Blue grass music performed for bus riders [Photo]

The Sour Mash Hug Band played for bus riders as they were taken from the Blue Note to the Bull Pen livestock barn. "Fiddle" Mike Hays, on accordion, "Bots" on snare drum, Shiri Goldsmith, on kazoo, and "Blu Beverage", not shown, on the sousaphone, played blue grass music for the duration of the bus ride.

Chris Kelly mug [Photo]

Chris Kelly is the state representative for Missouri's 24th District.

Leo Lyons scores 20 at Allen Fieldhouse [Photo]

Missouri's Leo Lyons, left, can't get past Kansas' Mario Little on a drive to the basket in the Tigers' 90-65 loss March 1 at Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence, Kan. Lyons had more points than he has ever scored at Kansas with 20, but lost there for the fourth consecutive time.

A Jayhawk welcome [Photo]

Kansas Jayhawk fans hold up newspapers and an abused Truman the Tiger doll to try to demoralize the MU Tigers before the game at Allen Fieldhouse.

Blocking the way [Photo]

Kansas Jayhawks guard Mario Little blocks a layup attempt by MU Tigers forward Leo Lyons.

Frustrating day [Photo]

Tigers coach Mike Anderson shows dismay as his team is defeated in the Big 12 Conference game.

Tiller tries for two [Photo]

J. T. Tiller attempts to score during the first half of the game. KU led 45-19 at the half.

Taking the ball to the basket [Photo]

DeMarre Carroll attempts to score against Kansas' Marcus Morris during the first half of the game at Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence, Kansas, on Sunday.

Why be a counselor? [Photo]

"What are some of the goals you have been discussing?" asked Sarah Sadewhite, a Paxton Keeley Elementary counselor. "To be the best MLB player that I can," one student responded. Sadewhite says that the reason she counsels students instead of teaching them is because "when kids come to school with a problem they are facing, they can't learn with that problem. So my major role is helping kids be successful learners in school."

Elementary Counselor of the Year [Photo]

Paxton Keeley Elementary counselor Sarah Sadewhite discusses readings about penguins with third-graders on Thursday. Sadewhite spends 30 minutes a week with kindergarten to third-graders and periodically joins fourth and fifth graders for discussions. Sadewhite was recently selected as the Elementary Counselor of the Year for mid-Missouri.

Peter Kinder mug [Photo]

Peter D. Kinder is the lieutenant governor of the state of Missouri.

Michael Amantea mug [Photo]

Michael Amantea is a reporter and columnist for the Missourian.

Erin Horth mug [Photo]

Erin Horth is a member of Include Me MU and a guest columnist for the Missourian.

Prehistoric disguise [Photo]

Matt Allen spreads the wings of a pterodactyl costume made for him by his mother. Allen wore the costume in support of the Tigers at a recent MU-Kansas basketball game.

Masked freshman shows his face [Photo]

MU freshman Matt Allen attracted attention at the MU basketball game against Kansas on Feb. 9 by dressing up as a pterodactyl. Allen took time on Saturday to show off the prehistoric costume made for him by his mother.

MU swimmers show spirit with tattoos [Photo]

A Missouri Tiger paw tatoo belonging to MU senior swimmer Bryan Difford can be seen as he swims Saturday in the Big 12 Conference meet at the Mizzou Aquatic Center.

Oh, to be a queen [Photo]

True/False Film Festival volunteer Sarah Kammeyer dressed up for her position as "queen." The queens of the festival directed film goers as to what line they were to be in. Kammeyer said half of her inspiration to volunteer came from a friend's mother who had been a queen, and the other half came from her own ambitions to one day produce films.

Ragtag bartender expects sleepless night [Photo]

True/False volunteer and Ragtag bartender Kyle Warren watches the progression of people purchasing food from Uprise Bakery inside the Ragtag Cinema on Friday. "I've been wearing this all day," Warren said. "I'll probably wear it all day tomorrow — I'm not going to bed tonight."

Theater uses spotlight to display True/False logo [Photo]

The True/False Film Festival logo could be seen all around Columbia for days. Here, the Missouri Theater displayed the logo as a screen saver between films as well as a spotlight on the ceiling.

A gathering of Ferguson enthusiasts [Photo]

From left, George Montgomery, Buz Picker, Bill Montgomery, Richard Sorrels, Marty Wulff and Wayne Russell listen as FENA President Mike Elzer addresses the group. The men attended the gathering of Ferguson tractor lovers Saturday at George's Restaurant in Columbia.