Sarah Read: Transportation [Video]

Sarah Read answers: What do you think are the most important issues related to transportation in Columbia?

Sarah Read: Government transparency [Video]

Sarah Read answers: How would you rate city government in terms of transparency, and what, if anything, would you do to improve it?

Sarah Read: Sustainability [Video]

Sarah Read answers: What do you think the primary goals of the city's new sustainability director should be?

Sarah Read: Ward reapportionment [Video]

Sarah Read answers: Columbia's population now exceeds 100,000, and ward boundaries will have to be redrawn after the 2010 census. Do you believe the city should add more wards and council members? Why or why not?

Sarah Read: Parks [Video]

Sarah Read answers: Would you vote to put a renewal of the city's sales tax for parks on the November ballot?

Sarah Read: Growth management [Video]

Sarah Read answers: What are your thoughts on comprehensive growth management planning now under way?

Sarah Read: Economy [Video]

Sarah Read answers: What incentives, if any, should the city offer to bring in new businesses?

Sarah Read: Downtown cameras [Video]

Sarah Read answers: Do you support the ballot issue calling for the city to place security cameras downtown?

Sarah Read: Crime [Video]

Sarah Read answers: Do you think crime is a problem in Columbia? If so, what is the best way to curb crime in the city?

Sarah Read: Budget [Video]

Sarah Read answers: Should the city be looking at new sources of revenue in tight economic times? If so, what are the best options?

Red Line Saxophone Quartet [Photo]

From left, Brandon Kies, Doug O'Connor, Gai Qun and Quinn Lewis of the Red Line Saxophone Quartet pose for a group photo. The four are students at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, N.Y. In the 2008 Plowman Competition, Red Line was given one of the judges’ special recognition awards.

Sarah Read: Balance of power [Video]

Sarah Read answers: There's been quite a bit of debate on the balance of power between the City Council and city manager. Do you think council members should have more input in executive decisions?

John Payne [Photo]

John Payne is a research assistant at the Show-Me Institute, a Missouri-based think tank.

MU pitcher Kelly Fick vs. Western Illinois [Photo]

MU pitcher Kelly Fick earned the win Wednesday against Western Illinois in relief.

Mayoral candidate forum questions [Photo]

Missouri freshman J. J. Bowles, an ambassador of the Associated Students of the University of Missouri, reads over questions written by audience members at the mayoral candidate forum held in conjunction with the Missouri Students Association on Wednesday. A key topic of the evening was whether to install security cameras downtown.

Mayoral candidate Bob McDavid [Photo]

Mayoral candidate Bob McDavid answers a question Wednesday evening at a forum held on the University of Missouri's campus.

Mayoral candidate Sid Sullivan's wife, Joan [Photo]

Joan Sullivan, wife of mayoral candidate Sid Sullivan, listens to the candidates speak at a student forum on MU's campus Wednesday evening.

Mayoral candidates [Photo]

Columbia mayor candidates Jerry Wade, Paul Love, Sid Sullivan, Bob McDavid and Sean O'Day answer questions at a forum Wednesday sponsored by the Missouri Students Association and the Associated Students of the University of Missouri.

Hospital hopes for faster connections [Photo]

Modenia Burk, an information system team supervisor at Boone Hospital, explains how the hospital’s computer records are stored in the data room of the building’s basement. The equipment behind her allows medical professionals to access records from remote locations. Burk said some of the hospital's files are massive and it could use a faster Internet connection. Hospital officials are hoping Columbia is selected to test Google Fiber.

Connected servers [Photo]

Networking cables connect Boone Hospital’s servers, which contain patient records, to a command center computer in the hospital. The hospital’s data rooms must be kept at or below 77 degrees to protect the computer system.