City leadership ages toward retirement [Graphic]

Key employees with departments across the city will be eligible to retire within the next five years, many of them managers or supervisors.

Retiring at the top of their game [Graphic]

More than a quarter of City of Columbia employees are at or within five years of retirement age, and when only supervisors and managers are considered that number swells to more than half. This aging work force threatens to create both budget and talent deficits in the city. The city has not evaluated every position yet, but a look at the organization charts of selected city departments illustrates the impending retirement rush. The most senior employees appear at the top of each chart, and some department heads might appear multiple times. City Manager Bill Watkins heads many departments but only appears under his own office’s chart.

Cyclists gather for game of bike polo [Video]

The cyclists play at the top of Hitt Street garage on the MU campus.

John Yettaw leaves Myannmar [Photo]

John Yettaw of Falcon steps from the plane as he arrives in Bangkok on a U.S. government plane in this image taken from television on Sunday. Yettaw, who had been imprisoned in Myanmar for sneaking into the home of detained democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, flew out of Myanmar after a visiting U.S. Sen. Jim Webb won his release. He is hospitalized in Bangkok, family members say.

Katy Bridge on Missouri River [Photo]

The historic railroad bridge in Boonville has spanned the Missouri River since 1932, but it is no longer in use. Federal stimulus money being requested by the Missouri Department of Transportation could save the bridge from being dismantled. Union Pacific, the railroad company that owns the bridge, intends to dismantle it and recycle the steel for a new bridge over the Osage River.

Vickers celebrates victory [Photo]

Brian Vickers ends up on the infield while doing a burnout after winning the NASCAR Carfax 400 on Sunday at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Mich.

Christensen watches team [Photo]

Wyoming football coach Dave Christensen watches his team practice in Laramie, Wyo. Christensen embraces any competition that determines winners and losers because he believes competition breeds success.

Bowe catching on [Photo]

Kansas City receiver Dwayne Bowe's effort in early preseason practices has put him in coach Todd Haley's doghouse. But Haley said over the past two days of practices "(Bowe has) definitely started to show up."

Senior athlete practices his shot [Photo]

Bill Mabrey warms up by practicing his shooting in Cape Girardeau. He has been competing in the Senior Olympics for 20 years after retiring as a physical education teacher.

Displaying many medals [Photo]

Bill Mabrey, 75, of Cape Girardeau has been competing in the Senior Olympics for 20 years. He has won more than 270 gold medals and has competed on a national level.

Celebrating 90 years with a balloon ride [Photo]

Mabel Fischer and her sister Joy Underwood show the leaves they picked from trees during their hot-air balloon ride. The balloon ride was how Fischer celebrated her 90th birthday.

A special before-school treat [Photo]

Jocelyn Ash, 6, and her mother, Aubrey, take a hot-air balloon ride for fun on Aug. 4 before going back to school. Jan Sines, owner of BalloonStormers, controlled the balloon.

A 13th-birthday ride [Photo]

Koby Gilleland takes a ride for his 13th birthday. Jan Sines, in the green cowboy hat, directed the balloon.

Flying high over Columbia [Photo]

Koby Gilleland and friends start to fly away over Columbia.

Eighth place winner leads pig out of ring [Photo]

Shari Brunner, a senior at Centralia High School, leads her pig out of the ring after she won eighth place in the Crossbred On-Foot Barrow competition on Saturday at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia. Brunner won the 2008 Grand Champion Breeding Gilt title with her female red duroc breeder at the Boone County Fair.

Centralia student's pig gets first place [Photo]

Tyler Martin, a Centralia High School student, shows off his 2009 Grand Champion Barrow on Saturday at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia. His pig, Chrome, won the FFA/4-H competition on Friday.

Farmers process hogs [Photo]

Farmers Isaac Phillips, left, and John Adam process hogs in a confinement building in Richland, Iowa.

Farmers walk on their farm [Photo]

Farmers John Adam, left, and Isaac Phillips walk on their farm in Richland, Iowa.

Farmer enjoys his land [Photo]

Farmer John Adam talks on his cell phone in a hog confinement building.

Farmer feeds hogs [Photo]

Farmer Isaac Phillips feeds hogs in a confinement building on his farm.