James Miller's exhibit [Photo]

James M. Miller, professor of theatre at MU, stands among several of his pieces from his exhibit, “Facing Home: Watercolors and Drawings from Mississippi” in the George Caleb Bingham Gallery on Thursday. His exhibit, which features portraits of people from a variety of races, social statuses and ages, will be available for viewing through August 6.

Taking the limelight [Photo]

DeeDee Folkerts, center, performs with the rest of No Content during a June 6 show at the Cherry Street Artisan. “What a great group of people,” says Folkerts of her fellow troupe members. “We have a lot of fun.”

2009 Boone County Fair parade [Video]

Images from the 2009 Boone County Fair parade.

2009 Urban Pioneer [Graphic]

Sixteen high school students were selected to participate in the 39th annual workshop. Together with University of Missouri students and industry professionals the students put out a publication about the economy.

Allison Frappier and her dog, Chip [Photo]

Allison Frappier, 12, poses with her dog Chip, a long-haired Chihuahua after winning best junior novice. This was her first time at the 4-H/FFA dog show.

An extreme home makeover [Photo]

Mary Sutton, 78, sits outside of her home on Alexander Ave. in Columbia, which will be the recipient of an "Extreme Home Makeover" courtesy of the Fairview Road Church of Christ. Sutton has lived in the house for 39 years.

County Fair horse shows begin [Photo]

Isabelle Smith, riding C.T.; Sadie Currey, riding Junior; and Torie Deckert, riding Sugar, compete in the Class 9 Western Pleasure event at the Boone County Horse Show.

Showing horses [Photo]

Victoria Vroman competes in the showmanship category of the horse shows at the Boone County Fair.

Horsing around at the County Fair [Photo]

Makayla Nadler shows off her horse in the showmanship competition at the horse shows at the Boone County Fair on Sunday at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

Lynsie Curtis and "Mac" at the Calf Show [Photo]

Lynsie Curtis, 7, of Thompson handles "Mac" during the Junior Bucket Calf Show at the Boone County Fair on Sunday.

Junior Bucket Calf Show at the Boone County Fair [Photo]

From right, Haley Ray, 7, of Hallsville talks to her cow "Hot Trot," ahead of the Junior Bucket Calf Show at the Boone County Fair on Sunday. Zach Peck, 8, of Centralia pets "Molly" in the foreground, while Abigail Miller, 6, of Columbia waits with "Spotlight."

What's in a game? [Graphic]

The Show-Me-State Games, which kicked off on Friday, bring together athletes from a variety of sports. Though all the games are popular, they are not necessarily well known by the masses — and their names don’t always help. Disc golf doesn’t use clubs and pickleball isn’t about batting cucumbers.

Here is a primer on some of the games so that as players and fans gather in Columbia for the events, those not as familiar with the rules of the sport can get excited, or at least educated, too.

Out of the water, onto the bike [Photo]

Karen Knowles, 58, moves from the swimming portion to the bicycling portion of the Show-Me State Games triathlon on Sunday.

First stage of the Triathalon [Photo]

Karen Knowles, 58, No. 750, prepares to enter the water for the first of three legs of the Show-Me State Games triathlon on Sunday.

Preparing for the swim [Photo]

Karen Knowles, right, prepares for the start of the half-mile swimming portion of the Show-Me State Games triathlon on Sunday.

Topping the hill [Photo]

Karen Knowles tops a hill along Forum Boulevard during the second phase of the Show-Me State Games triathlon on Sunday. "I'm going to make it," she yelled.

Show-Me kickball [Photo]

Kristine Malotte is out after first baseman Jessica Platt makes the catch at Sunday's Show-Me State Games kickball tournament.

Kickball at the Show-Me State Games [Photo]

Pitcher Kristine Malotte of the Chuck Norris team competes in the Show-Me-State Games kickball tournament. Her team won the championship last year.

Dog shows become family tradition [Slideshow]

The Cobban Family, along with their two Newfoundland dogs, Benelli and Bazooka, attended the 4-H/FFA dog show Saturday night and won numerous awards. The family works together to train and show their dogs and think of the dog shows as a way to bond as a family.

World's Largest Cupcake [Photo]

Pastry chef JodiLee Knops celebrates setting the Guinness record for the world's largest cupcake at the Mall of America in Minneapolis on Saturday. It weighed in at nearly 151 pounds, including 15 pounds of fudge filling and 60 pounds of yellow icing. It was one foot tall and two feet wide.