Boone County logo finalists [Photo]

Ten entries have been chosen as finalists in the stormwater management program logo contest.

Children transfer because schools don't meet transfers [Photo]

Shelby Barnett, 8, Ella Chapin, 3, and Gus Barnett, 7, leave their house in the Vanderveen Subdivision for Fairview Elementary School on September 29.. Their mother, Sarah Chapin, transferred Shelby to Fairview after Shelby's previous school, Parkade Elementary, fell below the yearly standard set by the No Child Left Behind Act.

Kids get into the rhythm at Kindermusik [Slideshow]

Parents and their infants participate in an early childhood development music program.

Tattoos shed stereotypes [Video]

More and more adults are stepping into Columbia’s tattoo parlors. Janice Brothers, 48, is finalizing a memorial tattoo on her arm. She got her first piece of body art 25 years ago when tattoos were not as widely accepted. Adya Crawford, a tattoo artist at Living Canvas Tattoo, has seen the average age of her clientele increase over the past 10 years.

Missouri soccer player Tasha Dittamore [Photo]

Missouri senior goalkeeper Tasha Dittamore earned her 15th shutout with the Tigers over the weekend, giving her the school record for career shutouts.

Missouri soccer player Alysha Bonnick [Photo]

Missouri forward Alysha Bonnick, right, fights for the ball against Texas Tech's Talor Lytle on Sunday at Walton Stadium

Texas receiver Jordan Shipley [Photo]

Texas' Jordan Shipley (8) catches a pass as Colorado's Jalil Brown on Saturday in the Longhorn's home victory.

Pregame playmakers: Marching Mizzou [Video]

Proposed vegan diner [Graphic]

Eduardo Crespi, director of El Centro Latino, is planning to open an eatery featuring a vegan menu in an effort
to curb the growing trend of obesity. The diner would also offer fresh produce for sale and cooking classes.

'No Child' Transfers [Graphic]

Students in public schools that do not meet the standard of Adequate Yearly Progress in test scores as mandated by the No Child Left Behind Act for two consecutive years have the option to transfer to schools that did meet the standard. All six of Columbia’s Title I elementary schools were faced with this school-choice sanction during the 2009-10 school year, leading to 116 transfers. Cedar Ridge, Grant, Mill Creek, Paxton Keely, Rock Bridge and Russell Boulevard elementary schools were not affected by No Child Left Behind transfers.

2009-10 School Transfers [Graphic]

The populations of these 11 schools experienced measurable increases and decreases because of No Child Left Behind Act transfers in the 2009-10 school year. They are represented by percent change.

Lee School carnival [Slideshow]

Silas West-Kluever, a second grader at Lee School, attended the annual school carnival with his parents, Nancy West and Craig Kluever, on Oct. 3. The carnival had several different games and activities such as face painting run by fifth-graders Calista Gibler and Cassie Martin.

Actors practice a scene from "Identity Politics" [Photo]

Juniors Brian Kirn and Sheldon Price read off of the script for "Identity Politics," a play that will be put on by the Interactive Theater Troupe. The play deals with affirmative action and racial identity in a college environment.

Reading through the "Identity Politics" script [Photo]

Doctoral student Noah Lelek, front, runs through the script of the play "Identity Politics" with fellow doctoral student Emily Rollie and former faculty member Sally Foster at the Fine Arts Annex on Wednesday, Sept. 23. The script was written by the University of Missouri's Chief Diversity Officer Roger Worthington.

MU international students participate in Accent Modification Program [Photo]

From left, Meongsu "Aric" So, Taejun "Arnold" Kim and Sungja "Saint" Cho, watch Sara Sieker as she demonstrates difference between the vowel sounds in "beat" and "bit" at MU's Accent Modification Program on Thursday, Oct. 1. So, Kim and Cho all moved to Columbia from South Korea, and have been taking weekly classes to improve their pronunciation of the English language.

MU international students work to perfect the English language [Photo]

From left, Sungja "Saint" Cho, Meongsu "Aric" So and Taejun "Arnold" Kim study the difference between the vowel sounds in the words "bit" and "bet" under the instruction of Sara Sieker. Cho, So and Kim all moved to Columbia from South Korea and have been attending weekly sessions with Sieker to improve their pronunciation of the English language.

MU international student participates in MU's Accent Modification Program [Photo]

Taejun "Arnold" Kim carefully pronounces the word "myth" under the instruction of Sara Sieker at MU's Accent Modification Program. Kim moved to Columbia from South Korea and has been attending weekly sessions with Sieker in order to improve their pronunciation of the English language.

Peace rally occurs at Courthouse [Photo]

From left to right, Michael Ugarte, Mary Mosley, Bill Monroe and Emily Monroe wait for speakers to begin at the "Eight is (More Than) Enough: End the Wars Peace Rally" at Courthouse Square on Sunday, Oct. 11. Bill Monroe came to the rally from Fulton, where he works with Democracy for Missouri.

Participants at peace rally at Courthouse [Photo]

Axel Littlepage-Holmes, 3, presses his peace sign into the face of his father, Colan Holmes, at the "Eight is (More Than) Enough: End the Wars Peace Rally" at Courthouse Square. The rally marked the 8th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan.

A crowd gathers at the peace rally [Photo]

A crowd begins to gather at Courthouse Square for the "Eight is (More Than) Enough: End the Wars Peace Rally" on Sunday, Oct. 11. The rally featured music and speeches from Michael McPhearson, executive director of Veterans for Peace, and Bill Ramsey, the founder of the Human Rights Action Service.