Launching the race [Photo]

The boat launch at Kaw Point Riverfront Park serves as the staging area for boaters competing in the Missouri River 340 race that begins in Kansas City, Kan., on Tuesday and ends three days later in St. Charles.

Pumping out the water [Photo]

MU student Andy Bramman pumps rain water out of his canoe following several hours of thunderstorms on the morning of the MR 340 in Kansas City, Kan., on Tuesday.

Gathering for the launch [Photo]

Missouri River 340 race participants, crew members and fans gather at the end of the rain-slicked Kew Point boat launch in Kansas City, Kan., on Tuesday.

Boats of all shapes and sizes [Photo]

Missouri River 340 race participants and crew members prepare their vessels for the endurance race alongside the boat launch at Kaw Point in Kansas City, Ks., Tuesday.

'Grumpy old men' [Photo]

"Grumpy Old Men" canoe team members Charlie Stewart and Richard Miller, both of Spring, Texas, test the waters off of Kaw Point in Kansas City, Kan., in the hours before the start of the Missouri River 340 race on Tuesday.

Tiger on their side [Photo]

The plastic tiger adorning the bow of Eric Farris' kayak collects raindrops in the hours before the start of the 2009 Missouri River race at the waters edge in Kaw Point Riverbank Park in Kansas City, Kan., on Tuesday.

Recording red-light renegades [Graphic]

The city’s first red-light cameras, at Providence Road and Broadway, are up and running, though violators will not be ticketed until the end of a 30-day warning period. A second set of cameras should be installed on the corner of Stadium Boulevard and Worley Street sometime next week.

Council report: Juvenile crime statistics [Document]

The City Council requested staff provide a report on the number of juvenile crimes committed between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Citizens Police Review Board application process [Document]

The City Council passed an ordinance July 20 that established a Citizens Police Review Board. The deadline for applications is noon on Sept. 4.

Mark Durrant [Photo]

Socially connected [Photo]

Larry G. Brown, Jim MacMillan, and Dianne Lynch

Show-Me State Games Power wheelchair soccer [Video]

Chad Kocina competes with Columbia's power wheelchair soccer team, Driving Force, for the first time at the Show-Me State Games. Kocina was in a car accident in his hometown of Seattle about six years ago that left him paralyzed from just below the chest down. He moved to Columbia and just recently joined the team. He had not played in a game until Aug. 1, when he saw action at goalie.

Paul Weber mug [Photo]

Paul Weber

Preparing for the race [Photo]

A handful of racers warm up before the start of the 2007 Missouri RIver 340 race at Kaw Point in Kansas City, Kan. This year’s event, which begins at 8 a.m. Tuesday, features a large increase in participants, with more than 500 racers entered.

Racers reach checkpoint [Photo]

Participants in the Missouri River 340 make their way to Check Point 5 in Cooper's Landing on Wednesday evening. Many racers took a break here to fuel up on food and beverages before heading back out to the river.

Cami Ronchetto prepares for the MR340 [Photo]

Cami Ronchetto of Columbia stands with her two-person kayak "Jordan" on Saturday, three days before she embarks on the MR 340 race with partner Linda LaFontaine. The boat race takes participants from Kansas City to St. Louis via the Missouri River, and Ronchetto expects that it will take her tandem about 75 hours to complete the course.

Cami Ronchetto and her partner for the MR340 [Photo]

Kayaking partners Cami Ronchetto, left, and Linda LaFontaine sit in Ronchetto's garage among gear and supplies as they prepare for the upcoming 340 mile boat race from Kansas City to St. Louis. Ronchetto originally planned to participate in the race as a solo entrant, but recruited LaFontaine to the cause four months ago.

Officer receives ribbon [Photo]

Victoria Craig pins the Ribbon of Meritorious Service onto her husband, Columbia Police Officer Chad Craig, during a ceremony.

Two officers receive award for meritorious service [Photo]

Matt Hibler, left, accepts the Ribbon of Meritorious Service from Chief of Police Ken Burton on August 3, 2009. At the scene of a fire on May 20, Officers Hibler and Chad Craig performed CPR on Delbert Porter, until medical personnel arrived.

Missouri River 340 Race and canoe designs [Graphic]