Charles Davis of Global Journalist [Photo]

Charles Davis is the moderator of the weekly radio program "Global Journalist." It airs at 6:30 p.m. Thursdays on KBIA/91.3 FM or at

Skip Walther [Photo]

Skip Walther is president of The Missouri Bar.

Proposal would require city, county to clean up Hinkson Creek [Photo]

John Belaka of Columbia looks for trash while walking in the Hinkson Creek near Walnut Street on Oct. 7, 2006. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources says there is a lack of aquatic life, indicating pollution. It wants Columbia and Boone County to clean up the waterway by reducing the amount of stormwater that drains into the creek by just over 50 percent.

Hickman girls soccer beats visiting Jefferson City [Photo]

Hickman junior midfielder Emily Darter is congratulated by teammate Grace Grigg after scoring Hickman's first goal Tuesday night against visiting Jefferson City.

Hickman soccer player vs. Jefferson City [Photo]

Hickman sophomore midfielder Paige Nelson, left, scored the Kewpies' second goal Tuesday night against visiting Jefferson City.

MAP: Proposal could help polluted Hinkson Creek [Graphic]

GRAPHIC | The Department of Natural Resources presented a proposal Tuesday that would require Columbia and Boone County to reduce stormwater runoff in Hinkson Creek by more than half. The proposal would address pollution in the creek, which has been on the department’s impaired waterways list since 1998.

Total Maximum Daily Load draft proposal for Hinkson Creek [Document]

A draft proposal by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources catalogs the history of research that has been done to address to pollution of Hinkson Creek. This 69-page long document recommends the city and county cut stormwater runoff by 50.5 percent.

GRAPHIC: Making use of animal waste [Graphic]

On Tuesday, the House Committee heard a bill that would allow methane from animal waste to qualify as a source of renewable energy. The process would involve turning methane into carbon dioxide, which proponents say is less harmful to the environment.

Hickman thrower Sarah Hall warms up at practice [Photo]

When she is competing, Hickman thrower Sarah Hall braids her hair in a long ponytail. That, and her success, have caused her teammates on the Hickman track and field team to nickname her Tomb Raider.

Hickman shot-putter Sarah Hall lets one fly [Photo]

Hickman junior Sarah Hall practices last week at the school. Hall holds the school records for shot put and discus and placed fifth in last season's state meet in the shot.

2010 Renewable Energy Report [Document]

Columbia Water and Light is required to report on the city's progress toward renewable energy goals every year. The 2010 report was heard and approved by City Council Monday.

MU Stressbusters offers free massages to students [Photo]

MU sophomore Alysa Cairer rubs MU senior Betsey Emshoff's arm as part of a Stressbusters' event at the MU Medical Building on April 14.

MU Stressbusters helps to battle student stress [Photo]

MU sophomore Alysa Cairer gives a back rub to MU senior Betsey Emshoff at the MU Medical Building on April 14. Cairer is a volunteer with Stressbusters, a national program that MU adopted this semester to help battle student stress.

GRAPHIC: Stressbusters study [Graphic]

The Associated Press, mtvU and the Jed Foundation, a group dedicated to reducing student suicides, conducted a study examining the emotional health of college students. Students rated the amount of impact various sources of stress have on their lives.

Michael Grinfeld [Photo]

Michael Jonathan Grinfeld is an associate professor at the Missouri School of Journalism and a guest columnist for the Missourian.

Denny Banister [Photo]

Denny Banister is the assistant director of public affairs for the Missouri Farm Bureau.

Boone Life: Hallsville contractor [Photo]

Coffee grounds become fuel in MU lab [Photo]

Postdoctoral researcher Mudahar Abdullah holds coffee grounds that will be converted into biofuel. Abdullah's research has focused on creating a process that allows the grounds to be processed while they are wet, avoiding the slow and expensive step of drying the grounds.

Coffee becomes biodiesel [Photo]

Postdoctoral researcher Mudahar Abdullah displays test tubes of biofuels that are extracted from coffee grounds at MU's Agricultural Engineering Building. MU is perfecting the extraction process to make it efficient and more practical.

Boone Life: Contracting [Slideshow]

William Stone has worked as a contractor in Hallsville since 1979. Despite the economic hardships that many contractors have faced in the recession, Stone’s business is as lively as ever.