MU softball's Marston [Photo]

Freshman Jenna Marston connects with the ball during Saturday's game.

MU football's Kip Edwards [Photo]

MU defensive back Kip Edwards runs the ball during the Black and Gold spring game on Saturday at Faurot Field.

MU football alumni return to Columbia [Photo]

Former MU quarterback Chase Daniel speaks with Hayden Ekern and Kellen Ekern during the halftime show of the Black and Gold game Saturday.

MU coach Tim Jamieson [Photo]

Missouri coach Tim Jamieson speaks with an umpire as Missouri pitcher Jeff Scardino leaves the field. Scardino was ejected during the game after hitting a batter.

MU pitcher Zack Hardoin [Photo]

Missouri pitcher Zack Hardoin throws against Oklahoma State on Saturday at Taylor Stadium.

Tour of Columbia Farmers' Market [Slideshow]

Immigrants take a tour of Columbia Farmers’ Market on Saturday.

MAP: Rockhill Park [Graphic]

The East Campus Neighborhood Association has voted to rename Rockhill Park after former mayor Clyde Wilson, who recently died. Wilson was a long-time resident of East Campus. The association also voted to raise money to purchase an additional two-lot property to expand the park.

Hickman soccer's Kate Hulen [Photo]

Hickman freshman Kate Hulen waits for a pass to move the ball up field against Francis Howell Central.

Hickman soccer's Sarah Levin [Photo]

Hickman freshman Sarah Levin, right, pushes past Francis Howell Central's Karlee Schweigert during Saturday's game. The Kewpies lost 2-0.

The story behind the bench [Audio]

One of the benches along the MKT Trail is dedicated to Al and Marjo Price. Passersby can use their cell phones to call and hear the story of whom the benches are dedicated to. Listen to the audio clip as an example of the story behind bench.

Sinclair gas station closes [Video]

Sinclair gas station owner Cindy Mutrux closed her gas station by Stadium Boulevard and Rock Quarry Road for good on Friday. Mutrux says she will miss the store’s regular visitors, and regulars say the "mom-and-pop" feel of Mutrux’s store will also be missed.

Samantha Lamp feels at home in Columbia Fire Department [Video]

Rookie firefighter Samantha Lamp, 23, is the only woman of seven recruits hired by the Columbia Fire Department in the past year and a half. “I feel confident and plan on staying in it until I retire,” she said. “I feel I was in the career I was meant to be in.”

Nick Tepesch pitches for Missouri [Photo]

Nick Tepesch pitches early for Missouri against Oklahoma State on Friday at Taylor Stadium. The MU junior pitched seven innings and struck out eight batters.

Rockhill Park [Photo]

The entrance to Rockhill Park sits off Rollins Street. The East Campus Neighborhood Association is trying to rename the park and expand it in honor of Clyde Wilson, a former mayor.

Couple adapts to multiple sclerosis [Video]

The couple moved from their San Francisco home to Columbia, where they built a home that allowed David more mobility.

Mike Anderson Oregon [Photo]

Missouri men’s basketball coach Mike Anderson reacts to a bad play near the end of the Missouri's game against Nebraska in the first round of the Big 12 Conference Tournament in March at the Sprint Center in Kansas City.

The week in pictures: April 10-16 [Slideshow]

A compilation of photos that highlights the changing of Columbia's mayoral guard, earthquake devastation in China and India, a flaming meteor, the death of the late Polish President Lech Kaczynski, and more.

Employee Pay and Benefit Survey findings [Document]

Sgt. Kelley patrols downtown [Photo]

Sgt. Chris Kelley of the Columbia Police Department talks with a patron of Generic Nightclub on March 11. Kelley is one of the downtown patrol now wearing a small video camera clipped onto his shirt front during patrol hours, which functions as another set of eyes and provides further evidence if any altercations occur.

Police's new body camera [Photo]

The Columbia Police Department has instituted the use of small video cameras clipped to the shirt fronts of patrol officers as a way to provide more evidence in situations where an altercation occurs, or to simply act as another set of eyes.