Working through the distance [Photo]

Newleyweds Jeff and Helen Porter use dinner as a means of staying in touch throughout the week. Jeff works in St. Louis and has to commute, so the couple only gets to eat dinner together about four times a week. David Schramm, MU Extension Specialist and assistant professor of human development and family studies at MU, said together time is an important way for couples to stay in touch and learn about each other.

MU women's basketball player Bailey Gee [Photo]

Freshman guard Bailey Gee says the new Tigers players have gone through some difficult adjustments, but she is used to things now.

MU women's basketball player Kendra Frazier [Photo]

Freshman center Kendra Frazier, above, committed to the Missouri women's basketball team before freshman guard Baily Gee, but both knew the other was being recruited by the Tigers.

Wendy Libby at Stephens College [Photo]

Wendy Libby, president of Stephens College, outside Lela Raney Wood Hall. Libby recently announced that she is leaving Columbia to become president at Stetson University in central Florida.

Transgender individuals honored at candlelight vigil [Slideshow]

MU students Joshua Barton and Asher Kolieboi led community members in a candlelight vigil Thursday night to pay tribute to transgender individuals who have been killed in hate crimes. Those in attendance were invited to help read the names of victims and light candles while Kimberly Clark sang a solo.

Coffee prices vary around town [Graphic]

Tonic fall fashion show [Slideshow]

Models walk down the catwalk at Tonic Wednesday, Nov. 12. The show was set up by MU students to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. Local boutiques Elly's Couture, Britches and Girl showed their collections as well as Factory Green, a new eco-friendly clothing line created by MU students Daniel Lyons and Jack Short.

Libby reads to Stephens Children's School [Photo]

Stephens College President Wendy Libby, right, greets Cristina Sloan, left, a teacher for the Multiage Elementary Classroom at Stephens Children's School, after reading, "The Legend of the Teddy Bear," to the children in the class on March 2, 2006. Rachel Johnson, center, is also a teacher at the school. Libby recently announced that she is leaving Columbia to become president at Stetson University in central Florida.

Horror meets Humor [Photo]

Charles Willis (left) and Kevin McFillen (right) rehearse a scene from "Pillowman" that involves the interrogation of Zach Brown's (bottom right) character, at Rhynsburger Theatre.

Pillowman [Photo]

Zach Brown rehearses a scene of "The Pillowman" in which he smothers the character played by Ben Friesen at Rhynsburger Theatre. The play features adult content, strong language and violence which has raised question about the public's response.

Hickman swimmer Michael Sheahen [Photo]

Michael Sheehen poses for a portrait by the pool at Hickman High School on Tuesday. Sheehen was practicing for the 2008 MSHSAA swimming championships.

Coffee business in a slow economy [Slideshow]

As the first coffee shop in downtown Columbia to practice small-batch, in-house coffee roasting, Lakota Coffee brews its coffee within 48 to 72 hours of roasting the beans. Lee Eckel, the coffee roaster at Lakota, has specialized in the roasting process for the shop for eight years.

Smelling the coffee [Photo]

Lee Eckel, roastmaster for Lakota Coffee, smells a sample of Ethiopia blend as it roasts on Friday. Before coming to Lakota eight years ago, Eckel worked as a roaster for four years in Monterey.

Measuring coffee [Photo]

Lakota employee Jessica Lawson measures the last of a fair trade Sumatra organic French roast coffee for a bulk coffee bean sale at the Lakota Coffee shop on Monday.

Bridge to emperor's palace [Photo]

According to Abby Staysa, this is the bridge leading up to the emperor's palace in Kyoto, Japan. Behind the bridge is a heavily guarded grassy patch since the hill leads up to the palace. The photo was taken last summer in 2008 during Staysa's trip with an exchange program through Columbia Public Schools and Hakusan City.

Studying in Japan [Photo]

During Abby Staysa's trip to Japan in the summer of 2008, the group did a tour of local schools including Torigoe Junior High School where this photo was taken of a math class.

John Davis to play benefit for "Blind" Boone Home [Photo]

John Davis will play a benefit concert for the "Blind" Boone home on Saturday.

Kanji Numbers [Graphic]

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson [Photo]

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson speaks during a news conference at the Treasury Department in Washington on Wednesday.

16-year-old Bridget Tobin shouts out support for Barack Obama on Nov. 4 [Photo]

Bridget Tobin, 16, shouts her support for Barack Obama for president on the corner of College Avenue and Broadway on election night Nov. 4, 2008. Tobin, a Hickman High School sophomore, joined a group of student campaigners from Rock Bridge High School, Stephens College and Columbia College shortly before polls closed to encourage last-minute voters to choose Obama for president.