Hickman and Rock Bridge tennis players, before doubles matches [Photo]

Tennis players from Hickman and Rock Bridge high schools meet their opponents for doubles matches on Tuesday.

Dom DeLuise [Photo]

Dom DeLuise in 1988 at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif.

Ryan Ferguson [Photo]

Ryan William Ferguson, 19, accused of killing Columbia Daily Tribune Sports Editor Kent Heitholt. The murder took place in the Tribune parking lot on Nov. 1, 2001.

TriZou lures four-time world triathlon champion [Video]

Simon Lesing, an Olympic triathlete and four-time world triathlon champion, visited Columbia for the first time for Sunday's TriZou triathlon at MU's Stankowski Field. Lessing was one of more than 700 participants, the most to ever compete in the race's 10-year history.

Relay race instruction [Photo]

Prior to the races, Dave Carlson goes over the rules at the starting line with runners participating in a relay.

Race regulation explanation [Photo]

Starting races is not the only thing Dave Carlson does. Before races, he explains the rules and regulations of each race to race participants.

Through the eyes of a starter [Slideshow]

The gun’s loud shot rang through the air as the runners blasted off their starting blocks. Seconds later, the next heat lined up and Dave Carlson, the MSHSAA race starter, reloaded his gun. Carlson is a race starter for the Missouri State High School Activities Association for track and field events. On Tuesday, he was starting relays for a track meet at the Hickman High School track.

Performing "Mermaids" [Photo]

Meg Morrissey Wilki and Ben DeMeyer perform the play "Mermaids," written by MU student Jessica Huang, during the Creative Performances and Recognition Ceremony at MU. The 10-minute play is one of the four plays that advanced to the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival's national competition in Washington, D.C., last month.

Jessica Huang, playwright and journalist [Photo]

Jessica Huang, playwright of "Mermaids." The play is about a couple dealing with breast cancer.

Rehearsing in Washington, D.C. [Photo]

Mauricio Salgado, left, reads stage directions while Susan Lynskey and James Konicek rehearse "Mermaids" in a dressing room at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Play discussion [Photo]

Jessica Huang, left, discusses her play with Meg Morrissey Wilki and Ben DeMeyer before the staging of "Mermaids" during the Creative Performances and Recognition Ceremony at MU.

Stadium Boulevard extension [Graphic]

Community Conservation Center [Graphic]

Boone Life: Chloe waits patiently [Photo]

Wearing the expression of a stranded, hard-luck motorist, Chloe rests her jowls out the window while her owner Darren Crites replaces a length of fuel pump hose he borrowed from his old Ford to get a Jet Ski running at the Warren School Road river access near Easley on Sunday.

Darren Crites explains problems with Jet Skis [Photo]

Darren Crites explains how many Jet Skis get a hole burned in the piston head due to a lack of oil as he displays one of the culprits.

High Missouri River waters make for Jet Ski fun [Photo]

Darren Crites, left, and Kelley Neal speed off in unusually high Missouri River waters Sunday while testing repairs they had made on their recently purchased Jet Skis. Normally, where they are is the parking lot of the river access point on Warren School Road near Easley.

the beat 5/04 [Audio]

Barbara Hoppe inspects development site [Photo]

Sixth Ward Councilwoman Barbara Hoppe inspects the Cross Creek Development site. City Manager Bill Watkins and City Council members, Hoppe and Karl Skala, met with Public Works Director John Glascock to discuss the storm-water containment at the development site.

City officials discuss erosion issues [Photo]

From left, Third Ward Councilman Karl Skala, City Manager Bill Watkins, Sixth Ward Councilwoman Barbara Hoppe and Public Works Director John Glascock inspect the Cross Creek Development site. They met to discuss the erosion issues at the development site.

Barbara and Roy Robinson in Croatia [Slideshow]

Cherry Hill residents Barbara and Roy Robinson took a trip to Croatia in September 2008. Listen to them talk about snapshots from their trip.