Columbia College player honored [Photo]

Ross Matthew, center, is honored as a senior on the Columbia College soccer team with his parents, Barrie and Jan Matthew, and his fiancée, Gemma Sadler, by his side. Matthew's family traveled from Scotland to see him play in his last home game Wednesday.

Klein returns for MU volleyball [Photo]

Missouri's Julianna Klein spikes the ball to Kansas State on Wednesday. Klein returned to the court after being out several games with mono.

MU volleyball wins [Photo]

Missouri volleyball player Julianna Klein (No. 6) celebrates with her teammates after a point against Kansas State on Wednesday at Hearnes Center. The Tigers won all three sets to sweep the Wildcats.

Missouri state budget cuts [Graphic]

Gov. Jay Nixon announced $204 million in Missouri state budget cuts.

State part-time job cuts [Graphic]

Gov. Jay Nixon announced budget cuts, which will result in the elimination of jobs. Part-time cuts are separated by department and include both the number of layoffs that will occur and open positions that will remain unfilled.

Job cuts [Graphic]

Gov. Jay Nixon announced job losses Wednesday as a result of state budget cuts.

Pink Hijab Day [Slideshow]

Baklava, cookies, pins and pamphlets were available at the MU Muslim Student Organization's Pink Hijab Day booth outside Memorial Union on Wednesday. Hend El-Buri said that the pink hijab was a way to make people feel comfortable and be willing to approach them to discuss breast cancer awareness as well as stereotypes surrounding Muslim women.

Women physicans talk about the profession [Photo]

From left, Nicole Fearing, Jen Doty and Dena Higbee gather at the Russell D. and Mary B. Shelden Clinical Simulation at University Hospital.

the beat 10/27 [Audio]

the beat 10/23 [Audio]

Tibetan monks visit MU [Video]

Since the sixth century, Tibetan monks have been creating mandalas, an ancient art form made of finely ground marble. After their opening ceremony on Monday, which included chants and prayers, monks worked hours to create a mandala in Ellis library at MU.

Columbia Community Birth Center to close [Photo]

Ivy White, a certified professional midwife in Columbia, holds 6 week-old William Leigh at the Columbia Community Birth Center before an appointment Sept. 18. A law passed last summer made it legal for midwives like White to assist in the birthing process without the presence of a physician.

Columbia College dorm coordinator died Sunday [Photo]

Ryann Schmidt was a dorm coordinator at Columbia College. He died Sunday of suspected cardiac arrest. Staff and students of Columbia College will be traveling to funeral services in St. Louis on Thursday. He was 26 and engaged.

Tibetan tour looks to raise awareness [Photo]

From left: Tibetan monks Lobsang Paljor and Tenzin Tashi from the Drepung Loseling Monastery in India perform mandala sand painting as part of The Mystical Arts of Tibet tour, in Ellis Library at MU. The tour aims to share Tibetan art and culture, raise awareness about the Chinese occupation of Tibet, and raise funds for exiled student monks in India.

Exiled monks construct mandala [Photo]

From left: Lobsang Pelger and Yeshi Palden, exiled Tibetan monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery in India, carefully construct a mandala in the Ellis Library at MU. They rub a tool called a thurma against the ridges of a hollow cone-shaped tool called a chakpur to slowly release the colored sand held within it.

Mandalas carry special meaning [Photo]

From left: Tibetan monks Lobsang Paljor and Tenzin Tashi use colored sand to paint a mandala. Each mandala carries a special meaning and this one represents Avaloketeshvara, the embodiment of compassion, the deity of which the Dalai Lama is considered a manifestation. Six monks take turns painting over four days, and plan to complete the mandala by noon on Thursday, when it will be ceremonially swept up and dispersed in a flowing body of water to signify the impermanence of all things.

Eighteen colors are used in a mandala [Photo]

Bowls called ting, full of colored sand, sit on a table next to the tools used to construct the mandala in Ellis Library. About 18 different colors are typically used to paint a mandala and specific colors are used for certain symbols.

Colorado quarterback Cody Hawkins [Photo]

Cody Hawkins was the starting quarterback for Colorado this season until struggling with interceptions.

Colorado quarterback Tyler Hansen [Photo]

In his first start this season, Colorado quarterback Tyler Hansen threw for 175 yards and a touchdown in the Buffaloes 34-30 win against previously undefeated Kansas on Oct. 17 in Boulder, Colo.

Soybean farmer discusses future of biotechnology [Slideshow]

Kelly Forck lives and works on Forck Farms in Jefferson City, a working farm of 500 acres that produces corn and soybeans in rotation. Forck, who is the president of the Missouri Soybean Association, has worked with soybeans for most of his life, yet says he would never grow tired of them. A believer in the benefits of using biotechnology — also known as genetic engineering or hybridization — Forck adapts the type of beans he produces to marketplace needs, and sees a bright future in store for biotechnology. Today, biotechnology can be used to alter the flavor, color, protein content and herbicide-resistance of soybeans. Tomorrow, Forck hopes, biotechnology might be used to help prevent or even cure diseases.