Pet owners take pets to Halloween photo shoot [Photo]

MU graduate student Nicole Scott tries to get her cat, Mia, to perk up for the camera after dressing her as a bumble bee at the Halloween photo shoot at Award Pet Supply. The photo shoot is a benefit for Columbia Second Chance with all proceeds going to the animal shelter.

Pets dress up to benefit Columbia Second Chance [Photo]

Photography assistant Cathey Clark, right, gives a treat to Pierre, dressed as PePe Le Pew, while Pierre's owner Rachel Wilkinson, far left, tries to get him to pose for a portrait on Sunday, Oct. 11. A Halloween photo shoot at Award Pet Supply was held to benefit Columbia Second Chance. All proceeds from the photos will go to the animal rescue organization.

Boone County Art Shows celebrates 50 years [Slideshow]

The 50th annual Boone County Art Show ran Oct. 10 and 11 at the Boone County National Bank in downtown Columbia.. The show displayed over 300 works by professional and non-professional Boone County artists.

Everyday Cartoonist [Photo]

Cartoonist Jeremy Burt sketches Saturday at his home in Columbia. Burt has been drawing the "Jeremy and Tim" comic strip since he was 8 years old and now uses computers to illustrate his comics. Burt says he draws inspiration for his plot lines from everyday moments.

A life-inspired cartoon [Photo]

The "Jeremy and Tim" cartoon strip, created by Jeremy Burt, is modeled after his childhood self and one of his brother's stuffed animals.

Children gather at the Bookmobile [Photo]

The Bookmobile is organized every two weeks by Boone County Regional Library Outreach Services. It visited the Bear Creek neighborhood on Sept. 15, ready with literary projects for the children.

Children look at books in the Bookmobile [Photo]

The mobile library stops on Elleta Boulevard in the Bear Creek Neighborhood on Sept. 15. Once the library opens, children gather, play and go through shelves of books.

Blaine Gabbert runs against Nebraska [Photo]

Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert runs through the rain on the way to a second-quarter touchdown Thursday against Nebraska.

Nobody open [Photo]

Gators quarterback Sam Patterson looks for an open receiver in Upward League football competition.

Running room [Photo]

The Tigers' Colbin Clark breaks past the Volunteers' Caillon Nayler and Dawson Meierotto during their Upward League football game.

Upward football team huddles up [Photo]

Tigers head coach Jamie Giggs and assistant coach Doug Candro get their team pumped up for the second half of their game against the Volunteers on Sept. 26 at Stankowski Field. The two teams are part of the Upward Football League, a youth league based on equal playing time, rather than talent.

Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival [Video]

Jennifer Shikles, Jamie Knipp, Jason Lampkins and Ayden Lampkins, 4, talk about their experiences at the 2009 Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival Saturday afternoon.

Koehler reads during Mass [Photo]

Sister Francine Koehler reads from the hymnal near the end of Spanish Mass on Oct. 4 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. After Mass, Koehler regularly walks around and speaks to members of the congregation.

Koehler stands during Mass [Photo]

Sister Francine Koehler stands during Spanish Mass on Oct. 4 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Koehler has been a nun for about 25 years.

J.T. TIller in stands at MU volleyball match [Photo]

Missouri men's basketball player J.T. TIller watches the Tigers' volleyball match against Texas Tech on Saturday at Hearnes Center. “I just like being a spectator sometimes,” Tiller said.

Example of antique art [Photo]

From right, Mark Koch chats with Debby March and Becky Gohring during his art exhibition at Sven's Kafe and Gallery on October 9. March and Gohring meet Koch nearly every morning in an exercise center at the YMCA of Callaway County. Gohring said, "I appreciate details in his work."

Art exhibit chat [Photo]

From left, Mark Koch chats with Laura Malzner and Katie Stastny during his art exhibition at Sven's Kafe and Gallery on October 9. Malzner has known Koch since high school. "He has the best sense of humor, and he is kind-hearted," Malzner said. "His work reflects that."

Rock Bridge students display unique art at Artrageous [Slideshow]

On Friday, Rock Bridge High School art students created unique paintings and other pieces of art outside the Columbia Art League on Ninth Street. Artrageous Fridays occur on the fourth Friday of each quarter.

Pumpkin patches in mid-Missouri [Graphic]

The Hartsburg pumpkin festival draws thousands of visitors each year but mid-Missouri has a variety of pumpkin patches open to people seeking a pumpkin to carve or one for baking.

Hickman-Rockbridge Homecoming Illustration [Photo]

Both Rock Bridge and Hickman High Schools had their homecoming games on Friday night.