Benton-Stephens from February 16, 2009 [Document]

Benton-Stephens from January 29, 2009 [Document]

Bedford Walk from March 13, 2009 [Document]

Advertising with Neighborhood Newsletters [Document]

The PDF includes information about advertising options for the Missourian's neighborhood newsletters.

TOPS group provides weight-loss support [Video]

TOPS, or Take Off Pounds Sensibly, is a nonprofit weight-loss program that was chartered in Columbia in 1973. The TOPS group supports people who value maintaining a healthy lifestyle, based on the amount of activity they are willing to do and not the amount of money they give. On a weekly basis, members gather to share experiences and healthful recipes. Each meeting begins with songs about being physically and mentally fit.

Kristi Perry, TOPS Chapter leader, talks about how TOPS is different from other weight-loss programs she has tried. Area captain Janet Trainer says the program’s group support has helped her maintain her weight for years, and Donna Karns, TOPS Eastern Missouri Coordinator, explains how she has learned that a positive attitude is an important factor in weight loss.

Missouri players stand steady [Slideshow]

Missouri baseball coach Tim Jamieson tells his hitters not to get out of the way when a pitch is coming at them. Missouri players and fans discuss the strategy — and the pain — of getting hit by a pitch.

Leading by example [Video]

Left-fielder Greg Folgia knows what it’s like to get hit by a pitch. The junior from North Wales, Pa., has been hit 12 times this season in 41 games, the most on the team.

MU baseball's Kyle Mach [Photo]

Kyle Mach prepares for a pitch against Oklahoma on April 4.

Baseballs at MU's Taylor Stadium [Photo]

Baseballs sit in a bucket at MU's Taylor Stadium on April 5 before the MU-Oklahoma game.

Xzavie Jackson reflects [Photo]

Parts of Xzavie Jackson's football career at MU still linger in his life. Jackson still wears Missouri football apparel and carries a backpack given to him as a gift at the Brut Sun Bowl in 2006.

Pursuing an opponent [Photo]

Charles Gaines, left, and Pig Brown, middle pursue an opponent during a kickoff at an exhibition game against the Gateway Soul.

Mental preparation for Jackson [Photo]

Xzavie Jackson mentally prepares in the locker room at the St. Charles Family Arena before an early season exhibition game against the Gateway Soul.

Playing a game of spades [Photo]

Former Missouri football players Pig Brown, left, Darnell Terrell, center, and Xzavie Jackson, right, keep their entertainment simple with a game of spades with their teammate Dixie Wooten, center right, at Terrell's apartment following a Wednesday night practice. The players of the RiverCity Rage are paid $200 a week, plus a $50 bonus when they win.

Watching from the bench [Photo]

Former Missouri football players Darnell Terrell, center, and Paul Simpson, right, watch from the RiverCity Rage bench as their offense tries for a touchdown in the exhibition game against the Gateway Soul on March 16 at the St. Charles Family Arena.

Prayerful pose before the game [Photo]

Xzavie Jackson bows his head for the pre-game prayer before an exhibition game.

Giving out autographs [Photo]

Pig Brown, left, signs a hat for Charles Nelson, 13, right, following the RiverCity Rage's exhibition game against the Gateway Soul on March 16.

Pig Brown waves in appreciation [Photo]

After being named player of the game, Pig Brown waves to the home crowd in appreciation of their applause.

Brown stretches at practice [Photo]

Former Missouri safety Pig Brown now plays for the RiverCity Rage arena football team in St. Charles. Brown says he had only recovered to about 80 percent from the injury that ended his senior season at MU when the 2008 NFL draft season began.

Xzavie Jackson fights past an opponent [Photo]

Xzavie Jackson fights his way past an opponent on the Gateway Soul, another team out of St. Louis. Jackson joined the River City Rage after being cut from Philadelphia Eagles. For Jackson, the Rage is an opportunity to stay in shape and build character.

Dancing to the 'YMCA' [Photo]

RiverCity Rage fan Devin Lofton, back, dances to "YMCA" by the Village People only a few feet from former Missouri safety Pig Brown, left, on the bench.