Snow plows tested by winter storm [Photo]

A snow plow scrapes Forum Boulevard going north on Wednesday. The National Weather Service expects an accumulation of 5 to 6 inches by 6 p.m. Thursday.

Code violations in Columbia rental properties [Interactive graphic]

Accidents mark winter storm's arrival [Photo]

Rescue crews responded to an accident along I-70 near the Lake of the Woods exit Wednesday evening. As snow moved into the Columbia area Wednesday afternoon, traffic across town was quickly bogged down by numerous accidents.

House Speaker Ron Richard gives opening speech [Photo]

House Speaker Ron Richard gives his opening speech at the first General Assembly session of the year. Representatives cheered at the mention of one of his goals being "complete economic recovery in Missouri."

Senate focuses on ethics reform [Photo]

President Pro Tem Charlie Shields (center) answers a reporter's question during a press conference with Sen. Kevin Engler, majority floor leader, before the start of the General Assembly session on Wednesday. Key issues discussed revolved around ethics and campaign contributions, changes in taxes, and the senate's relationship with the governor. "We've got challenging times — we have to work together," Engler said.

Death penalty study advocates [Document]

Click here to download a PDF listing the 105 businesses, groups and houses of worship that support death penalty study and moratorium on executions in the state.

Cindy Stein directs players [Photo]

Missouri coach Cindy Stein instructs her players as they head back onto the court after a timeout in a January nonconference game.

Jessra Johnson shoots under pressure [Photo]

Missouri forward Jessra Johnson puts up a shot while under pressure from Xavier's April Phillips on Jan. 5 at Mizzou Arena.

Shakara Jones attempts a layup [Photo]

Missouri forward Shakara Jones eyes the basket while attempting a layup against Xavier's Amber Harris.

Travelers find rest at Missouri United Methodist Church [Photo]

Gary Thomas, originally from Dallas, talks with his traveling partner from Florida at the emergency shelter set up at the Missouri United Methodist Church of Columbia on Tuesday night. They were driving through town when their car broke down earlier in the day and found a volunteer at the church who told them about the shelter. "We are glad to be here," Thomas' friend said.

RaeShara Brown gets knocked down [Photo]

Missouri guard RaeShara Brown is knocked down while driving to the basket. Despite trailing by 15, Missouri started a comeback that got the Tigers within four points, but they ultimately fell short to Xavier's size advantage.

Missouri United Methodist Church becomes shelter from cold [Photo]

Gary Thomas and his traveling partner talk with Nathan Todd, a volunteer at the emergency shelter set up by the Missouri United Methodist Church on Tuesday. The Red Cross provided cots and blankets for the emergency shelter to help offset the crowding at Columbia's homeless shelters due to the bitter cold weather.

Teens play hockey on frozen Stephens Lake [Photo]

Jamie Rauba (left) and Chris Sorlien play hockey on Tuesday on a section of Stephens Lake they gradually cleared of snow over the last two days.

Bus riders brave cold [Photo]

Noah Myers gets in line to board the bus with his bike on Tuesday evening after work at the Root Cellar. Despite the cold weather, he still needs to ride his bike as he lives ten minutes away from his bus stop. "It was real bad yesterday, but at least I have mittens today," Myers said.

Bus riders prepare to wait in freezing cold [Photo]

A single passenger waits aboard a Columbia Transit bus for it to depart on Tuesday evening.

Bitter cold forecast for remainder of week [Photo]

Christian Holley waits in the cold for the bus after work on Tuesday evening. Temperatures were only in the teens, with bitter weather forecast for much of the week to come.

Bus riders plan for cold weather [Photo]

Layered in fleece and jackets, Tammy Erbe takes the bus home from Wabash Station after school at Job Point on Tuesday evening. She waits every morning at 5 for the bus that she takes to school, even in the coldest of weather. "I have blankets under here to cover my legs and wrap around me if it gets too cold," Erbe said. "I bundle up real good."

Teens find outdoor fun in freezing temps [Photo]

Jamie Rauba (left) and Chris Sorlien play hockey on Tuesday on a section of Stephens Lake they gradually cleared of snow over the last two days. The closest ice rink open to the public is located in Jefferson City. "Unless you want to drive, the only time to play is on the lake," Rauba said. While the temperature was only in the low teens, the cold did not bother him. "We're the only crazy fools to be out here."

Act of reverence [Photo]

Congregants cover their faces in reverence as Peruci Ndabazaniye prays in the African language Kinyarwanda for the church at Sunday's Agape Fellowship Church service held at the J.W. "Blind" Boone Community Center. Pastor Aaron Ruvuga founded the church to provide a place of worship based in African language, as most of the congregants speak little to no English.

Song of praise [Photo]

Congregants sing and clap during a song of praise at the end of a service with the Agape Fellowship Church on Sunday. The service is based in the African languages of Kinyarwanda and Swahili to provide the attendees with a place to worship in their home language.