Cast and crew prepare [Photo]

Maplewood Barn Community Theatre cast and crew prepared for the first full performance of "Arsenic and Old Lace" on May 21. Set creation lasted until 8 p.m. when the show started. All props and materials are now stored in a single storage container on the foundation where the Maplewood Barn once stood.

Maplewood remains [Photo]

All that remains of the Maplewood Barn Theater after an April 5, 2010 fire is a burnt foundation. Two trailers now stand on the foundation serving as storage and dressing room space for the cast. Prior to the first performance of the season, the cast of "Arsenic and Old Lace" moved props from the storage container to prepare the set.

Remembering loved ones lost to cancer [Photo]

Joyce Caraker, right, speaks with Dale Cunningham, center, while her daughter, Mary Cunningham, looks on at the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center Memorial. "This service is wonderful; we make friends and it transcends cancer," Dale said. "Grief and the need to remember are universal regardless of the reason."

Russia Weather [Photo]

A young woman enjoys the spray from a fountain outside the Kremlin in Moscow on May 20. Warm weather, unusual for May days, arrived in Moscow with temperatures rising to 25 C (77 F).

MU Softball celebration [Photo]

MU junior Catherine Lee celebrates with her teammates after her game winning double in the bottom of the 7th. Mizzou beat Creighton 3-2 on Friday in the first round of the NCAA regional event.

MU Softball pitcher Nottelmann [Photo]

MU sophmore Kristin Nottelmann took the field in the bottom of the 5th to pitch for Mizzou on Friday night. Mizzou beat Creighton 3-2.

Batting at sunset [Photo]

MU freshman Lindsey Muller prepares to bat near the top of the forth inning on Friday night against Creighton University. Mizzou beat Creighton 3-2 in the bottom of the 7th with a double by junior Catherine Lee.

Home Run Celebration [Photo]

MU sophomore Conner Mach (28) celebrates his solo home run with teammates Friday night in the Tiger's first game against Texas. His solo homer was one of two Friday night and not enough beat the Longhorns. The Tigers lost to Texas 5-2.

MU's Mach batting [Photo]

MU sophomore Conner Mach prepares to swing at a pitch from Texas's Taylor Jungmann. Mach and senior Aaron Senne both hit solo home runs that weren't enough to pull ahead of the Longhorns. The Tigers lost, 5-2.

MU's Mach double play [Photo]

MU sophomore Conner Mach tags out Texas sophomore Brandon Loy in a double play on Friday night. MU lost to Texas 5-2.

Planting Day: A visit with 'Mamma Anne' [Photo]

Theresa Churchill holds some plants while speaking with Shirley Evans, also known in the community as "Mamma Anne," on Friday during Columbia Housing Authority Planting Day. CHA provides free flowers and herbs to residents to better their community.

Planting Day: Cleaning the mulch [Photo]

Theresa Churchill finishes cleaning out the mulch preparing for CHA's Planting Day on Friday. She moved into Columbia Housing in November. She started pulling the weeds in November.

Planting Day: Sharing a hug [Photo]

Theresa Churchill hugs "Mamma Anne" after they finish planting flowers in Churchill's garden on Friday, Planting Day. Churchill said, "When I first came to this neighborhood everyone was like, you've gotta meet 'Mamma Anne,' she's good."

Planting Day: 'Just let 'em grow' [Photo]

Theresa Churchill plants one of her marigolds in her newly cleaned up garden on Planting Day. There were a few other plants in the flowerbed before she began, and "Momma Anne" said, "Just let' em grow."

Planting Day: Finishing the job [Photo]

Theresa Churchill finishes planting for the day on Friday. She said that she had wanted to start a garden before, and Columbia Housing Authority's Planting Day let Churchill and and many more have that opportunity. Churchill said, "I think it helps people have a little more pride in their community."

Wei reunion [Photo]

From left: Firefighter Jim Kandlik, firefighter Cole White, Yonghua Fu and her daughter Yirui Wei, and firefighter Danny Spry pose for a photo at a reunion between the firefighters and Wei on May 21. Wei nearly drown last June and these firefighters saved her life.

Key to the City [Photo]

Julia Ames, left, and two of her friends leave City Hall after waiting for the artwork's lights to turn on May 20.

The Week In Pictures: May 17-21 [Slideshow]

Photos from the week of May 17 to May 21. Slideshow edited by Stephanie Hinkle.

COLT Employee radio [Photo]

COLT worker Eric Gooding talks on the radio with the conductor during a freight shipment between Centralia and Columbia on Thursday, May 13. Gooding is the newest employee at COLT, a Columbia owned freight line.

COLT train tracks [Photo]

A freight car passes through Centralia during a shipment to Columbia on Thursday, May 13.