Book of work [Photo]

Byron Smith flips through a collection of nude paintings he has created at Orr Street Studios. Smith had to put a book together to display his work because he has painted so many that the collection he had was overwhelming for people to look through.

Bird mask by Dennis Murphy [Photo]

Bird masks like this one by Dennis Murphy, donated by various Columbia artists, are set up for display with artist Susan Taylor Glasgow's exhibit at the George Caleb Bingham Gallery at MU. The masks are being auctioned off at a reception Thursday, Sept. 17th., and the proceeds will benefit the McCambridge Center.

Mixing yellow [Photo]

Byron Smith mixes a yellow tint onto his pallet at Orr Street Studios. Smith worked with oils on Saturday, but his passion lately has been watercolor. “It’s translucent and hard to control, that’s what I like about it. I let it do what it does, and I don’t try to control it, I work with it,” Smith said.

House painting [Photo]

Byron Smith paints a house he started working on with his friend Frank Stack at Orr Street Studios. Stack has an almost identical painting of the house on the wall of the studio they share.

Financial performance improvements [Graphic]

Decreasing operating income loss [Graphic]

New Scoreboard [Graphic]

Daktronics Inc., the same company that created the scoreboard at the Royals’ Kauffman Stadium and the University of Texas’ “Godzillatron,” replaced Memorial Stadium’s 12-year-old scoreboard with a significantly larger one that has state-of-the-art features.

Gymnastic site [Graphic]

Three possible sites have been selected for the planned construction of a $3 million facility for use by the Missouri gymnastics team and the Golden Girls.

Rock Bridge center Skyler Hinton [Photo]

Rock Bridge senior Skyler Hinton prepares to hike the ball during practice Tuesday. Hinton spent last year sidelined after he broke his leg at the September 12, 2008, game against McCluer North of Florissant. Hinton has defied doctor's projections and expects to help the Bruins better last season's 1-9 record.

Missouri's Will Ebner [Photo]

Will Ebner (32) and Sean Weatherspoon (12) following a play in the first half of the Illinois game.
*This photo previously displayed the wrong player.

MU soccer's Meghan Pfeiffer [Photo]

MU soccer midfielder Meghan Pfeiffer runs drills during practice Wednesday at Walton Stadium. The Tigers, coming off a 4-1 loss Sunday against Long Beach State, will compete in the Auburn tournament this weekend in Auburn, Ala.

MU soccer drills [Photo]

MU soccer midfielder Meghan Pfeiffer runs drills during practice Wednesday at Walton Stadium.

Missouri's Jasper Simmons [Photo]

Tigers’ new kick returner Jasper Simmons returns a kick Saturday against Illinois in St. Louis.

BioBlitz animal scavenger hunt [Video]

BioBlitz is a 24-hour race to identify as many different animals as possible in a given area. The 2009 Columbia BioBlitz took place Sept. 4-5 in the Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area. Experts from MU’s conservation biology program and the Missouri Department of Conservation led public nature walks to coincide with the survey.

Albert documents [Document]

Click here to download a PDF of documents compiled by Kurt and Patrice Albert that make the case for their proposed ordinance that would make it illegal for a city employee to knowingly lie to the City Council.

Columbia Entertainment Company rehearses 'You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown' [Photo]

The cast of the "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" takes the stage for dress rehearsal at Columbia Entertainment Company on Friday. The cast, from left to right, is Mary Shaw, Eric Seeley, Stephanie Flakne, Tony Killian (front), Casey Palmasino, Emma Plott Olson, and Craig Cooper. The play will be running for three weekends during the month of September.

Monitoring Hinkson Creek [Photo]

Jason Hubbart, MU researcher, opens the hatch of one of his water quality monitoring stations on the Hinkson Creek. Hubbart is working on a large scale, long term study of the Hinkson watershed. Stations measure data including erosion, nutrients, water temperature and depth. Hubbart hopes that the collection of data will help with preservation of the creek and a better understanding of water contamination in general.

Hinkson Creek Flood [Photo]

Eledia Stone holds up her mother's childhood bank and a box of Mark McGwire homerun baseballs from a wheelbarrow of items salvaged from her shed. Behind the barbed wire fence, debris from the flood can still be seen. Her property on Hinkson Creek Road flooded on April 30.

Hinkson Creek Flood Line [Photo]

Eledia Stone stands beside a shed on her property where the floodwaters rose. Since the flood, Stone has cleaned up much of her property. A few plants have emerged from her garden that was washed away and covered by debris.

Hinkson Creek Data Collectors [Photo]

Hubbart's water quality monitoring stations are run by solar power and have equipment to measure weather and environmental conditions.