Artwork from Karen Dawn's book [Photo]

The work of painter and illustrator Anthony Freda is used throughout Karen Dawn’s new book, “Thanking the Monkey,” in addition to artwork from other notable artists and illustrators. Dawn included artwork and comics to provide a bit of comic relief to the sometimes serious and graphic material discussed in her book.

Karen Dawn speaks at MU [Photo]

Karen Dawn reads a passage from her book, “Thanking the Monkey: Rethinking the Way We Treat Animals,” during a lecture at MU’s University Bookstore on Tuesday. If people change their behavior out of fear or embarrassment, the changes will only be temporary, she said. “The key is to get people to really think about the issue.”

Tom Wellman discusses a storm water drain [Photo]

Tom Wellman, left, an engineering specialist, talks with storm water engineering aide Jim Thaxter about a storm drain located in a residence off of Ann Street in Columbia. Wellman said examining Columbia's storm drains early on can prevent disaster later when extreme weather hits and help keep replacement costs lower.

Storm drain on East Walnut [Photo]

A storm drain at the corner of East Walnut and Ann Street shows corrosion, a condition caused by excess water, salt from winter streets and surrounding soil content. This drain is one of several being assessed by Columbia's Public Works Department, which routinely monitors the drains for signs of wear and tear.

Missing owl locator map [Graphic]

Coaching moment [Photo]

Lynn Allen has been the Douglass head coach for 12 years. Some years he’s had as few as seven players on the team.

Underdogs no more [Photo]

A victory against Nebraksa on Saturday helped lift Missouri to No. 10 in the ESPN/USA Today poll and No. 11 in the AP poll. As a result, they won’t be looked at as underdogs as they have for much of the season.

Missing since Sunday [Photo]

Chester, the barred owl, has been on the loose since Sunday. She is nearly blind. The staff at the Raptor Rehabilitation Project worry that if Chester is still wearing her straps, they may become entangled, and she will be caught hanging upside down.

the beat 2/13 kansas [Audio]

Columbia College celebrates its win [Photo]

Whitney Davis, center left, and Julie Teeple, center right, of the Columbia College celebrate their victory over the University of Illinois-Springfield.

Columbia College center Rachel Oswald drives to the basket [Photo]

Rachel Oswald, center, of the Columbia College Lady Cougars drives past Susan Coryell, left, and Erin Glogovsky, right, of the University of Illinois-Springfield.

Columbia College senior Terrell Turner [Photo]

Columbia College senior Terrell Turner() throws a pass over University of Illinois-Springfield senior Kelvin Johnson on Saturday.

Ous Mellouli at the Missouri Grand Prix [Photo]

Ous Mellouli from USC, looks for his time after competing Friday in the Missouri Grand Prix.

Oklahoma's Blake Griffin [Photo]

Oklahoma forward Blake Griffin goes to the basket against Texas Tech

Stephens basketball player Jessica Stanley [Photo]

Jessica Stanley, left, stretches with teammate Vanessa Koonce before a Feb. 16 practice.

Site of the shooting [Graphic]

Now and then: Missouri men's basketball [Photo]

LEFT: Melvin Booker shoots over the head of Erik Strickland with 16 seconds remaining on the clock during a 1994 game with Nebraska. Booker's shot would have put the Tigers up by 1, but he was called for charging. Moments later, Booker made the game-winning shot. RIGHT: Missouri forward Matt Lawrence celebrates after the buzzer at the end of the Feb. 9 game against Kansas. The Tigers won 62-60 on a shot made by Zaire Taylor with 1.3 seconds on the clock.

Working with the village women [Photo]

Jen Keller, top second from right, poses with her village's women's association after dyeing cloth for the group to sell.

Peace Corps in Mali [Photo]

A Malian woman feeds her child during an infant nutrition meeting at a Peace Corps volunteer's village.

Where the body was found [Photo]

The side parking lot at Ballenger Liquor and C-Store, where the victim was found Monday morning.