Transmodal Facility cost more than $2.5 million [Photo]

The city approved the purchase of the Transmodal Facility building for more than $2.5 million on Monday.

Rail line to Transmodal Facility [Photo]

The rail line runs directly into the Intermodal Facility, where goods for local businesses can be unloaded. The building is an environmentally controlled storage facility that spans 83,000 square feet.

Reading together [Photo]

Brandy Sanchez reads the Caldecott Medal winner "The Lion & The Mouse" by Jerry Pinkney to six-year-old Jasmine Gordon at the Columbia Public Library on Jan. 27. "The Caldecott Award is like the Academy Awards on children's literature," Sanchez said.

Brandy Sanchez with Caldecott Medal nominees [Photo]

Brandy Sanchez holds the Caldecott Medal winner "The Lion & The Mouse" and the two runners-up, "Red Sings from Treetops: a year in colors" and "All the World" at Columbia Public Library on Jan. 27. Sanchez was one of 15 members on the Caldecott award committee for the best picture book of the year.

Keith Crown [Photo]

Keith Crown, a watercolor artist whose art appeared in more than 100 galleries across the nation, died Sunday, Jan. 31, 2010 in Columbia. He was 91.

Robert Stein reflects on higher education funding in Missouri [Photo]

Robert Stein, commissioner for the Missouri Department of Higher Education, laid out potential cuts to education in a letter to public college officials, he estimated the state would lose nearly $1 billion in two years when federal stabilization funds expire.

MAP: Bins instead of bags [Graphic]

Columbia's Public Works Administration is trying out recycling bins instead of bags in two neighborhoods.

Listening to debate about chickens [Photo]

From left, Julie and Greg Baka and Ellen Thomas wait while the Columbia City Council members share their thoughts on changing the ordinance governing chicken ownership within city limits on Monday.

Celebrating a victory [Photo]

Ellen Thomas smiles after the Columbia City Council voted to change the city ordinance governing the ownership of chickens, a change she spoke in favor of earlier in the evening on Monday.

Missouri men's basketball fan Mary Canon cheers [Photo]

Mary Canon cheers for the Missouri Tigers in Mizzou Arena. Canon began attending the games with her son three years ago. Until then, she watched every game on TV. “At home, I yell just as loud,” she said.

Missouri men's basketball fan Mary Canon [Photo]

Mary Canon watches the Missouri men's basketball team from a luxury suite at Mizzou Arena. Canon is not an MU alumna, though you would expect her to be. She was born in Marshall and attended Southwest Missouri State (now Missouri State) but has always been an avid Tigers fan.

Horace Johnson [Photo]

Horace Johnson received a 30-year prison sentence on Monday. He was charged with second-degree murder in the death of his 2-year-old son Cortez Johnson that took place on June 25, 2008.

Finishing pottery mugs [Photo]

Anna Temple, 13 and Emily Temple, 12, rapidly attach handles to their mugs at the end of their wheel-throwing ceramics class as Norleen Nosri instructs them to "keep the handle straight," and their brother Ben, 17, waits impatiently at Access Arts on Monday. She advised her students that, "We are not born excellent. We are born to learn to be excellent."

Making a pottery mug [Photo]

From left, Mashal Saddiqui, Yousef Khreis and Ben Temple, all 17, work together to form a mug at Access Arts on Monday. Saddiqui has worked as the teacher's assistant since she was 14, but she is also enrolled to take the wheel-throwing pottery class along with Khreis, Temple, and four other students. She says she likes working at Access Arts because, "I get to learn stuff and work at the same time." The class is taught by Norleen Nosri, who has instructed ceramics for six years.

And the question is [Photo]

Lindsay Eanet poses with Alex Trebek, the host of "Jeopardy!," during her recent competition in the College Championships.

Revamped Web site [Photo]

The screen shot of Boone County Sheriff's Department's Web site shows some of the updates to the site, which has been redesigned and is now more user friendly.

COLUMN: The Missourian's top commenters of 2009 [Graphic] comments from 2009 by the numbers. Click to enlarge.

Whitney Wallace [Photo]

Whitney Wallace is a senior studying agricultural journalism at MU and a columnist for the Missourian.

Earl Simms [Photo]

Earl Simms is state director of the Children’s Education Council of Missouri, a not-for-profit organization that supports individualized learning opportunities for all children through issue resolution, community education and civic engagement. For more information, call 314-454-6544 or visit

Strummin' at the senior center [Photo]

Rea Phillippe, left, and Jerry Albin, right, play a tune Monday at the Columbia Area Senior Center. Phillippe has been leading practice sessions at the senior center since 1994, she said. She also plays in a group called the Yours Truly Band.