Parents protest officer's return [Photo]

Mary Hussmann, left, and Nathan Stephens stand outside of the Columbia Police Department on Monday to protest Officer Mark Brotemarkle's return to Hickman High School after his involvement in breaking up a fight between students in October. Hussmann has no children in the school system, but said she believes police policy needs to be changed. Stephens said Brotemarkle perpetuates "unnecessary roughness."

Donnie Hoffmann at work in the kitchen of the Veterans' Hospital [Photo]

Donnie Hoffmann works in the main kitchen of Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans' Hospital on Nov. 6, 2008. Hoffmann is a veteran of the current Iraq war.

Community members protest at Police Department [Photo]

Arnita Jordan, center, looks on while Rev. Ray Warren, right, of Mt. Celestial Baptist Church prays during a protest Monday outside the Columbia Police Department. Around 10 protesters gathered in response to Officer Mark Brotemarkle's return to Hickman High School after his involvement in breaking up a fight between several students October 15. Columbia Police Department policy allows officers to remain in their positions unless there is a serious incident, such as an officer shooting.

Presentation of the Colors at New Haven Elementary for Veteran's Day [Photo]

David Davenport, front, and Martin Fritz, members of the Boone County Fire Protection District color guard, lead the Presentation of the Colors at New Haven Elementary School on Friday afternoon as part of the school's 13th annual Veteran's Day Celebration.

Veteran Matt Aragon works at Midway USA [Photo]

Veteran Matt Aragon works putting products in packages on Saturday, Nov. 1, 2008, at Midway USA.

Michael Fiscella during his 2004 tour of duty [Photo]

Michael Fiscella poses with an Iraq resident in the early summer of his 2004 tour of duty.

Michael Fiscella at home in Columbia [Photo]

Michael Fiscella poses for a portrait on his couch on Sunday, Nov. 9, 2008, in his Columbia apartment. He is working on a biology degree at MU. His three tours of duty happened during the years 2003 to 2006.

Areas of high voter turnout in Columbia lean red [Graphic]

The fifth ward in Columbia saw notably higher turnout than the rest of the city as well as the county, and it also cast more ballots voting for Republican candidates in at least three statewide races.

Voter turnout on national, state and local levels [Graphic]

Boone County reflected the national and statewide trend of higher voter turnout compared with previous presidential elections.

Missouri volleyball team beats Oklahoma [Photo]

Weiwen Wang (No. 13) and Megan Wilson (No. 11) gather with teammates after a successful play at the end of the third set against Oklahoma on Sunday at Hearnes Center. The Tigers swept the Sooners 25-15, 25-17, 25-20.

Family ties: Oklahoma volleyball player Francie Ekwerekwu [Photo]

Oklahoma volleyball player Francie Ekwerekwu prepares for the next play in Sunday’s game against Missouri at Hearnes Center. Her brother Brad Ekwerekwu was a receiver for the Missouri football team from 2003 to 2006. Missouri swept the volleyballl match.

Columbia College volleyball player Julie Teeple [Photo]

Columbia College volleyball player Julie Teeple wants to play for the Cougars' women's basketball team when the volleyball season ends. If the volleyball team reaches the NAIA tournament, that won't happen until December, when the basketball team will have been practicing for longer than a month.

'Scarred and Scared' [Photo]

Harvey Dent gets lost in his split personality in an excerpt from “Scarred and Scared” written by Brad Desnoyer and illustrated by Riccardo Burchielli. The story is a mix of classic Batman characters and Halloween folklore.

MU law student by day comic book creator by night [Photo]

Brad Desnoyer sits in his office in Hulston Hall on Sept. 19 with some of his comic books. Desnoyer, a third-year MU law student, recently had a comic published by DC Comics.

Salesman helps customer make payment, earn money [Photo]

While cleaning a rental property, Enrique Mendez moves a stove to a dumpster while Michael Gamble follows behind with a refrigerator. Gamble, the owner of the rental property, worked out a commission job for Mendez to help him make his car payment.

On commission [Photo]

Enrique Mendez paints the trim on a rental property in Sapp on Oct. 27. Michael Gamble, the owner of the rental property, worked out a weeklong commission job for Mendez, who has recently had his hours at his regular job cut back because of the economy.

Painting the house [Photo]

Enrique Mendez, left, paints the trim of a rental home owned by Michael Gamble in Sapp on Oct. 27.

Michael Gamble [Photo]

Michael Gamble removes a refrigerator from one of his rental properties in Sapp on Oct. 27. Gamble also owns a used-car shop in the town and said this is the worst he has seen the economy trickle down to affect some of his clients.

Offensive MVP [Photo]

MU sophomore Alysha Bonnick was named the Big 12 Tournament's offensive MVP after Missouri beat Colorado 1-0 Sunday for the tournament championship. "I couldn't have done it without the team. This is something I'll always remember," Bonnick said.

All together now [Photo]

The MU soccer team after defeating Colorado 1-0 Sunday to win the Big 12 tournament.