Douglass Cassil [Photo]

Tanner Cassil has had double-digit totals in points and rebounds in each of the Bulldogs' past three games.

Proposed trail connections [Graphic]

True/False Filmmakers Bootcamp [Video]

The True/False Film Festival attracts documentary filmmakers from around the world, but it also teaches kids how to make their own films. The True/False Filmmakers Bootcamp is a two-day hands-on experience for children ages 8 to 13. This year, 15 kids learned to operate cameras, use sound equipment, interview and construct their own films.

the beat 3/02b [Audio]

the beat 3/02a [Audio]

City Council's Taser report [Document]

Click to read the City Council's Taser report.

Columbia Police Department's operational guidelines for Tasers [Document]

Click to view the Columbia Police Department's operational guidelines for Tasers.

Safety and injury profile of conducted electrical weapons used by law enforcement officers against criminal suspects [Document]

Click to see national research on the use of electrical weapons such as Tasers.

Playing outside [Photo]

Barbara Worley greets one of her five dogs moments after letting it out of its pen. "He's a runner dog. The others are just lazy all the time!" she said. The Worleys have five dogs, 20-something chickens and three rabbits.

Odds and ends, inside and out [Photo]

As busy outside as the home is inside, the Worley's backyard on Woodie Proctor Road near Sapp features all kinds of odds and ends collected and saved up over time.

Living among collectibles [Photo]

Ralph and daughter Barbara Worley search for the number of a local mechanic in their living room. Ralph, 79, has been retired for 20 years from the sign department at MU and spends a lot of his time in his easy chair watching television. Barbara works three days a week at a retirement care center in Columbia as a housekeeper.

Collecting kitsch [Photo]

The matriarch of the Worley family, Wanda Worley, tidies up some loose laundry in the bedroom where she married her husband Ralph in 1981. Every nook and cranny of the Worley's small, two-bedroom home outside Sapp is filled with kitsch items that Wanda and her daughter Barbara have collected over the years.

Ticket-taking volunteerism [Photo]

Jennifer Bertram, a True/False volunteer and Stephens College senior, greets moviegoers near the ticket collection booth in Ragtag Cinema on Saturday. Bertram was collecting tickets before a showing of "War Against the Weak," a documentary about eugenics.

Lending a hand at True/False [Photo]

Kerri Slezak's Saturday started at 9 a.m., when she began volunteering for the True/False Film Festival. Throughout the day, Slezak performed many tasks, such as designing the chalk board that would direct filmgoers into the Tiger Hotel.

Filming True/False [Photo]

Ben Herzog, 10, films as Kelly Ribiat, 10, interviews patrons of Gumby's Pizza about video games for the True/False Youth Bootcamp on Saturday. Footage from the interviews of the camp's three teams were compiled to make a two-minute documentary that was shown on Sunday.

Teaching True/False [Photo]

Volunteers Mara Arugeuete, left, and Dan Gemkow generate documentary question and content ideas with their team at the True/False Youth Bootcamp on Saturday. The two-day class teaches children between 8 and 13 years old how to film and edit their own documentaries.

Lining up for a film [Photo]

Filmgoers packed into a line at the Missouri Theater to see "Reporter" on Saturday. The large crowd was led to seats by True/False Film Festival volunteers who organized all aspects of the movie-going experience.

Saying goodbye to True/False with food [Photo]

True/False ended its 2009 run with a reception dinner before the closing night film at the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts on Sunday. Multiple buffet tables were set up around the theater featuring food from Addison's. Early estimates have ticket sales for the festival at 22,000, but exact counts won't be in until a few days after the festival.

Talking with True/False filmgoers [Photo]

Michel Scott, left, and Karen Gettinger converse at True/False's Closing Night Reception at the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts on Sunday. Scott directed "Over the HIlls And Far Away" which was shown on Saturday at Macklanburg and again on Sunday at the Blue Note. The dinner allowed filmmakers to socialize with festival attendees.

Exit stage right [Photo]

Filmgoers exit the Missouri Theater after viewing "No Impact Man," directed by Laura Gabbert and Justin Schein.