the fryer in the afternoon to keep up with demand.

An early-morning rush found five employees staring down a line of customers that ran out the door, and in rare form, "they were smiling." The customers, he said, waited patiently and seemed happy to see the shop full and with plenty of doughnuts. Some of were even aware of the day's significance.

"We weren't expecting this," Cindy said. "We're going to have to make more tonight."

Photos of the Week: May 30 to June 4 [Slideshow]

Photos of the week from May 30 to June 4.

Mill Creek Elementary's graduation [Photo]

Stacy Cooper, right, grasps her flowers as she leaves Mill Creek Elementary's graduation reception on June 4 at Woodcrest Chapel on W. Nifong Road. Cooper teaches a class of 25 students who all graduated. The fifth graders gave their teachers roses as a gift of appreciation.

Fifth grade graduation [Photo]

Andrew Stanowski crosses the stage at Woodcrest Chapel during Mill Creek Elementary's fifth grade graduation on June 4. Teachers handed students a folder full of their certificates and accomplishments during their time at the school.

SLIDESHOW: What Columbia students learned this year [Slideshow]

Students share in their own words what they learned this year on June 4, the last day of school for Columbia public schools.

Playing at the Sprayground [Photo]

Bethany Rigdon, 4, and Jack Taylor, 4, circle around the Flat Branch Park Sprayground on June 4.